Bill Burr rips the Colts, technology, and idiots who can't turn left | THE HERD (FULL INTERVIEW)

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 15, 2016
  • Bill Burr joins "The Herd" to discuss his Patriots, his new Netflix show and more.

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    Bill Burr rips the Colts, technology, and idiots who can't turn left | THE HERD (FULL INTERVIEW)

    The Herd with Colin Cowherd:
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  • KRH Colorado

    KRH Colorado

     2 days ago

    What is Cowherd guy supposed to be? Another Bayless?

  • Peter Steven s

    Peter Steven s

     3 days ago

    He does look like a sickly Ron Howard.

  • Dave Fechtel

    Dave Fechtel

     3 days ago

    Likes LA more than Seattle...50 years of misery and rain...yup that's what I heard too...Seattle sucks, stay in's way better...

  • NichoTBE


     4 days ago

    She is gorgeous.

  • Americasdream12


     5 days ago +1

    Bill Burr is a racist pig and knows nothing that he is talking about. First of all he said all people in Indiana are racist and the only thing we know how to do is grown corn. Is his opinion based on Jim Irsay? Jim Irsay is not from Indiana. Irsay is from California and after California he lived in Baltimore. By the way Bill, Brad Stevens was born and raised in Indiana and I a very good coach and Bill not long ago wasn't Boston and the Celtics known as a racist town? Was it not Boston that didn't want Black basketball players on their team? Oscar Robertson was one of the very best basketball players of all time and he was born and raised in Indiana and played his college basketball and most of his NBA career in nearby Cincinnati and still lives in the Indianapolis and Cincinnati area. Typical east coast and west coast snobs looking for someone to slander to make everyone else think they are better. Believe me middle American the east coast and the west coast are not better at all, in fact thanks to sanctuary cities and states they are no where near as good as Indiana or middle America.

  • Deanoss Last

    Deanoss Last

     6 days ago

    This hosts voice is so distracting to me, he doesn't sound like a real person. The set is also ridicoulous.

  • Cooked Comedy Channel

    Cooked Comedy Channel

     7 days ago

    Taladaga nights with Sasha Baran Cohen does the best impression of this reptilian looking host.



     7 days ago

    Deflate-gate explained @ 7:37

  • Mediamatix


     14 days ago

    Bill: "I hate people going - oh really, you don't like medical advancements? - NO, I DON'T"
    Interviewer: "You dont like medical advancements?"
    Dude. D:

  • nap6193


     14 days ago

    Something about this interviewers face I just don’t like

  • skye da69

    skye da69

     14 days ago

    That lady host is the typical dumb blonde white gurl..

  • JegtoDFW504


     14 days ago

    I think Bill is hilarious and lobe listening to his podcasts too, I don’t know what this show is or who the host is but if you watch his facial expressions he looks like someone is blowing him behind that desk. Haha

  • Brian Barth

    Brian Barth

     28 days ago

    Who's the hottie at 3:59

  • Adam Zawitkowski

    Adam Zawitkowski

     1 months ago

    Did Colin sniff coke for this interview?

  • Awesomepeniscakes


     1 months ago

    Colts fan here. Jim Irsay is also a pill head. Also, I don't doubt the allegations of him spearheading the NFL rules. This guy is slimey and exactly what it means to be from Indiana.

  • TotenAuge (DeadEye)

    TotenAuge (DeadEye)

     1 months ago +1

    "Why is your desk so high? I feel like I'm in a courtroom!"

    THAT'S what Bill SHOULD have said.

  • Mark Boyd

    Mark Boyd

     1 months ago

    WOW ...I've never heard or seen this interviewer before..........I'm so glad ....Just watch him don't watch Bill...The guy has something very wrong with him.Hopefully someone catches on before he totally comes unglued.

  • MG P

    MG P

     1 months ago

    9:40 great point - corruption does not exist in a vacuum.

  • Panzer Lambert

    Panzer Lambert

     1 months ago

    Sorry Bill Paul Brown Chuck Knoll Bill Walsh and Cheater Belicheck

  • I'm Not-Tarded

    I'm Not-Tarded

     1 months ago

    The host has a lame radio voice. Sounds fake and boring.