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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 27, 2019
  • "They say every time a Targaryen is born, the gods toss a coin and the world holds its breath."
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    Hey Guys,
    so I've been making this video for months. I started to edit this before the final episode, I had the musics, the ideas, everything. And after the last episode I created the most parts of this video, then I was never pleased enough with its ending.(Till tonight :D ) As you could see on my social media, I had some struggles and lacks of inspiration to finish it. And now I would like to thank for all the people who motivated me to make it done! THANK YOU!
    There is a lot of work in it, I gave my heart for Daenerys. She truly deserved better, and still can't get over with how the writers ended her story. Rest in peace our Queen!
    A girl hopes you enjoy this! ✌

    What do you think about the ending of Dany's storyline? 🤔 Share your thoughts and leave a comment 👇

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  • eline


     2 months ago +23

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    Every dollar is appreciated! Thank you guys for everything!

  • lagadema16


     2 days ago

    "And how do you know she wasn't?" :(

  • Boi Boi

    Boi Boi

     3 days ago

    She didn't fail, she suceeded but now she rest.

  • Kaiser


     5 days ago

    YoU aRe MuH qUeEn

  • Dan Urizar

    Dan Urizar

     5 days ago

    The Queen We Chose

  • kriti kanchan

    kriti kanchan

     7 days ago

    She was not mad, she was adrift, she felt alone in this whole world.

  • Angel Isidoro

    Angel Isidoro

     7 days ago

    Daenerys deserved better. She always be my Queen.

  • Shane Hughes

    Shane Hughes

     7 days ago

    2 targaryens actually went bad. 3 if you wanna really push it. And 4 including Danny.

    Out of about 25 rulers over 350 years I'd hardly say they flipped a coin. A few were cruel and a bit unhinged but only to the level of cersei or tywin. Joffrey and Ramsey level was rare.

    The coin was a myth. The targaryens were a strong dynasty under which the people largely thrived.

    The whole coin thing was a terrible excuse. Just was a way of taking a story HBO and GRRM needed 10 to 12 seasons to make sense and cram it into one 6 episode season.

    Season 7 should have been the beginning of Danny finding allies and cersei testing the loyalty of the kingdoms high born families. Cersei the clear evil.

    Then season 8 and 9 allow for Danny to become unhinged as the people turn on her as they blame her for cersei. She engages the whitewalkers in a war and drives them back. But loses many she loved and loses her mind, especially when cersei betrays her by having forces she pledged turn on Danny in the war and kill two dragons.

    Danny by season 10 has defeated the whites. Jon is blindly loyal. Sansa and arya fall out with him entirely. Arya plans to kill two Queens.

    Danny spends all of season 10 fighting cersei. She wins but millions die in the bloodiest conflict ever to reach westeros. Its even bigger than the white walker War which was a war and covered have the nation, the whited getting far past the enck of the country.

    She takes the throne in a burned city. Turion watches her take it and she says she took the throme despite the visions she had years ago.

    Tyrion says the young woman with good in her heart that had that vision died on the battlefields. The woman before him is no longer the caring woman he pledged to and throws away his pin as hand.

    Danny orders he be executed. He is burned by drogon publicly. Jaimie is still alive as arya killed cersei.

    Jaimie is filled with vengence and by season 11 we don't know who will kill Danny. Its a serious hype builder. She declared war on the north in the finale and declares arya and Sansa enemies of the Crown. Daario comes to Kings landing also to bring forces.

    So season 11 opens with Jaime the Kingslayer, arya the queen's layer, Sansa the Queen in the North and Jon the true heir to the throne wanting her dead.

    She goes to her 3rd war in 3 or 4 years.

    In the end Jon kills her as she sleeps with a dagger. Betraying her at her most vulnerable. He prevents arya from killing her.

    Sansa ascends to two thrones and marries gendry (who never slept with arya as that was weird she should have slept with someone else if she had too as it felt almost forced and not fitting her character at all). She is queen of the six kingdoms and Queen in the North. Gendry rules in the South and her the North but they are equal ruelers and set up a senate of high borns to advise them and limit their power. A Rome style system of sorts.

    Jon is exiled to the land of always winter with the free folk as he asks, arya and Sansa forgiving him for is blind trust in Danny.

    Daario returns to essos to rule the kingdoms Danny left behind. He takes her name targaryen as missandei points out he was her heir and in essos name taking isn't necessarily a male to female trait. Greyworm is dead.

    All over 11 seasons not 6 and two half seasons

  • Nina Peterson

    Nina Peterson

     7 days ago


  • David Colon

    David Colon

     7 days ago

    What made it worst was Jon rejecting her and missandei death she felt alone

  • Stephanie A Devicente

    Stephanie A Devicente

     7 days ago

    Mesandei said it, one last time🔥🐉

  • Tina Torres

    Tina Torres

     7 days ago

    She should of let Jon take the dragon glass and let him leave.
    The night king would of never taken down the wall he only died because of her dragon...
    She should of stayed on her island with her people, with her family...
    They all would of lived a little bit longer

  • Elizabeth Alonso

    Elizabeth Alonso

     14 days ago

    She my 👸👸👸👸👸🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Joker77


     14 days ago

    I started listening to Jordan Petersons lectures on psychology a while ago. And oh my god, there are so many things he described that can be observed in the character of Daenerys Targaryen and her development over the course of the series. The twist at the end of the series wasn't random at all, it totally fits with how the human mind works.
    People can turn evil. Everybody can. Especially those who have open eyes for the evil in the world. As Nietzsche said: "Whoever fights with monsters should see to it that he does not become a monster in the process. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you."

    She saw so much injustice and freed so many people. She was loved by these people and they confirmed her in her role as the savior. And you can't just ignore what thousands of people tell you. You will believe it. When thousands of people tell you that you're the good one, you will believe it. And if you make a mistake and people don't follow you, well of course they're betraying you and the good cause you're fighting for. In east Germany, the communist SED had a song that went "Die Partei, die Partei, die hat immer recht und Genossen es bleibet dabei / denn wer kämpft für das Recht, der hat immer Recht / gegen Lüge und Ausbeuterei" (in English: "The party, the party is always right and comrades it remains that way / because who fights for justice is always right / against lies and exploitation"). It's EXACTLY THAT.

    So you walk your path of liberating people and all you get in return is the experience of your loved ones being murdered or betraying you. So you question if it's bad people who make the world a bad place or if it's the world itself that is evil and that isn't worth to be rescued. I see it so often that people who are consumed by the misery that exists in the world start to hate and despise it. So you watch your thougts and become afraid by them. You realize that you think the way your enemies think, but you can't help. It just seems righteous. And at least you do it for a good cause so who in this corrupted world could ever condemn you for this.

    And then, there is the drop of water that overflows the barrel. And you just fucking burn it all.

    That's the human condition. That's how a human mind works if it is confronted with the wrong things without being prepared for it. Thank you, Game of Thrones, for confronting us with this truth instead of just presenting us a shallow happy ending.

  • Michael Gagliardi

    Michael Gagliardi

     14 days ago

    “Burn then all!!!” ...
    I was waiting for that the whole time.Well done . Thank you. It put that dumpster fire of a last season into perspective when you watch the video you’ve made. Hopefully the final books will leave me as satisfied. 🤞

  • Sailor Pony Topics

    Sailor Pony Topics

     21 days ago

    Great Video,
    But question how did you make this? I would like to make a Daenerys music video but i'm not sure how!!!

  • Kayla


     21 days ago

    I miss her so much.

  • Luís Terra

    Luís Terra

     21 days ago

    It's still too painful to watch my moon and stars after what they done to Dany's character. By the way I used to hate Cersei, the High Sparrow, Lord Tarly but now the character that I hate the most is Tyrion the worst hand in Westerosi history. Fuck Tyrion!!!

  • Craig B

    Craig B

     21 days ago

    It still amazes me that ordinary people can piece together from the wreckage a better ending to the series than the writers. Everything was already there, the acting, the setting, literally everything, but the script. Through the remakes I was finally able to let the series go and have closure. Letting the burning anger of betrayal finally die away. Shame how a bad ending can kill any desire to start the adventure once again from the beginning. Turning an amazing show, but to ashes .

  • Herald of Moxlen

    Herald of Moxlen

     21 days ago

    I feel like they pissed her character into the wind. R.I.P. Game of Thrones.