Irish People Try American Worms

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 20, 2019
  • Irish people get weird and wacky with worms! MERCH MADNESS:
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    Worms are apparently snacks now, or at least the ones we got are! We thought we would let our TRYers chow down on some of these not-so-wriggly worms and see what they thought!

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  • LukaTisus





    These are beetle larvae lol, yer just eating baby beetles

  • Cynthia Appleberry

    Cynthia Appleberry

     2 days ago

    Why Americans are not eating worms 🤢 you fish with them not eat 🤮

  • Bjorn Goumundsen

    Bjorn Goumundsen

     3 days ago

    These people need to be given a pay raise for this video. I can't ever see myself eating worms. Not even the one in the tequila bottle.

  • crazy folks

    crazy folks

     7 days ago

    Americans dont do that only the whites.....👀

  • Tsuni 17700

    Tsuni 17700

     7 days ago

    I guess I'm an off the wall american because I love to eat those

  • Jousting Ape

    Jousting Ape

     14 days ago

    Good sports about it, I’d of been flipping tables.

  • midniteillusion3


     14 days ago

    I don’t know how I missed this when it was first posted but I just wanted to say that was the best beginning of any Try Video yet.

  • Douglas Harrington

    Douglas Harrington

     21 days ago

    It's Shannon time. I might be addicted.

  • Lyle Stavast

    Lyle Stavast

     21 days ago

    Should try rattlesnake cooked up... we know they've never had snake before due to someone ridding the country of them...

  • Adam Stavast

    Adam Stavast

     21 days ago

    What they need to try now are different kinds of spiders.

  • Ian Laver

    Ian Laver

     28 days ago

    Guy with the checkered shirt. Could he be anymore dramatic?

  • Denise Carroll

    Denise Carroll

     1 months ago

    No thanks not going to happen.

  • Susan Metz

    Susan Metz

     1 months ago

    I could never be on this show.
    1. I’m not Irish
    2. I cannot eat worms.

  • eljayess 1972

    eljayess 1972

     1 months ago

    Nobody in America eats crickets or worms . Someone is playing a joke on you .

  • The Sean Michael More Collection

    The Sean Michael More Collection

     1 months ago +1

    John nailed the worm song! 10/10! lol! I'm ready for Lasagna at Paddy's house! Lol.

  • GoForIt


     1 months ago

    1:53 The "Momma?" one just absolutely slayed me

  • Antonio Garcia

    Antonio Garcia

     1 months ago

    This video is going to be amazing to watch. I have never ate worm snacks.

  • David Boson

    David Boson

     1 months ago

    are worms rascists?

  • Wilton Smith

    Wilton Smith

     1 months ago

    Thank you for NOT sub-titling this video.

  • Kayla Mrock

    Kayla Mrock

     1 months ago

    They look like mealworms. We use them for fish bait and it always freaked me out cause they're alive when you use them and they grab your fingers with their little legs! 😖 Still freaks me out!