Steve Harvey FREAKS OUT!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 14, 2017
  • Watch mentalist Bobby Motta Mess with Steve Harvey on his new talk show with a mind Blowing effect!
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  • viperdemonz jenkins

    viperdemonz jenkins


    yes it was staged but who cares it was entertaining.

  • Cluck Cluck

    Cluck Cluck

     5 days ago +1


  • Ricky Ross

    Ricky Ross

     6 days ago

    good magic

  • President Camacho

    President Camacho

     7 days ago

    rehearsed and fake asf. seen meth heads with a better show.

  • Riley Bradley

    Riley Bradley

     7 days ago

    They expect us to believe that those two ladies in the audience weren’t scripted

  • jonathan fallmann

    jonathan fallmann

     7 days ago

    Lmao the womans favourite number is 88....
    H is the 8th letter of the alphabet and in germany 88 used to mean hail hitler so the womans a nazi.

  • JSOC 09

    JSOC 09

     7 days ago

    Mike the situation doing magic tricks

  • Kenneth The Best

    Kenneth The Best

     7 days ago +1

    Hehehehehehe MY ASS

  • Logafab DaModel

    Logafab DaModel

     14 days ago

    So why are there only women in the audience

  • Therone Woods

    Therone Woods

     14 days ago

    It's all a set up

  • niGGa biGGa

    niGGa biGGa

     14 days ago

    He's here today to blow out mines

  • Randall Ramsey

    Randall Ramsey

     14 days ago

    Amazing parenting

  • thecompwhiz


     21 days ago

    I know steve framed that bill

  • Joshua Ferguson

    Joshua Ferguson

     21 days ago


  • Peatreat


     21 days ago +1

    load of bs. for him to get 572124012125 he wouldve had to put the number he chose as 363369.61931 but he didnt press 12 buttons on that calculator

  • Jackmax 2011

    Jackmax 2011

     21 days ago +2

    He cheated I thought he wasn’t going to cheat

  • Menibor1


     28 days ago +1

    This is the easiest trick in the world......

  • Bangs Cutter

    Bangs Cutter

     28 days ago

    There's no "magic" involved. You don't even need the audience to be complicit to do this trick.

    The bill that was shown to Steve was not the same bill that the woman put in. Either there was already a bill inside hidden away, or he swapped when we weren't looking. Most likely the later. This is a basic swap trick.

    The random numbers given by Steve and two people from the audience doesn't matter. They don't need to be complicit to stage it. Notice how Bobby suggests Steve to do certain operations on the calculator; this is a common trick done by performers. They make you think you have a choice, but in actual fact, they persuade you choose how they want you to choose.

    But still, it requires an amazing mathematical mind to be able to determine what operations to perform on the "random" numbers given by those 3 people, to equal the pre-determined number at the end. The rest is just showmanship.

  • ArtbyN


     28 days ago

    Bobby is cute 😜

  • Nomura Kenta

    Nomura Kenta

     1 months ago

    Asian guy in center at 0:30 on a clapping turbo