Top 10 Zombie Comedy Movies

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 30, 2018
  • Top 10 Zombie Comedy Movies
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    These zom-coms will have you laughing all the way to the grave. From Fido, to Warm Bodies, to Braindead, these movies busted as many guts as they spilled. WatchMojo ranks the top zombie comedy movies.

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    List rank and entries:
    #10. “Cooties” (2014)
    #9. “Boy Eats Girl” (2005)
    #8. “Cockneys vs Zombies” (2012)
    #7. “Juan of the Dead” [aka “Juan de los Muertos”] (2011)
    #6. “Fido” (2006)
    #5. “The Return of the Living Dead” (1985)
    #4. “Warm Bodies” (2013)
    #3, #2, #1???

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  • CatQueen 888888

    CatQueen 888888

     4 days ago

    I seen the movie COOTIES

  • Marjorly Khen

    Marjorly Khen

     4 days ago

    Shaun of the Dead and Zombie Land

  • Daniel Yoon

    Daniel Yoon

     14 days ago

    I thought i saw a movie trailer with a woman zombie with big boobs running.
    anyone know what that is?

  • ivywar 2020

    ivywar 2020

     14 days ago

    How is night of the living dead a comedy movie

  • David Slaven Grgić

    David Slaven Grgić

     21 days ago


  • Aaron Anglea

    Aaron Anglea

     21 days ago

    Return of the Living Dead is the BEST zombie movie EVER!

  • Cannibal Letcher

    Cannibal Letcher

     28 days ago

    Blood thirsty zombies

  • chimp nova

    chimp nova

     1 months ago


  • Fokonoyt Art

    Fokonoyt Art

     1 months ago

    you forget the revenant . OMFG

  • Larry Dela Torre

    Larry Dela Torre

     1 months ago

    Warm body is my fave

  • Bangtan ARMY forever

    Bangtan ARMY forever

     1 months ago

    Fido??? That's my dog..

  • Jiggy Jiri

    Jiggy Jiri

     1 months ago

    All we need are just a couple of potions of weakness and a couple of golden apples

  • Rizwan Rits

    Rizwan Rits

     1 months ago

    Just watched after warm bodies

  • Christian Jones

    Christian Jones

     1 months ago

    Glad they making zombieland double tap

  • Sauce Saw

    Sauce Saw

     1 months ago +1

    Nut up or shut up

  • Mark Francis

    Mark Francis

     1 months ago

    Return of the living dead scared the fucking life outta Me when I was 14 lol

  • Miss Remix

    Miss Remix

     1 months ago

    Lmao gaun of the dead is my favorite then zombie land then cooties

  • יניב מילר

    יניב מילר

     1 months ago

    Who is here after watching zombieland 2 trailer

  • Almost Lawli

    Almost Lawli

     1 months ago

    Man, part of the reason Zombieland is so good is because it maintains being a comedy while not shying away from being serious. It's really fucking funny, but it doesn't undercut Tallahassee's dead son with a joke. And it allows its characters to actually care about one another. The characters have arcs that make sense and feel fulfilling.

    Like not only is Zombieland funny, but the writing is just. Good writing.

  • DJBill85


     1 months ago

    how is return of the living dead a comedy? part 2 is more of a comedy.