What it's Been Like to be on YouTube

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 17, 2017
  • cheers & a toast :7

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    Behind the Scenes:

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    Music: Simplify the Chaos by ionics

    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D *dink* i just did a toast to you reading the description.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/tSJHh8Kzh-g


  • Jaiden Animations

    Jaiden Animations

     2 years ago +18925

    i didn't realize i made it a bit confusing in the video but i'm only going to be tweeting about the toast.. lol. there isn't gonna be an actual livestream :V i just mentioned the 1 mill livestream because timezones were something people kept bringing up. but yee. thanks for 2 mill though :)))) appreciate ya!

  • Keanu X

    Keanu X

     3 hours ago +1

    Heres a stupid comment

  • Mackenzie Hardy

    Mackenzie Hardy

     7 hours ago

    Wow never seen a yearbook type thing

  • Loc Dang

    Loc Dang

     8 hours ago

    James: want to be recognized
    Jaiden: opposite

  • Chris John

    Chris John

     8 hours ago +1

    It is all right Jaiden

  • scotty martin

    scotty martin

     11 hours ago

    Do you still have scruffy or just your 🐦

  • kawill22


     11 hours ago

    OMG that’s my daughters birthday OMG OMG OMG (not joking)

  • Astrroid


     16 hours ago

    Be my friend,we would get along,this is a threat...pls ._.

  • Gamer Riley

    Gamer Riley

     21 hours ago

    I am from the future you have 7 million subs now

  • BananaTheHuman


     21 hours ago

    1:I hate when people hate on stuff
    2:I hate when the people got bad grammer
    3:I hate when people edit their comment
    4:I h8 when ppl use short form for stff
    5:I haet wan poeple missspell stuf
    6:I hate when people’s adds S’s to stuffs that don’t needs S’s
    7:I hate when people think they get likes
    8:I hate when people make lists
    9:I hate when people make comments unrelated to the video
    10:I hate when people comment on their own comment
    11:I hate when people like their own comment
    12:I hate when people make comments way too Long
    13:I hate when people use unoriginal ideas

  • Alchemy Siega

    Alchemy Siega

     23 hours ago

    Jaiden telling people not to watch her first YouTube video
    Me: Challenge Accepted!!! 😏

  • Freddy Leon

    Freddy Leon


    I wish I could be your friend just because you're someone I'd genuinely enjoy hanging out with, and listening to your stories in real life would also be so fun. lol

  • Multi_plays


     yesterday +1

    3:51 lol haha best meme ever😂😂😂😂

  • Roxy Hall

    Roxy Hall

     2 days ago

    If it's any consolation I think you're a normal person but would be an amazing friend because spending 2-3 weeks in the same clothes sounds like a dream life

  • Xanth Man

    Xanth Man

     2 days ago

    this is bad >:(
    ((...this is how to write a hate comment right?))

  • Y O.

    Y O.

     2 days ago

    Oh good u got 1 Million of Su........ 7 MILLIONS

  • Isobel Billingham

    Isobel Billingham

     2 days ago

    Don't attack the haters, it is there opinion, there stupid opinion.

  • CraftyComic


     2 days ago

    2 Videos a month ohhh yeahhhhhhh

  • Maya Muy Gamer

    Maya Muy Gamer

     2 days ago

    From 2million to 7millon in 2 years??!!!

  • Meagan Camara

    Meagan Camara

     2 days ago

    4:44 except you’re the only one with hair and eyes