This Dog Met Her Mom Again After Months Apart, And Their Reunion Will Tug At Your Heartstrings

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 27, 2018
  • Perhaps with some trepidation, a pair of dog owners led their respective pets towards an unwitting family reunion. Apparently, it had been three months since Harper the puppy had found her forever home, and the young animal had not clapped eyes on her mother since. But how would the retrievers react? In fact, would they even remember each other at all?

    Ever since dogs were first domesticated, humans and canines have happily spent their lives together. And this has proven to be a mutually beneficial arrangement, since both species get love and affection from each other. Indeed, our four-legged companions are not given the honor of being called man’s best friend for nothing. But dogs and humans also share a specific behavioral trait: like us, dogs are usually social animals that crave companionship.

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  • Timothy Spencer

    Timothy Spencer

     4 months ago


  • Zachary Pollock

    Zachary Pollock

     6 months ago

    Glad they are back together so cute both dogs

  • Amy Kennedy

    Amy Kennedy

     6 months ago

    Let humans be humans ,
    Let mammals be mammals,and let animals be animals,
    High in the sky,in the groung, vermitt,,inscets, water, let it be,be.

  • Dennis Keithley

    Dennis Keithley

     6 months ago

    Dude, shut the hell up! If there is video show that! No one wants to here your yappin mouth! Damn!

  • Sean K Kelly

    Sean K Kelly

     6 months ago

    You said "more subtler ways" There is no such word as subtler!

  • TheBarkinFrog


     6 months ago

    Blatant anthropomorphism.

  • Jeremy Felix D.

    Jeremy Felix D.

     6 months ago

    I came for a cute video... uhh, where dat?

  • lurking0death


     6 months ago +1

    I could listen to your feckless meanderings forever! You beat the obvious to death and take a very long time to say very little. Shyt and get off the pot.

  • amy benje

    amy benje

     6 months ago

    a live video would have done the trick for us humans

  • John Walker Lee

    John Walker Lee

     6 months ago

    zzzzzzz skipped so slow story telling

  • Daphney Tennard

    Daphney Tennard

     6 months ago

    KUDOS!...😚👌👍👏thank you

  • hello hun

    hello hun

     6 months ago

    You think you could of actually done a video.

  • evanherk


     6 months ago +1

    Mostly hot air blowing up a very meagre content.

  • pyrotechnic5254


     6 months ago

    Waste of time.

  • Cavsome


     6 months ago


  • Tom C

    Tom C

     6 months ago +13

    Blah, Blah Blah...... Get to the story or video already!!
    This is all talk and no story at 3 minutes already.

  • kikki2012


     6 months ago

    Now, how about at least linking to the video we are led to believe we are going to see?

  • Nancy Kelly

    Nancy Kelly

     6 months ago

    I believe animals actually experience stronger emotions than humans and seeing the mother dog may throw the pup into a bit of a depressed state. I've seen that first hand when my ex and I split up separating our two dogs for several months. One day he just showed up wanting to visit the dogs and when they left, my dog was incredibly sad and lethargic. I believe it was the act of leaving again that hurt him so badly. It was very sad so on this subject I'm not sure if it's a good idea. 😥

  • Khaaloo


     6 months ago

    This video is merely a commentary on an original video.
    So, where is the link to the original video?

  • Kaththee1


     6 months ago

    This is sentimental hogwash. At 6 months she does not know the other dog as her son, and the "bond doesn't grow ever stronger over time" as the narrator claimed. We are seeing two normal healthy well socialized dogs greeting and nothing more. At 6 months if she were in heat she would mate with her son. Why do people feel like they have to anthropomorphize animals to validate their existence? It is ironic that most of the humans commenting make the case that humans suck and yet animals are great because they are like humans.