OMG!!!WTF!!! - Shannon Sharpe breaks down the REAL PROBLEM WITH RASICM IN AMERICA

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 8, 2016
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  • 007


     1 months ago

    Shannon needs to stick to sports because politics are far from his area of expertise. He needs to stop talking this bullshit about hundreds of years of frustration when it's impossible to be frustrated longer than you've been alive.

  • Robert L S Jr

    Robert L S Jr

     3 months ago

    He clearly hates America, they’re still countries that have 1776 slavery, no other country would he make millions and fame like in America, by the way the most racist are the homogenous countries in the east, start admitting that African Americans are racist to whites as well and have a little more gratitude about the tin roof to mansion courtesy of American system and opportunities for a black man like yourself

  • theniceneighbor


     5 months ago

    Love Skip and Shannon!

  • Brandon Freres

    Brandon Freres

     8 months ago

    I'm white, been poor as shit all my life and ive never stolen a fucking thing. Never have I been racial toward anyone black. But i did go to camp and got ganged up on by 5 black kids with plastic knives and shit. And for no reason i was just using the bathroom and didnt flush the urinal. Those kids just wanted to do what they seen their parents do. Black people hate white people, it isnt the other way around.

  • timg185


     11 months ago

    I agree with some of the sentiment of this conversation. But there is a lot I disagree with.

  • Eric meng

    Eric meng

     11 months ago

    true legend Shannon sharpe is best

  • 6doublefive3two1


     11 months ago

    Afrikan Amerikan Human Black People of Color and Minority Status (peace be upon them) shouldn't be required to pay Federal Income Tax. There are similar provisions for Native Americans, why not the descendants of Slaves.

  • Mr.C H

    Mr.C H

     a years ago

    Racist and ignorant ass people will NEVER UNDERSTAND nothing what Shannon just said ...



     a years ago

    Racist black racist mooching piece of shit



     a years ago +1

    Shannon say what you want to say. Black people need to hold Black people accountable .

    The moment that we change US...Its ON!

  • Edward George

    Edward George

     a years ago

    As a conservative that defends our constitution and our police force to the full extent I cannot turn my ear from the point he is making. He makes great point. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that black people are still oppressed but there are incidents that definitely need to to served justice. Regardless of skin color we are all Americans. Let’s continue to work towards an America that promotes prosperity for all Americans

  • Macc Money

    Macc Money

     a years ago

    One Nation Under God. Until we really embrace that concept.

  • Chase Brown

    Chase Brown

     a years ago

    "If ya don't have money & ya want somethin' nice...I got 1 of 2 ways: either I sell drugs or I go steal it or I go take it. Those are my 2 options; because, I see Rolex's & I see Mercedes & I see nice things & I want 'em, but I don't have a job & I don't have opportunity or means to get it. So, if I want it, I'm gonna go get it." Advocating & making excuses for robbery is so dangerous right now & actually as harmful to us as anything else I've seen lately. Rather than educate our kids on how to act, dress & speak to a boss at a job interview, just tell them that they are victims who have a valid right to choose to be violent criminals if they'd instead rather keep speaking & dressing like their favorite rappers. What a role model, Shannon. All excuses, with no responsibility for their own actions. A double whammy of potential criminality.

  • John Jones

    John Jones

     a years ago

    Who made this guy successful and gave him all his money and position on the talk show?
    White people? So don't talk so passionately about blacks being a second class citizen. If anything they were treated better than whites with their affirmative action and corporate diversity privileges. The privilege of never having to worry about getting fired. I'm 49 and I never saw a lick or racism against blacks. As a white guy, I lived in a black neighborhood and I saw tons of black on white racism. I saw the same thing in high school. Honestly most of the time the blacks ignored me so it wasn't that bad. I knew not to go out at night though. So stop your bitching rich boy! You worked hard and had tons of talent and some luck and you succeeded. Why not be grateful and stop your crying and lying about racial injustice that never existed?. Thank whites and every race who support you with your ticket sales and TV advertising revenue. If only blacks watched the NFL, you'd still be poor.

  • SmithN' Wesson

    SmithN' Wesson

     a years ago

    Jesus H. Christ. We ALL know Slavery exsisted 150 years ago. Do you have any idea how long a decade is? How much happens in those 10 years? The last time Black Americans didn't have the same opportunity's and rights was 1960 and that ensed when Republicans passed the civil rights act. Now its 55 years later and they act like its 1823. Poverty effects EVERYONE. That bullshit about "we have more unemployment" yes but he left out they are also searching for jobs less. You thibk white people working at walmart or Mcdonald's are not poor as fuck? They cant afford an appartment or home. Stop with thus fairy tale that all white people have it good. They dont

  • Diane Kotik

    Diane Kotik

     2 years ago

    Shannon is full of crap. White haters like him are totally screwed up.

  • pimark69


     2 years ago

    I'm beginning to think that Shannon Sharpe is as big a racist as the white people he rails against. Now black on black crime is the white communities fault, kind of a stretch. To be honest, I don't tune into sports shows to hear their (and others) social commentary, I tune in to listen to sports. If they want to express their social views they need to get themselves booked on one of those social commentary shows. Until then, do your job and stick to sports please.

  • Curtis Bailey

    Curtis Bailey

     2 years ago

    I enjoy the intelligent conversation of Shannon Sharpe. When Skip asked, "How do we fix it?" Shannon was exposed. Not until the United States of America acknowledges racism/white supremacy (the two are synonymous), is the issue. Where a group of white people are afraid of their white regressive gene being extinguished because a lacking of producing melanin and the tell the truth about how white people are the minority of the world and embrace this issue with knowledge and maturity, this issue will persist. If the United States of America is truly exceptional, we will accept the inevitable. Google or Youtube Dr. Frances Cress Welsing debate a White Supremacist. Or get knowledge on Oliver Cox who has been called the "Father of World Systems' and read his theories. Otherwise we cannot move on unless we try to understand what is under minding the country, a select few pitting the majority against one another and that understanding has to come from actively research how racism/white supremacy is affecting subconsciously and consciously the whole.

  • gomojo107


     2 years ago +1

    3:21 That's called sociopathology in-conjunction with jealously. I know plenty of poor people that don't "go get it" by stealing.

  • Thelistener


     2 years ago

    Straight to the point, no chaser!!!