Top 10 Zombie Comedy Movies

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 30, 2018
  • Top 10 Zombie Comedy Movies
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    These zom-coms will have you laughing all the way to the grave. From Fido, to Warm Bodies, to Braindead, these movies busted as many guts as they spilled. WatchMojo ranks the top zombie comedy movies.

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    List rank and entries:
    #10. “Cooties” (2014)
    #9. “Boy Eats Girl” (2005)
    #8. “Cockneys vs Zombies” (2012)
    #7. “Juan of the Dead” [aka “Juan de los Muertos”] (2011)
    #6. “Fido” (2006)
    #5. “The Return of the Living Dead” (1985)
    #4. “Warm Bodies” (2013)
    #3, #2, #1???

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  • ferox965


     6 hours ago

    Forgot Dead and Breakfast.

  • andreaskul1



    Dead snow?

  • Nathan Posadas

    Nathan Posadas


    "I kick ass for the Lord" HAHAHA

  • Altair 01

    Altair 01

     3 days ago

    How about Scout's guide to zombie apocalypse

  • cole fitz

    cole fitz

     3 days ago

    Take a shot every time they say social commentary

  • Jared Spencer

    Jared Spencer

     4 days ago

    Zombieland is infinitely better than Shaun of the Dead.. Just sayin, Zombieland is one of the best comedies, Shaun of the Dead couldn’t keep me interested for 10 minutes.

  • G M

    G M

     5 days ago

    Do watch Go Goa Gone it's funnier than Shaun of the dead



     5 days ago

    Where is scout guide to zombie Apocalypse

  • Junbert Perez

    Junbert Perez

     5 days ago

    Hey where is the scouts

  • Theycallmenitro


     6 days ago

    I knew as soon as they said they weren't going to include serious zombie films with odd moments of comedy. That they were going to break their own rules by including Return Of The Living Dead... Which is pretty much defined as a serious zombie movie with odd moments of comedy. Then they go and put Warm Bodies in there and that movie was nowhere near "a good time at the movies". It was a sick joke to the genre.

  • happyhappy do1t

    happyhappy do1t

     6 days ago

    I love both zombieland and shaun of the dead but if i had to choose the no1 spot i would have to say zombieland

  • Jimmy DcRiKet

    Jimmy DcRiKet

     6 days ago

    Im surprised to not see the walking deceased or dead by dawn on this list maybe a second list can be plausible

  • SPIDERMAN 1234

    SPIDERMAN 1234

     6 days ago

    8th has the guy from stranger things

  • Will Reed

    Will Reed

     6 days ago

    Where is Range 15?

  • vasanth velan

    vasanth velan

     7 days ago

    Warm bodies is good movie not a comedy movie....I liked it

  • Joel Virki

    Joel Virki

     8 days ago

    Of course shaun of the dead has to be there

  • Uzair Butt

    Uzair Butt

     8 days ago

    Man I loved Shawn Of The Dead

  • R.P.G


     8 days ago +1

    where is world war Z ???

  • Irondcsuper


     8 days ago +3

    Zombieland should've been first

  • ghostrider 353

    ghostrider 353

     9 days ago

    I agree