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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
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  • Hayder Shareef

    Hayder Shareef

     3 hours ago

    yo! the first girl is lowkey mega cute.

  • Aaron Galindo

    Aaron Galindo

     5 hours ago

    My chain cost more than ur house oh really JJ:mhm

  • Jose Torres

    Jose Torres

     10 hours ago

    JJ is annoying af

  • NX_ Nighter

    NX_ Nighter

     11 hours ago

    When he said Caecilius est in horto I died 😂 (I leant Latin in school)

  • ItzMeStxrmzy


     17 hours ago +1

    Hey I don’t know if it’s just me or not but I don’t see the similarity in Simon and Simon from the inbetweeners

  • Miracle Niue

    Miracle Niue

     18 hours ago

    i know this is a old video but when Vic said those are fake diamonds really pissed me off cause like u know it's real like not even one person backed ksi up cause he's rich like bro😂😂😂😂 but Vic my man😂😂😂😂😂😂 those are fake diamonds 😂😂🤣🤣

  • kai lim

    kai lim

     18 hours ago +1

    26:13 her ig?

  • HahnSoloJr _YT

    HahnSoloJr _YT


    i’m going to use the sauna girl 13:47

  • HahnSoloJr _YT

    HahnSoloJr _YT


    Harry’s jokes 😂😃😂😃😂😃😂😃😂😃😂😃

  • FiIIerguy



    I want to be Harry when i grow young

  • s r

    s r


    30:04 why did i actually laugh so much at this

  • frankinnit



    harry carried this vid he was the only one that made me laugh

  • Kieran Mackay Blake

    Kieran Mackay Blake

     yesterday +1

    4:18 she looks like his mum

  • Alfie Films

    Alfie Films


    Please subscribe to my steadily growing channel yall, don't disrespect me 🙏

  • Fortnite-cito



    “Hi my names is JJ and my chain cost more than ur house” i was killed and the fact that she wad offended killed me again

  • Coral Marie

    Coral Marie


    Where’s Harry?

  • Agustin Delgado

    Agustin Delgado

     2 days ago

    JJ is rich but can’t even dress good hahaha

  • Agustin Delgado

    Agustin Delgado

     2 days ago +1

    It’s sad that jj thinks all women’s want him for his money his such a pettyguy he thinks with all his money he can get any girl he want but there is actually decent women’s in this world

  • Tj M

    Tj M

     2 days ago

    Harry is funny af

  • Spencer Ilias

    Spencer Ilias

     2 days ago

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Harry: I got bullied at school but I deserved it