Men and Women Seek to Understand Each Other

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 26, 2018
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  • Honey Minnie

     3 months ago

    I’m a female and I’ve held open doors for guys and vice versa , who ever is at the door first should open it 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • susipower coralie

     2 hours ago

    @Elvis Thoughts I don't know... I was just raised to open the door to anybody. But I guess it just depends on your family and from where you are from?

  • Elvis Thoughts

     3 hours ago

    @susipower coralie I was raised that I should open door for women and my elders to be polite.

  • Juliana Koziol

     1 months ago

    Men shouldn't open doors for women. People should open doors for people. Y'all need to get this equality thing right, lol

  • susipower coralie

     2 hours ago

    @Caleb Wildes I don't know... If I was opening the door for someone and some stranger just came to grab it in my place I would find it so rude (I am not trying to be mean). Like I was doing it you could have just go trough 😅

  • Krispy

     18 hours ago

    @Kir By sure it's nice for someone to do it. But don't expect it, in any manner. If that kind of thing is something you want then just find someone else

  • PastelTyrant

     1 months ago

    You get there first, *_you open the door_*

  • Wesley Stokes

     9 days ago

    1am If a man is fair and gentleman like, he will open the door for the lady, it’s proper etiquette!

  • Angry Wafer

     10 days ago

    I agree

  • justtammi

     2 months ago

    *men and women aren't the same but they are equal!*

  • enigma

     22 hours ago

    they're physically different, in general terms. But there has been no study that shows an inherent difference in the brains of men and women. Not one. The differences in behavior you might see is mostly caused by societal structures, such as raising children to believe they need to fulfill certain gender roles.

  • Goran Glamočanin

     4 days ago

    No men and women are same (in Christ) but are not equal!

  • P i x e l e t i

     2 months ago

    It's not that women are over emotional it's that men are brought up to hide theirs

  • Anglo Saxon

     2 days ago

    @country hix I feel for you bruh,women can't help but fuss over everything they even admit that they don't understand themselves so what chance have men got lol

  • country hix

     2 days ago

    @Anglo Saxon My wife runs the backhoe and trackhoe in our business. She had never been exposed to them before. She is very stubborn and asks too many questions and sometimes cries. I dont understand why. She says she is afraid. I tell her to get over it and lets get this dang job done!

  • Kay Utley

     3 months ago

    Girl, you expect workplace equality but can't open a damn door.

  • LisaFoundJiminsJams Armlink

     9 days ago


  • Keke Kimbrough

     14 days ago

    One has nothing to do with the other lol my personal life and my work life are not in the same world. She opens the door for men it sounds like the man she lays with or the men she calls friend need to open the door not strangers or coworkers.

  • Sierra Something

     2 months ago

    I have a proposal. Stop editing the videos so heavily, I feel like you cut people and conversation off to make the conversation go a certain way. Try an unedited version and I’ll respect the series more

  • Arun Joseph

     12 days ago


  • saints FPS

     14 days ago

    @Anthony Fletcher yeah exactly i want to see peoples actual arguments and where there point of view is coming from, plus a civil discussion.

  • cassidy’s edits

     3 months ago

    i liked everything the girl in the blue said minus the door thing. sorry but men don’t owe us anything. we can open our own doors. i understand it’s a thing of “respect” for women, but if you’re at the door first, open the damn thing 😩

  • theafkgamer

     21 days ago

    @Essey Habtehanes What exactly do we owe you?

  • Lily Oths

     a months ago

    Essey Habtehanes What??? 😂😂 Why may I ask?

  • Izzy May Be Great

     4 months ago

    Just because a man opens a door for a woman doesn't mean he thinks it's because they're unable to. Everyone can open a door. He's just being a gentleman. Don't overanalyze an act of kindness.

  • Bethany Bell

     12 days ago

    i understand their point ... i think it just depends on the situation and person tbh

  • Husnara B

     20 days ago

    It's only gentlemanly if the woman is nearby to the point that if he let it close, it would hit her face. I've had guys open the door even though I'm quite far away, and it's awkward

  • error idk

     21 days ago

    This is why Automated Doors were invented.

  • Charlotte

     3 days ago

    Man: Oh lemme hold the door for you.Woman: Oh no let me!Robot: YOU FOOLISH MORTALS, I AM THE ONLY DOOR HOLDER

  • Olga L

     11 days ago