My Puppy Got ATTACKED! | Safest Way To Break Up a Dog Fight | Doctor Mike

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 3, 2018
  • My Newfoundland puppy named Bear was attacked last week at the dog park and I wanted to share with you the story because it truly scared me. After the incident, I went home and looked into what is the proper protocol if two dogs fight or if a dog attacks you.

    This is the first of my Wednesday checkup series where I can feel free to chat with you guys and cover some interesting and timely topics.

    In this video, I explained the best ways on how to stop a dog fight and what to do if a dog is to suddenly attack you.

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  • ItsMabey


     11 hours ago

    K I think what happened is the dog probably had really bad anxiety and got confused with the owner. Maybe the dog was kinda new so it was harder for him to recognize his owner. I hope that nothing bad happened to the dog and he got really good training

  • Amy Lynn

    Amy Lynn

     12 hours ago

    I have 3 Pitbulls that I've had for over 9 years. 2 of them (brother & sister) get into it occasionally. (They each have their own food bowls separated a good distance and they get fed plenty, they just LOVE to antagonize each other by eating the others food) Mostly they just growl at each other and I say, knock it off and they go about their business, however on occasion they have actually got into a physical fight. I throw a pitcher of water on them. They immediately stop.

  • aswin sudarsan

    aswin sudarsan

     19 hours ago

    Release a merch pleasee

  • aswin sudarsan

    aswin sudarsan

     19 hours ago

    Why do you have 2 watches

  • theylied1776



    Don't be fooled, Golden Retrievers are aggressive. Like Jack Russels, a lot of Golden Retrievers are inbred due to (puppy mills), which makes them aggressive and they will attack people and other dogs.

  • Total Control 871

    Total Control 871

     2 days ago

    I usually just turn into a Jeff Dunham puppet. "SILENCE!!!.....I keel you."

  • RJ Rambles

    RJ Rambles

     2 days ago

    Great tips. My dog years ago had her ear partially bit off in a fight with an untrained unleashed dog. Since then, I carry a little thing of pepper spray on her leash. I’m a paramedic, and more than once I’ve seen police officers use OC spray to stay on an aggressive dog on medical emergencies. Seems to work great, and have minimal if any long term affects.

  • Objector of invasion

    Objector of invasion

     2 days ago

    I can attack your puppy in your pants and bite it. Sorry for the haressment but your sexiness made me do it.

  • communist boi

    communist boi

     3 days ago

    Some assholes need to learn how to train their dogs properly

  • Andy Hernandez

    Andy Hernandez

     3 days ago

    Hmm yes pissed pupper punch it yes this is good idea and it the face ues this is very good idea execute idea

  • Big Awesome Watermelon

    Big Awesome Watermelon

     3 days ago

    I love newfies so much.

  • Honda Civic

    Honda Civic

     5 days ago

    I pour a bucket of cold water, its a mess but it work tho

  • Carlos Aguilera

    Carlos Aguilera

     5 days ago

    Best way to break up a dog fight is an AK-47

    As a bonus you wont pay vet bills

  • Cinderwyrm


     5 days ago

    The only fight my dog got into she pinned the other dog and kept her head up. She's a rottie so she's protective but she never bites.

  • Jeremy Viray

    Jeremy Viray

     6 days ago

    I would love to see you create a collab video with Ceasar millan. 🤩

  • Hilary Benoit

    Hilary Benoit

     6 days ago

    My dog was attacked by a pitbull and the owner was no help.

  • Hilary Benoit

    Hilary Benoit

     6 days ago

    So aggressive golden.. get a muzzle for it ..

  • Steph D

    Steph D

     6 days ago

    Omg I've seen a few dog fights 😢😢 but the all ended well

  • nadia gerics

    nadia gerics

     6 days ago

    Another great tactic to breaking a dog fight (if possible) is water. ALOT of water. When moving in with my moms boyfriend our dogs got into a nasty fight and my mom grabbed the hose and that was the only thing that broke them off.

  • Pratibha Upadhyay

    Pratibha Upadhyay

     6 days ago

    You are so sweet...🥰🥰🥰