A Look Inside Russia’s Creepy, Innovative Internet

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 30, 2016
  • For the past five years, Russia’s been building walls around its web and packing it with tech oligarchs, startup cities, face-finding algorithms, hacker hunters, and, of course, a few bears. In this episode of Bloomberg's Hello World, Ashlee Vance travels to Mother Russia to see how they do tech.


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  • Source: https://youtu.be/tICL-lwI7KM


  • Ashley Haadt

    Ashley Haadt

     19 hours ago

    "Toxic knowledge" Ironic humor is done well by Russians, they get it and it decorates this piece very nicely. One upside to closed networks is tthat they provide inspiration. A breakout innovation could render an uncontrollable network. Russians would find that "very cool", here in America it would be feared as a threat.

  • Jim Jones

    Jim Jones

     2 days ago

    8 ads really?

  • Pritam Sinha

    Pritam Sinha

     3 days ago

    The host is really really condescending in all his videos.

  • The00I00I00


     3 days ago

    I keep getting Dom Periohn commercials featuring Lenny Kravitz. Why does a one-hit wonder from 1998 and hasnt been heard of since then who has always tried to rip off the style of Jimi Hendrix but lacked the talent to even be 10% of him being used to push a high priced liquor? Someone help.

  • SSF Mason

    SSF Mason

     3 days ago

    38:06 :3 you mean the champions of people fighting against the largest criminal organizations in the world? AKA state and country sponsored attacks and organizations?

  • Knot Gordo

    Knot Gordo

     3 days ago

    lol Bloomberg, one of the creepiest people on Earth, calling others creepy.

  • anders damin

    anders damin

     4 days ago

    This video contains only men with no explanation.

  • Nathaniel Smith

    Nathaniel Smith

     4 days ago

    This is arrangement is not flat out wrong, this is exactly how USA funds their tech from DARPA.

    If u really knew how tech works In USA it's much more involved, on steroids..

    Facebook was a DARPA startup called lifelock, online app that harvests (willingly) all our personal secrets

  • Mika Benoit

    Mika Benoit

     5 days ago

    If people commit crime these people get an excuse to develop this.

  • AIon


     5 days ago

    kind of a condescending video ... i wish you were just objective. I like to see Russian entrepreneurship picking up more speed. That drone had a smart design - so obvious now when looking backward ...

  • Mulder Nick

    Mulder Nick

     7 days ago

    don't like that Russia biased

  • sublimeguy 1981

    sublimeguy 1981

     7 days ago

    So Russia is censoring just like the u.s except here we treat censorship as a positive thing but treat Russia as this insidious communist monster. To americans they are known as communists and here in america we call them demo-craps.

  • Jason Nguyen

    Jason Nguyen

     7 days ago

    This correspondent sounds like the kid from "leave it to beaver" all grown up. Surfer dude. With his dad's money and connection inside Bloomberg.

  • Hans Effect

    Hans Effect

     14 days ago

    35:22 best part

  • Rockguitarnow


     14 days ago


  • Tom Burkewitz

    Tom Burkewitz

     14 days ago

    author...you are an epic formalistic idiot.

  • TechnologyGeek


     14 days ago

    13minutes in I realized that youtube has recommended me video that I've seen already couple years ago...

  • Mulberry2000


     14 days ago

    The problem is the elites of West have screwed their own populations for decades. i was waiting for the line that the rich have not got richer and the poor are just lying and lazy. The west esp the US does a lot of the stuff Russia does and so does the UK. The doc blames wikileaks as being a russian mole, that is a US gov line. So one could argue the doc people are just spreading disinformation themselves, which i think it is true. I am not denying the Russians do this stuff but let's face it the west is no innocent here and they should of said that as well instead of giving the impression we all such trust Uncle sam.

    Yes Trump and Boris Johnson have deep links with Russia there is no doubt about that. Johnson's sitting on a British Government report is a case in point. He will not release it even though the UK is having a General Election and is spreading lies about Corbyn being a threat to the UK. If BJ is not such a threat then just release the russian report and have done with it, but now he sits on it because it is highly embarrassing to him and the tory party. The point though is, for disinformation to succeed the target population must be really fed up with their own elites for it to happen. A people happy with their lot and their elites are immune to what any other state can throw at them in terms of propaganda and disinformation.

  • pawned pawned

    pawned pawned

     14 days ago

    Why is it creepy?wtf is up with the tittle

  • brandon queen

    brandon queen

     21 days ago

    America: lazy, dumb, impotent, & jealous. I love my country but we really have to catch up. This was an awful report, but nice to see Russia in the news for something positive for a change.