Korean Beauty Standards, Too Much? | Blindest Date 2 X Solfa EP.1

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 4, 2018
  • created with Solfa, a blind date.are Korean beauty standards too strict?what if your partner's insta is full of revealing photos?would you want to go on this blindest date?please leave your thoughts in the comments!(English subs are available)Production || SolfaStrategy/Marketing || Eugene Kim & Jimin ChoiDesign || Seoyoung Park & Bomi Kim
  • Source: https://youtu.be/tnKb17Aoz0U


  • Vi Vi

    Vi Vi

     2 months ago +2181

    The guy is honestly not only handsome but his character is cute and feels rather mature. He seems like someone who people can get comfortable with while having a serious talk..

  • Rizkia Nauvalina

    Rizkia Nauvalina

     1 months ago +1943

    "I would not wait that long but if she wanted to, I would wait with her.."
    That's it.
    That's all I need to hear.

  • Eloise Blower

    Eloise Blower

     5 months ago +988

    When he says, "....If she wanted to, I would wait with her." * GOLDEN. Absolutely golden. For someone to become more patient for someone else? jaw drop right there

  • 이보화


     5 months ago +1437

    와.. 여자분한테 치였어요.. 생각이 너무 멋있으신 듯..

  • sj you

    sj you

     4 months ago +2528

    하얀불 켜질 때 마다 편하게 웃고계셔서 뭔가 예수님 석고상 보는 것 같아요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ잘생겼는데 너무 웃김

  • isay


     2 months ago +725

    I want an update if they're still together after this. Lol.

  • Hyun Ju Lee

    Hyun Ju Lee

     3 months ago +916

    이건 소개팅이 아니라 거의 토론급...

  • Mintthee Winter

    Mintthee Winter

     3 months ago +1592

    여자분 영어를.. 너무 잘하신다 깊은 이야기를 요하는 심도깊은 주제에서 논리적으로 자신의 주장과 이유를 영어로 설명해야 하는데... 너무 한치의 망설임없이 수준높은 대화를...멋있다 너무 지적이고 ㅠㅜ

  • Ruby leveled up

    Ruby leveled up

     8 months ago +10446

    “I wouldn’t wait that long, but if she wanted to I would wait with her” preciousssss

  • Ellem wind

    Ellem wind

     5 months ago +1882

    두명이 생각이다른데 두명 다에게 공감하긴처음이다.. ㅋㅋ외모의 다양성 꼭필요한현실이고.. 누군가 바꾸라고 지적하는것도 옳은건아니고 둘다 생각이깊으신듯

  • Dedew Lestari

    Dedew Lestari

     1 months ago +225

    I imagine they're having a problem in their relationship and this is how calm they solve and talk through their problem.
    Respect to both of them that even they have different opinion but they do respect each other. Hope they're still together.

  • hj


     4 months ago +1137

    여자분 포카혼타스 닮으셨어 되게 미력적이시다... 두분 대화 내용 너무 수준있어...멋있어 ... 느끼는게 많다

  • Stanzin Rangdol

    Stanzin Rangdol

     2 months ago +295

    My Goodness...what's with Korea and Korean beauty standards

  • Jacob Kang

    Jacob Kang

     8 months ago +10206

    I liked how despite the differences in their views, they were very respectable of each other. I'm actually quite surprised both of the lights turned on, even though they shared many disagreements.

  • Rachel LeMaster

    Rachel LeMaster

     1 months ago +157

    I agree with him on almost everything. He’s awesome! I like her too because she is not afraid to express her opinion, but I didn’t agree with some things she said.

  • vici Venividi

    vici Venividi

     6 months ago +1180

    이분들 근황이 궁금하다 ....

  • 이서연


     6 months ago +975

    불 켜지는거 무슨 레벨업 하는 것 같아ㅋㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㅋ

  • 쨔쟌


     6 months ago +568

    남성분은 ‘미의 기준’을 논한거같고
    여성분은 애초에 그 ‘기준’이란것을 신경쓰지않아야한다? 라고 더 나아가신거같아요!
    남성분도 조금더 생각해보면 결국 같은 지향점이 아닐까 싶네요!

  • Karl H

    Karl H

     8 months ago +4065

    I actually quite liked the woman in this video, she was quite honest and straight forward and open about her personal opinion and I respect that.

  • 김영진


     4 months ago +781

    이런 대화가 정상적인 대화인건데.. 내가 말하는게 남에게 어떻게 비추어 지는지를 생각하는것이 아니라 나의 생각을 온전히 잘 전달하는 두분이 너무 멋잇네요!
    배려있는 대화 인상깊었습니다