6 Christians vs 1 Secret Atheist

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 21, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/u3GlIR1RUFY


  • jacko attacko

     26 days ago

    love how this went from beyonce hater to atheists

  • C T

     10 minutes ago

    Next will be bts fans yk?

  • Klo

     2 hours ago

    Mariah Sullen Free will isn’t possible if something with the property of omniscience exists. Free will is the ability to act without the constraint of necessity, omniscience makes all the actions it predicts necessary. So if the Christian god exists as described, it would absolutely be him sending us there which would make him a malevolent monster.

  • Michele Stewart

     5 days ago

    Asian girl: in 4th grade my parents got divorcedErin: tHAtS NoT ChRiStIAn

  • dionna divon

     2 hours ago

    Michele Stewart omg yo😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sel Ce

     3 hours ago


  • Finnzzz

     8 days ago

    Erin: What’s your name?Chance: Chanc-Erin: tHaTs NoT cHrIsTiAn

  • Kenny Namikaze

     13 minutes ago

    Another Erin...

  • Sophia Magain

     15 hours ago


  • jessieee xoxo.

     5 days ago

    *lights turn red**silence*"hi i'm the mole"

  • Yareli Anaya

     17 hours ago

    @old man jon wow..

  • old man jon

     18 hours ago

    Javelin Melody im a gnome

  • Demian Muijs

     8 days ago

    If Erin was here:Erin: Which church do you go to?Someone: I g-Erin: ThAt’S nOt ChRiStIaNEdit: holy *Jezus* (😉) that’s a lot of likes

  • Mason Mallory

     13 hours ago

    Bro why you said JEZUSThat’s not Christian...

  • かば

     17 hours ago

    good job ruining a comment :D

  • Aesthetic geeks

     18 days ago

    Anyone else here because they got annoyed with Erin from the other episode? 😂

  • Gabrielle Stodolka

     16 hours ago

    Aesthetic geeks moi

  • Grace Vonderheide

     2 days ago

    Omg that girl thought she ran that show because she was vegan the longest

  • расстрелять его

     3 days ago

    brandon looks like Chris Pratt before the transformation for the guardians of the galaxy xD

  • расстрелять его


    tony also kinda looks like Chris Pine lmao

  • Ricardo Rodriguez


    I was thinking that the whole time

  • jneydog2

     3 days ago

    Should've just asked Andrew to sing, see what would've happened xD

  • 500 subs without any videos callenge

     2 days ago

    Anybody: Hello my name i-Erin: tHaTs NoT cHrIsTiAn

  • Appealing Beauty

     8 days ago

    I knew Andrew was an atheist, as soon as he started saying Higher Power. That's an atheists favorite word based off experience. lol

  • luv2cheer65

     9 hours ago

    Same. I was waiting for the guys to raise their hands. I had my hand up for them it was so painfully obvious with Andrew's answers!

  • Kaylee Miller

     9 hours ago