What Is The Best Wrestling Whodunit Mystery?

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 4, 2019
  • Adam Wilbourn and the Dadley Boyz discuss the best wrestling whodunits; from WCW's third man to who ran over Stone Cold Steve Austin...

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/uWSTdoNfUAM


  • Anthony Ferguson

    Anthony Ferguson

     1 months ago

    I agree. Hogan heel turn was the greatest ever. He was an arsehole anyway, and at last we could boo him for real. The heel persona also suited his short cutting and lack of wrestling abilities. Plus he was a huge star and brilliant in the role.

  • valderamma69


     1 months ago

    Who was driving the white hummer

  • Joshua Grosvenor

    Joshua Grosvenor

     1 months ago

    I actually disagree that they have to wrap this up with Roman by Summerslam, they can build on this for awhile if they want to if things keep happening.

  • Mike Miller

    Mike Miller

     1 months ago

    Who ran over teddy long



     1 months ago

    I think Sheamus pushed the backstage equipment on Roman. If you look closely a white person with a beard in a black hoody just walks right pass the scene...

  • Jovan SS

    Jovan SS

     1 months ago +1

    I thought the Roman Reigns segment was great.. could really elevate Roman and whoever he fights at Summerslam

  • 360NoseScope


     1 months ago

    Michael has a PAOK jersey. nice 👍

  • solisto


     1 months ago

    Is there anyone who works at Whatculture that isn’t named Adam or Michael? I’m starting to think that Simon is just a robot built to serve the Adams and Michaels.

  • kieran morton

    kieran morton

     1 months ago

    Not a who dunnit but wwe greatest mystery was who is Mr America???

  • Craig Lovelace

    Craig Lovelace

     1 months ago

    I thought the mystery of who the fourth man was blew away the third man mystery. If the nWo could get to Hogan, the eternal good guy, NOBODY was above suspicion.

  • Wilkenson Germain

    Wilkenson Germain

     1 months ago

    I liked “who stabbed John Cena in the kidneys at a nightclub” I was convinced it was JBL. Turned out to be Jesus the muscle of Carlito.

  • MrJiujitsujosh


     1 months ago

    Soy overload

  • neilnightblade


     1 months ago

    What really happened that one night in Milwaukee?

  • Drew Turner

    Drew Turner

     1 months ago

    Who sent the text to layout CM Punk?

  • S. Wright

    S. Wright

     1 months ago

    Undertaker's wife stalker,because it actually played out with a shocking conclusion.

  • boils


     1 months ago

    They laugh at Hornswaggle but they'd take the chance, money and fame in a heartbeat

  • Forelight


     1 months ago +1

    Joe and the Ninjas.... a mystery for all time

  • Lord beerus

    Lord beerus

     1 months ago +5

    Did these guys forget about Kane assualting everyone to find out who attacked the undertaker in 2010

  • Mike Moore

    Mike Moore

     1 months ago

    Who raised the briefcase???????!!!!!!!!

  • 916mw


     1 months ago +1

    The best mystery is “who keeps watching your awful whatculture videos?”