Tarantula Unboxing ~ STAY IN !!!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
  • In today's video we will be unboxing a matured male Ornithoctonus aureotibialis (Thailand Golden Fringed) tarantula. Belonging to a friend of mine, she didn't expect him to mature out so quickly.. I mean, look at his size! She sent him over to me for a breeding loan/project with my female. Let's all hope that my female will accept this young lad and that all will be a success. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy(ed) this video.

    ** This video is purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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    Shelby Alford, Turé Champion, Marija Babić, Thomas Perroné, Supernatural Squirrel Girl, Benjamin Lindgren.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/to2RrrO1jI0


  • Exotics Lair

    Exotics Lair

     3 months ago +1610

    Guys, the “white dot” on him was just a piece of tissue paper from what he was shipped in.

  • Meave Louise

    Meave Louise

     8 hours ago

    Are you sure they are alright in that box? I am not one to judge for I have never had a tarantula, but I am just assuming that it would not be breatheable. Help?



     11 hours ago

    Hey your masking him cheat you cheater maker

  • Canadian Sizzle

    Canadian Sizzle


    “Fill this up a little bit”
    *Puts a lot in*

  • Koniaczek Koń

    Koniaczek Koń

     yesterday +1

    You are so bad at using sewing scissors lol

  • Sorin Iorga

    Sorin Iorga

     4 days ago

    So did this spider get paired ?

  • superro5


     4 days ago

    Wow he is big

  • dino saur

    dino saur

     4 days ago

    And it is sharp

  • dino saur

    dino saur

     4 days ago

    That's not scissor that is tread scissor okay are you dumb

  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Mary poppins

    Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Mary poppins

     6 days ago

    3:17 lol

  • Kiel Licu

    Kiel Licu

     6 days ago

    Are you from the phillipines?

  • Mari Chinchilla

    Mari Chinchilla

     6 days ago

    Did you do the pairing video? I can't find it....

  • Savannah Jones

    Savannah Jones

     7 days ago

    1:39 lolololol

  • Samuel Varga

    Samuel Varga

     7 days ago


  • Megan Brownhill

    Megan Brownhill

     8 days ago

    I liked this video just because of the that’s what she said joke

  • Baldi likes Albert

    Baldi likes Albert

     8 days ago

    Your voice sounds so light. Is this old?

  • Pantera lps Unicornio

    Pantera lps Unicornio

     8 days ago

    I love spiders

  • LilyTube


     8 days ago

    That looks awesome how do you get all of your spiders

  • Oleafer Fern

    Oleafer Fern

     11 days ago

    Those scissors are used for cutting thread and fabric you dingle-

  • Ingvild Maagerud

    Ingvild Maagerud

     13 days ago

    Ples be a good boye