Korean Beauty Standards, Too Much? | Blindest Date 2 X Solfa EP.1

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 4, 2018
  • created with Solfa, a blind date.are Korean beauty standards too strict?what if your partner's insta is full of revealing photos?would you want to go on this blindest date?please leave your thoughts in the comments!(English subs are available)Production || SolfaStrategy/Marketing || Eugene Kim & Jimin ChoiDesign || Seoyoung Park & Bomi Kim
  • Source: https://youtu.be/tnKb17Aoz0U


  • Vi Vi

     11 days ago

    The guy is honestly not only handsome but his character is cute and feels rather mature. He seems like someone who people can get comfortable with while having a serious talk..

  • Haneen Haddadin

     2 days ago

    Vi Vi he feels “warm” to me, you can feel how genuine he is

  • Rizkia Nauvalina

     4 days ago

    "I would not wait that long but if she wanted to, I would wait with her.."That's it.That's all I need to hear.

  • Ha Seok Kim

     22 hours ago

    Hey! you stole my comment... That was the best part right? ...you are cool.

  • Neng Quiin


    Rizkia Nauvalina Ikr? Those words are just so sweet

  • sj you

     2 months ago

    하얀불 켜질 때 마다 편하게 웃고계셔서 뭔가 예수님 석고상 보는 것 같아요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ잘생겼는데 너무 웃김

  • 하린

     20 hours ago

    Ha Seok Kim me??

  • Ha Seok Kim

     22 hours ago

    Please be my friend, so we can talk in Korean :c Jebal T T

  • Mintthee Winter

     1 months ago

    여자분 영어를.. 너무 잘하신다 깊은 이야기를 요하는 심도깊은 주제에서 논리적으로 자신의 주장과 이유를 영어로 설명해야 하는데... 너무 한치의 망설임없이 수준높은 대화를...멋있다 너무 지적이고 ㅠㅜ

  • 92 jay

     10 days ago

    Mintthee Winter 미국에서 어릴때부터 자랐다고 봐야죠 저정도면..

  • 시저대니얼

     10 days ago

    Mintthee Winter 그렇게 어려운 단어도 사용하지 않으면서 저정도로 심오한 대화에서 자기 의견을 필력한다는게 정말 대단하다고 생각해요 ㅠ

  • Ruby leveled up

     6 months ago

    “I wouldn’t wait that long, but if she wanted to I would wait with her” preciousssss

  • Ha Seok Kim

     22 hours ago

    You know it...

  • Seokjin 's flying kiss

     9 days ago

    It takes all my uwu's

  • Oy Zo

     5 months ago

    영어를 왜이렇게 잘해,.

  • Jairo Garzon

     2 days ago

    Jackeline Rivas JAJAJAJAJAJJAJJAJJAJAJAJAJAJJJAJJAJA , Está diciendo como es que su inglés es tan Bueno , y ella es Korean-American , ella dijo que se sentía más segura hablando inglés ósea que clase de pregunta es esa JAJAJAJAJAJJA

  • Jackeline Rivas

     8 days ago

    No te ententdi ni mierda no se koreano 😂

  • pr omi

     5 months ago

    Wow I really love the girl (gentle, intelligent and strong minded) I wanna be her friend.

  • blackpink x cabello

     2 days ago

    Daisy Kopping felt that

  • 웃음이 멈추질 않아icantsmilebecause

     9 days ago

    @Kat Alexandria 😂than ur not straight

  • Ellem wind

     3 months ago

    두명이 생각이다른데 두명 다에게 공감하긴처음이다.. ㅋㅋ외모의 다양성 꼭필요한현실이고.. 누군가 바꾸라고 지적하는것도 옳은건아니고 둘다 생각이깊으신듯

  • 소단

     26 days ago


  • 시체

     2 months ago

    저도요... 딱 이 말에 공감해요. 둘다 멋진사람 생각이 깊은 사람

  • Eloise Blower

     3 months ago

    When he says, "....If she wanted to, I would wait with her." * GOLDEN. Absolutely golden. For someone to become more patient for someone else? *jaw drop right there*

  • isay

     6 days ago

    I want an update of they're still together after this. Lol.

  • athi athiew

     2 days ago

    Ikr. Me too