R Kelly: The Raw & Uncut Interview - 1998

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 5, 2013
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/ucH7-PT4f-E


  • mslady


     4 months ago +59

    Who watchin this from 2019

  • Sis Cutliff

    Sis Cutliff

     7 months ago +527

    It is so sad that his sister planted a seed that rooted into a broken man who ended up not growing mentally, and emotionally. I pray that he get the help that he need and know that he must CONFESS, REPENT, and be SET FREE.

  • Trilly ThaGr8

    Trilly ThaGr8

     7 months ago +233

    He is a prodigy. A genius. A gifted man, but a cursed man. I want to figure him out

  • Teena Davis

    Teena Davis

     a years ago +518

    I see why celebrities wear sunglasses. His eyes hold a lot of pain.

  • Jessie Who?!

    Jessie Who?!

     7 months ago +261

    Whose here after watching “SURVIVING R KELLY”🙋‍♀️

  • Plum kin

    Plum kin

     7 months ago +287

    His eye are so SAD !!!

  • Tony Kaya

    Tony Kaya

     5 months ago +37

    Only Jesus can set him free

  • 1990h woop

    1990h woop

     7 months ago +121

    When he said "my sister sang" and did a big sigh ..

  • SS S

    SS S

     7 months ago +50

    He wrote you are not alone for Michael Jackson?!!! Amazing singer and song writer

  • Chishimba Simutowe

    Chishimba Simutowe

     7 months ago +129

    Who is the interviewer? By far one of the best interviewers I've ever heard.

  • kiana gomillion

    kiana gomillion

     a years ago +143

    After Rob, there will none!!!! You can’t have R&B without the “R”

  • Nancy Rodriguez

    Nancy Rodriguez

     7 months ago +36

    His gift is also his curse.

  • Paulettt Jones

    Paulettt Jones

     7 months ago +46

    Just pray for him, God loves him. Just want him to turn away from his sins, repent become more for Christ.

  • LPenzel


     4 months ago +21

    The eyes are the windows to the soul. Phenomenal singer, composer, producer and performer. Truly gifted indeed.

  • Justin Marquez

    Justin Marquez

     7 months ago +83

    Body Language: 1:54 As he is about to mention his “sister” singing he takes a very deep breath to mention her as it took him a lot mentally to even say her...
    Now we know she was molesting him and his brother...and having sex with them 😞

  • blk coverboy

    blk coverboy

     7 months ago +37

    This was a great interview! The journalist was great

  • Mosina Nasako

    Mosina Nasako

     3 years ago +124

    R Kelly looks younger in 2015 than in 1998 hahahahahahahhahahahahahah

  • Ed


     7 months ago +45

    People do not want to see RKelly get help. They want to see him loose his money and fame and be just as broke as they are.

  • FaDom Mac

    FaDom Mac

     6 months ago +23

    Kelly was normal kid until his sister destroyed his mind / his morals / by introducing him to evil dark wrong sexual things a child at his age had no business experiencing; what a tragedy. Unfortunately he began to engage in "wrong things sexually himself imposing these things on others who were also too young to engage" which led him deeper into darkness. Coupled with his rise in the music world, he began to experience Control, how it worked and how he could misuse his control in a wicket way. Then his ego inflated to the point of there being no boundaries. Kelly got lost as he continued to revisit thing that happened to him by way of exploiting other young people. Kelly just needed help which he will never get IF he doesn't ADMIT he has a problem. This was actually a very good interview; today he can't give / do an interview like this because here he has less demons to hide. The past 25 years or so his list of demonic sexual acts / his off the hook control tactics are endless. He can't look the interviewer in the eye because he's riddled with guilty pleasures, sicks secrets. Get some help man; but keeping it honest ... I don't like sexual predators / molestors / rapist no matter WHO he / she is! The Music man vs. the sexually broken dude!

  • Just Suzie

    Just Suzie

     7 months ago +80