Glass - SPOILER Review

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 21, 2019
  • The weekend is over, so it's time to talk about some spoilers in GLASS!...which is a lot of me talking about what I didn't like, but hey, there's where the spoilers are!

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  • Joe Snaffer

    Joe Snaffer

     14 days ago

    It just leaves you there feeling like.... “huh”
    video ends

  • TxBuzzkill


     21 days ago

    I just watched it... I can't figure out why people say McAvoy was so "awesome" in it... why... because he has "range"? No, that shit was stupid... he probably thought he was doing simple jack... he went full retard! I like McAvoy in most of his movies... Split is NOT one of those, Glass just sucked... sure glad I didn't pay to see it. Unbreakable was a good movie... shoulda ended there.

  • Bruce Blackwell

    Bruce Blackwell

     1 months ago

    I enjoyed this movie. Didn't get how Dunn was not as strong as he was. Maybe just age. And that puddle but its like Achilles in Troy. Gets shot in the achilles and he is done for. I kind of want more. Liked how the 3 heroes side kicks at the end have color scheme that correlated with their person

  • sean chase

    sean chase

     2 months ago

    Jeremy landed the end of this video far better than Shyamalan ended the movie.

    Man it feels weird to be this far behind everyone in finally seeing it.

  • Jake Robinson

    Jake Robinson

     2 months ago

    I know that many people didn't live how The Overseer, Horde and Mr Glass died but I am going to give the fans and mourners something good,

    This my theory about the ending, now these 3 super-humans The Overseer, The Horde and Mr Glass will be remembered forever as the super-humans that had a hand in blowing the whistle on the Clover society mission and not only that but could become idols for other super-humans who would appear, for those who proof their superiority and cause harm will be inspired by Mr Glass and The Horde but those who want to protect people they will be inspired by The Overseer, his actions and what he died for - doing the right thing as he is this world's equivalent to Superman.

    The reason why is because when we think of the word hero we think of Superman and his traits and beliefs as well as the cost of making sure those values upheld as seen when Superman fought and killed Doomsday but ending up costing him life but Superman done so anyway

    For The Overseer, he will become this world's Superman and even those he's gone The Overseer or I should say David Dun with be remembered as the original hero, his strengths, traits and shows why the values he had are important and the cost of maintaining them in his profession.

    So I can believe that other new superhumans/heroes will believe in the same thing even if it kills them in the end but they enter this world knowing the risks much like those who protect us to day like police, soldiers, coast guard and firefighters.

  • Chase XJ

    Chase XJ

     2 months ago

    I would’ve at least had David die to the Horde and then have the horde be put down by the organization.

    And since we have that organization stuff, Dr. Staples could’ve just given her little speech to Mr. Glass before he dies and then we proceed with Shyamalan’s choice of ending.

  • kaluq


     3 months ago

    You missed a lot of things from the movie this time, Jeremy...

  • Schranzhand


     3 months ago

    after i saw glass i threw my unbreakable dvd in the trash

  • Jake Boos

    Jake Boos

     3 months ago

    I thought the water part was incredibly stupid as well. And you didn’t read it wrong. Nobody has pointed out that in Unbreakable he almost drowns in the pool, so he should be weak right. Yet he’s still able to enter the house and defeat the man in Orange.

  • veksone77


     3 months ago

    I feel like we watched different movies...

  • IMLR.


     3 months ago

    Wouldve been waaaaay better if Beast and Dunn killed themselves while fighting than being terminated 'just' like that.

    Staple could've tried killing Glass while the other two were fighting.

  • Zontar82


     3 months ago

    Just hated the way they handled Willis character demise. The most stupid way to die

  • Him With The Hair

    Him With The Hair

     3 months ago


  • Miles Trombley

    Miles Trombley

     3 months ago

    David shouldn't have died. Curse you N. Night!

  • Michael Penfold

    Michael Penfold

     3 months ago +8

    I thought the story held a comic book theme the whole way through and the twist was perfect

    Great story

    Mr Glass truly was a mastermind

  • Member Berry

    Member Berry

     4 months ago

    I appreciate that they didn't put in some emotional sound track behind these fights and deaths. soundtracks are very manipulative and the lack of shoving emotion in your face felt less of an impact and more effective at the same time

  • ahmed marouane Laaouina

    ahmed marouane Laaouina

     4 months ago +1

    i was so pissed when they wasted david in a puddle, i was like "is it just me that finds that super disappointing"

  • Eriss R.

    Eriss R.

     4 months ago

    I think you guys are forgetting nobodys ever really dead in comic books so chill out and re watch and apreciate this origin story they named him the overseeer in the same movie they end him in? Nah their botj definatley coming back even maybe mr glass somehow im telling you

  • lilgamerguy


     4 months ago

    I think the whole thing with David's physical weakness to water in glass is because he is phobic of water, he's literally afraid of it. That's partially why the rain poncho is his super hero costume, it keeps the rain off of his skin.

  • mike devaney

    mike devaney

     4 months ago

    its a fucking terrible film.....shame really....