Men and Women Seek to Understand Each Other

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 26, 2018
  • Men and women come together to discuss the differences in their life experiences and find middle ground. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉 👈

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  • Creed x Vale

    Creed x Vale

     7 hours ago

    He does realize that there are male UFC fighters too who are genetically more talented in martial arts

  • super man

    super man

     11 hours ago

    I think men have it much harder these days. Women have more rights. People believe women more, people care about women's feelings more, it is pc to criticize men and blame men for everything and unacceptable to criticize women for even the smallest thing. Women get into less trouble for the things they do wrong. A woman can find a man to support her and she never has to work. I could go on and on.

  • Zanell Parks

    Zanell Parks

     13 hours ago +1

    Holding doors open for someone doesn’t have jack to do with gender. If your brought up thinking men should always hold doors open for women, that’s only because of what you’ve been taught. When you hold the doors open for somebody it is not insinuating that you’re unable to open it yourself it is COMMON CURTESY, REGARDLESS OF AGE, GENDER, RACE, OR FEATURES. It comes out of the kindness of your heart.

  • Audrey E

    Audrey E

     14 hours ago

    society teaches men to hide emotions ! change my mind.

  • Raging Beaver

    Raging Beaver

     14 hours ago +1

    Nature and nurture.

  • 눈치


     15 hours ago

    I open the door for everyone. doesn’t matter if it’s a woman, man, kid or old person.

  • 눈치


     15 hours ago

    2:10 disagree, it’s just a personality thing. maybe his female friends have very similar personalities. I have a few female friends with very strong personalities, very precise and calculated and approach the situation very logically. Like I said, it’s just a personality.

  • Mike Hamilton

    Mike Hamilton

     17 hours ago

    And this is what you call an echo chamber.

  • Abraham Chinye

    Abraham Chinye

     18 hours ago

    I 100%believed he was gonna say "hi my name is dae and I'm a man"

  • AlexThe Sniper

    AlexThe Sniper

     18 hours ago +1

    Wish there was a more insecure guy here though

  • Kelly Bates

    Kelly Bates

     19 hours ago

    empowerment and respect are two different things. holding a door open for someone is not meant to be empowering, it is meant as a sign of respect, and like that guy said, chivalry. anyway people should just hold the door open for everyone regardless of their gender.

  • treshawn wilson

    treshawn wilson

     21 hours ago

    I'm sorry but Koree HELLA THICK

  • Nola Garavaglia-McGann

    Nola Garavaglia-McGann


    Can't believe this needs clarifying but SO many people on this thread are getting two very different things confused. It is one thing to go through a door and, knowing that there are people behind you, hold it open for them. This is just good manners and everyone should do it for everyone. It is another thing, and this is what they are talking about in the video, to stop before going through a door, hold it open for the person behind you and let them walk through the door before you. This is what you should be discussing, not the first example.

  • Mona Saud

    Mona Saud


    I hold the door for anyone if I’m passing through in front. Never ever thought twice about it, ever! And I’m a girl! Can you believe it?

  • Nikolay Tkachenko

    Nikolay Tkachenko

     yesterday +1

    Everything is so much cheaper as a woman

  • Mista Love

    Mista Love


    Yeah that girl with a gap is a feminist

  • Jemimah E. Olive

    Jemimah E. Olive


    Scenario: You stub your toe
    Feeling: pain
    Scenario: finds a dollar on the street
    Feeling: satisfaction, pleasure
    Scenario: work promotion
    Feeling: Satisfaction, a sense of achivement
    Scenario: your dog dies
    Emotion: sadness
    Scenario: you've been robbed
    Emotion: Anger, stress
    Scenario: A family member dies
    Emotion: Sadness, most likely tears
    Scenario: You lose your job
    Emotion/s: stress, anger, sadness
    Scenario: you have a lot of work to do in little time
    Emotion/s: stress, determination, positivity, negativity.
    Scenario: someone says something mean
    Emotion/s: sadness, insecurity, anger
    Scenario: your life is in danger
    Emotions: fear, dread, bravery, determination, sadness, protective
    These are just general feelings. You might not feel all of them but don't get triggered, they're just examples!!! 😂 We all experience emotions, some people are just more forward about them which isn't a bad thing!!! People react differently to those emotions.
    For example some people cry. Crying is a coping mechanism to help process what is happening. It's one of the quickest ways to relieve a bit of the emotion you're feeling. In relation to crying, some people would rather bottle up emotions/dismiss them. That's just how they cope. It's not bad to cry and it's not bad to not cry.
    Everyone is different. Let's not generalise. Who cares!!!

  • This is so sad , Alexa play despacito

    This is so sad , Alexa play despacito


    I would trust a woman on her period more than I would trust a man with an erection.

  • Claren Dennis

    Claren Dennis


    I guess these are the guys that represent us huh??? Feminine guys buy I guess that how the media wants it to be

  • Claren Dennis

    Claren Dennis


    Chivalry in the time of equality huh???