CNN reporter presses Trump: You promised Mexico would pay for wall

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 4, 2019
  • CNN's Kaitlan Collins presses President Trump on his promise that Mexico will pay for a border wall on the US-Mexico border.
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  • Alex Garcia

    Alex Garcia

     5 minutes ago

    Whats a stupid question

  • Muharem Redzic

    Muharem Redzic

     5 minutes ago

    stealing land from americans $$

  • kenetic intellectual

    kenetic intellectual

     6 minutes ago

    If Bill Clinton gets impeached for b.j., why in the he'll is this joke still standing there?!. He had standingrock people's old burial gounds bulldozed with out second thought.. WTF?!!

  • Lil_ Ev

    Lil_ Ev

     6 minutes ago

    They people behind his ass are trying not to laugh

  • Tokio2k


     6 minutes ago

    Trump is full of shit

  • Gregory Bueschet

    Gregory Bueschet

     8 minutes ago

    we are the only country that shut down the gov. and lets our leaders get a way with it say if Trump tried to do shut down the gov' in japan they would have Trump arrested and banished from the country

  • kenetic intellectual

    kenetic intellectual

     10 minutes ago

    Is this moron talking about a fence, cuz you can't see through a wall fuckn idiot trump

  • Jay C

    Jay C

     12 minutes ago


  • Jared Ceballos

    Jared Ceballos

     14 minutes ago

    Lol he is going insane doesn't even know what he's saying just bullshitting

  • reble girl

    reble girl

     19 minutes ago

    America doesn’t have the space for the plants they are so environmentally and morally unfriendly furthermore, China doesn’t have the same laws so it’s cheaper to produce products overseas and company’s want profit they will not move there plants because that could lead to debt as well as the demolition of the plants and the possible devastation it might cause to the people who work there. Trump does not want to see reality everything has pros and cons. American plants would have to be greener and pay American minimum wage however human greed and company’s becoming used to a certain output of product the pros are completely outweighed by the cons. Now the wall. It is not worth a shut down. Most illigal immagents enter by plan furthermore like the journalists mentioned what about people with property. The cost now lies with America that is money that could help school especially the ones that have suffered school shooting and who’s students and teachers still need help. It could go towards produce making healthier food for children’s and people in a country where obesity is so prevalent. This billions that America is getting where are they. Why is trump spending money on hamburgers for some team and not working on at least getting his wall across instead of shutting down the government causing deviation to all federal workers. Trump in all senses of the word is throwing a tantrum and metaphorically holding his breath till he gets what he wants. America needs to do something we all need to do something the government is only as powerful as we make it we have to hold people accountable president or not. This is not okay America you are suppose to be the place where dreams come true not crushed because an ignorant president decidesit should be.

  • Laycha Fuerte

    Laycha Fuerte

     22 minutes ago

    And they let the same guy ask two questions but not the lady. Infact that bald headed bitch snatched the mic from her.

  • Laycha Fuerte

    Laycha Fuerte

     23 minutes ago

    He thinks too much

  • munozf20


     30 minutes ago

    Billions of dollars that could of gone to cure diseases... nope some long ass steal wall that can be crossed by a $10 latter...

  • M Moore

    M Moore

     41 minutes ago

    Cnn has the worst journalist

  • Joseph DePrimo

    Joseph DePrimo

     53 minutes ago

    For everyone who hates the wall, just take down the doors of your house and let anyone who wants to come in come in. I mean, everyone is welcome right?

  • Bryan Max

    Bryan Max

     53 minutes ago

    CNN is making money off trump big time. No one really watched cnn news before trump but we are now.

  • Michael Warner

    Michael Warner

     53 minutes ago

    "Billions and billions." Carl Sagan is rolling in is grave.

  • Danielle Aragon

    Danielle Aragon

     53 minutes ago

    Johnny I love Jesus but trump wants to kick my kind out of the country even if you have a green card

  • Константин Георгиев

    Константин Георгиев

     54 minutes ago

    Americans, please, don't make the same mistake twice. Don't reelect Trump. Vote for Bernie instead and, perhaps, he could pull you back into the civilised world.

  • Mesfin Ayele

    Mesfin Ayele

     56 minutes ago

    So why the hell don’t you finance from the trade deal profit than holding hostage millions of people? This president act like a mafia!