The People's Republic of The Future

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 23, 2019
  • When it comes to technology, Shenzhen may well be the most fascinating city in the world. It makes the majority of our electronics. It clones the best technology Silicon Valley has to offer with ease. And, these days, Shenzhen buzzes with new ideas and an unrivaled energy that ensure it will play a major role in shaping our collective futures. In this episode of Hello World, journalist Ashlee Vance heads to the spectacle that is Shenzhen to experience it firsthand. The results are equal parts inspiring and disconcerting as tech-fueled entrepreneurs try to navigate an authoritarian regime. & HostAshlee VanceDirector David NicholsonProducerDiana SuryakusumaWritersAshlee VanceAlan JeffriesDirector of Photography David NicholsonEditorAlan JeffriesCamera Jack LamCamera AssistantQi YangMotion GraphicsSylvia Yang FixerYang LiuAudio MixCadell CookColoristAllie Ames
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  • Ashlee Vance

    Ashlee Vance

     2 months ago +1219

    Ello ello. We've taken the three-part series on Shenzhen and turned it into one, longer glorious episode of Hello World. It has a lot of new - dare I say - spectacular footage and some new thoughts about the city and where it's heading. Hope you guys dig in and enjoy!

  • EKoS26


     2 months ago +2433

    If you can't defeat them ban them 🤣

  • S X

    S X

     yesterday +31

    Trump:" China is dangerous. They stole 5G technology from USA."
    US Journalist:" Then where is our 5G technology?"
    Trump:" Don't you understand me? China stole that technology from us, that's why we don't have it any more."

  • alexandru benza

    alexandru benza

     2 months ago +1558

    "we want engineers to be recognized as Superstars."
    Aaaaaaand that's why China will be the next world leader.

  • 2018 Jess

    2018 Jess

     2 days ago +21

    Shenzhen is facing the second opportunity after the protest activities in Hong Kong , Shenzhen will develop it’s high-tech , logistics, finance ,law and regulation on a high speed train , Shenzhen will be a leading city in the world .

  • Callace Chan

    Callace Chan

     yesterday +8

    i was born and raised in the city,and i’m so proud of my hometown.we’re definitely welcome everybody to visit the city,explore the beauty of the city,experience different culture(because Shenzhen citizens come from different cities in the country) and so on...

  • Linting Huang

    Linting Huang

     2 days ago +13

    China will be strong,but it won't be another America ——from shenzhen native

  • Real Barack Obama

    Real Barack Obama

     2 months ago +428

    Damn, after looking this, I feel like I was the President of a third world country.

  • Merrilyn Hu

    Merrilyn Hu

     18 hours ago +5

    Haven’t been to Shenzhen yet, but will visit soon! I’m so proud to be a Chinese😊

  • Michael chuan

    Michael chuan

     22 hours ago +4

    But one thing for sure, shenzhen focus on technology that make our life better not create weapon to invade Amy countries.

  • Lucas T

    Lucas T

     2 months ago +1022

    Huawei, DJI, Tencent, ZTE are all it's the trade war between US and Shenzhen

  • Todd


     2 months ago +168

    Trump: ban shenzhen ! so that to make America great again

  • British Entertainment

    British Entertainment

     2 months ago +142

    I visited shenzhen last October and holy molly was it impressive. I was more impressed with it than with NYC

  • M H

    M H

     2 months ago +212

    There is no need to call it "silicon valley of China". The city has its own identity and more likely to be called "Hardware Capital of China"



     2 months ago +142

    ironically University of washington still have 60% asians in their team

  • Jamie Gray

    Jamie Gray

     2 months ago +92

    "freedom-loving internet" is when the NSA spies on you instead of the PLA

  • Nico Agus Wibiantoro

    Nico Agus Wibiantoro

     2 months ago +157

    DJI is next target from US losers

  • Asia Night: Walking in Asia

    Asia Night: Walking in Asia

     2 months ago +130

    Shenzhen looks like such an awesome city. So cyberpunk. I've lived in China for three years and I've never been there. Need to go film there soon!

  • Joe Nickence

    Joe Nickence

     2 months ago +160

    Sadly, much of the US still sees the PRC as a third world country that produces cheap knock offs. The tipping point is approaching fast. America will go into hyperinflation, and the PRC will skip out and become the global economy, and everyone that is still clueless will say "WTF?!"

  • Z Melody

    Z Melody

     2 months ago +192

    Its so ironic when you says a Chinese government peer their people while My comment were blocked by YouTube.