Pottermore: Which House is DANNY? - Game Grumps

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/tQuK_UiY2gc


  • Pokemon Meme

    Pokemon Meme

     9 days ago

    Danny looked so insecure : [

  • Cruz Santos

    Cruz Santos

     13 days ago

    Danny and I, Ravenclaw for life booyyyy!

  • Dan Arredondo

    Dan Arredondo

     19 days ago

    Welcome to Ravenclaw house,Dan.

  • Maeve Ballantine

    Maeve Ballantine

     23 days ago

    YAY! Danny and I are in the same house!

  • Brittany Delcoure

    Brittany Delcoure

     28 days ago

    Welcome to my house Danny!

  • T Shoemake

    T Shoemake

     1 months ago

    Sounds like to me that the Ravenclaws are kinda pompus douchebags, that view themselves smarter than others.

  • Jenni Locke

    Jenni Locke

     1 months ago

    I refuse to believe that any Ravenclaw would be bragging about sharing a house with Gilderoy Lockhart.

  • Kainlarsen


     1 months ago

    I'd rather be Ravenclaw than the other three.
    Slytherin sucks balls. And Gryffyndor? Fuck those jocks!

  • MC Micah M.

    MC Micah M.

     1 months ago

    As a Slytherin i do not know whether to be offended by zis shaded being tossed my way or if i should just move....

  • Alexis Simms

    Alexis Simms

     1 months ago

    dan: "Not slytherin."
    me, a slytherin: "thats fair..."
    dan: "They are evil as fuck"
    me: "daddy dan pls"

  • HiddenApache


     2 months ago

    10:42 that scared the fuck outta me

  • Velloneom 04

    Velloneom 04

     2 months ago

    Wellcom Danny. If you need me ima be reading a book.

  • PinkFloydrulez


     2 months ago

    dan is a hufflepuff and you can't change my mind. the new sorting hat is wrong. i took the old one a few years ago and got sorted into hufflepuff and the new one gave me ravenclaw too. danny just Screams hufflepuff to me e_e

  • Eszter Susan Csorba

    Eszter Susan Csorba

     2 months ago

    OMG Danny pls don't ever shave <3

  • Nano Ramírez

    Nano Ramírez

     2 months ago

    i feel like dan and luna lovegood would be the perfect couple

  • Adyeri 98

    Adyeri 98

     2 months ago

    6:02 Gee, I never thought about that...

  • Elizabeth Mitchell

    Elizabeth Mitchell

     2 months ago


  • IAaron Young

    IAaron Young

     3 months ago

    i did mine knowing the bare minimum of harry potter stuff and i got Gryfindor and the welcome is basically "We're fucking awesome and the best so you know who we are"

  • Tubular Tortoise

    Tubular Tortoise

     3 months ago

    The troll should’ve thought about lying wizards, what the fuck did he expect?

  • Crystal KayNine

    Crystal KayNine

     3 months ago

    I'm a Gryff!
    ...Not to fond of that description from Hilliard but WHATEVER :)