Why can't the Titanic be recovered from the bottom of the ocean

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 27, 2019
  • The transatlantic Titanic was the largest ship of its time, but its life was very short. The first and only voyage of the ship began April 10, 1912 and ended 4 days later. This tragedy occurred on the night of April 14-15, 1912. When the Titanic crashed, at least 1,496 people died, making this disaster one of the largest shipwrecks in history. Among the passengers of the ship were some of the richest people in the world, as well as immigrants from Ireland, Great Britain and Scandinavia, who were heading to the United States in search of a better life.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/tEEgAwI_MXc


  • Riyan Dreams

    Riyan Dreams

     2 hours ago +1

    5:30, "that's not your fault that u wanna live "

  • Ari Liimatainen

    Ari Liimatainen

     8 hours ago +1

    Why there's no pictures from the back of that ship?

  • Daryl Sims

    Daryl Sims

     9 hours ago

    I think the bacteria that is suddenly eating the ship is for me is rubbish.
    The ships were switched it involved the government too therefore I think they have taken something down there for the ship to decay. Why back in 1985 after over 70 years under water did the ship appear to be okay?

  • abdul el kousy

    abdul el kousy

     10 hours ago

    please stop saying the titanic cant be raised it will crumble and its old and weak so leave it as a grave site to respect the families who died were in 2019 entering 2020 soon anything can be done with money plus we have the equipment and technology to raise it piece by piece if the government would put almost 500 million usd dollars it can be done the costa Concordia cost less than 300 million to raise and this was 7 years ago the titanic has to be raised as a historical moment in history we must preserve this ship in a museum plus if an investment of 500 million was put by a billionaire like bill gates or some government to raise it everyone from different countries will come to see it and pay millions of people are interested in seeing this ship one day out of the Atlantic ocean the costa Concordia took nearly a year to raise titanic in its condition may take years due to its weak structure like the stern and bow its engines are still in good condition to be raised but stern and boy may take 2 or 3 years to raise but its worth the investment I hope one day to see it rather than leaving it to crumble and losing something precious in history to rot away in the next 100 years
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  • wpeale71341


     15 hours ago

    Why would you want to desecrate a mass burial site?

  • alie Jcn airline

    alie Jcn airline

     17 hours ago +3

    Tiatanic: im unsinkable

    Iceberg: ima end this unsinkable ship career

  • Jasmeen Jas

    Jasmeen Jas

     19 hours ago

    Why government does not built a wall of something like make a museum in the sea and prevent sea water from reaching the ship? May be ship will survive few more years



     yesterday +1

    Because it is in the bottom of ocean

  • Daravy Hottell

    Daravy Hottell


    It makes me sad that I’ll probably never get to see it but I hope it isn’t forgotten

  • NYRGaming30



    It’s too big and too deep

    And so is the titanic

  • Henry Roberts

    Henry Roberts


    I am kinda glad they can’t lift it because it is a grave for all the people who lost there lives to be honest I would rather the bacteria eat it away at least it is natrual

  • Chuck Hackett

    Chuck Hackett


    Clickbait it's just facts not why it can't be recovered.

  • Miks Valenzona

    Miks Valenzona

     yesterday +2

    Who else watching this? November 20 2019! Make this blue if you love titanic!

  • Pam Brown

    Pam Brown

     2 days ago

    It was there all this time...and a bacteria appeared out of nowhere! Where did it come from?

  • chris gamechannel

    chris gamechannel

     2 days ago

    Who else watching November 19 2019

  • Shayne Valdez

    Shayne Valdez

     2 days ago

    just now i am watching it...Nov. 19,2019

  • leroy lynch

    leroy lynch

     3 days ago

    watching 2021

  • Roberto Diax

    Roberto Diax

     3 days ago

    Anyone watching in 2051?

  • Tomas Mihalyi

    Tomas Mihalyi

     3 days ago

    Why can't the Titanic be recovered from the bottom of the ocean : lasted 1 minute and 7 seconds :D

  • Shut up Channel

    Shut up Channel

     4 days ago +7

    This is just facts not ‘why the titanic can’t be recovered’