Are Fox News’s Gun Violence Solutions Better for Guns Than for People? | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 6, 2019
  • While legislators try to figure out which laws will curb future mass shootings, Fox News anchors are spending most of their time telling people that shootings have nothing to do with guns.

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  • Walker Nicholas Barr

    Walker Nicholas Barr

     15 hours ago

    Black Muslim Family teaches in their church that white people are the devil. No one states how the Irish were enslaved for hundreds of years. Black tribal leaders sold their own people for money, and beads 😂 black people are racist my ancestors were white and enslaved and never owned slaves and they’re all white!!!!! The race card is getting old your not oppressed anymore you just never finish high school anymore. How can a lazy culture who wants easy money feel entitled. 1860’s were a long time ago America has came far in civil rights. Africa is a shithole and they just blame Europe but continue to poach and rape and murder eachother grow up.

  • Darrell Dean

    Darrell Dean


    Not about hunting moron. You have the right to bare arms to defend yourself, your family and your property. Taking everyone’s guns away will stop the mass shootings, but it will also leave you defenseless if your government ever decides they want more power than what they have. Identifying people with mental illnesses that cause them to become violent and keeping them in mental institutions and away from guns, is the solution.

  • Ann _ Nicola

    Ann _ Nicola

     3 days ago

    I grew up with a father, and i aint shooting up no school 🤷‍♀️

  • BrotherG 2Litty

    BrotherG 2Litty

     4 days ago

    I say we should take bullets away and give them BB Guns

  • Non Ya

    Non Ya

     5 days ago

    Wonder why Trevor doesn't mention that illegals kill more than all the "Assault weapons" combined per year...maybe we should ban illegals.....WAIT... aren't they already?? Guess Democrat/Socialist care more about potential voters than human life.

  • Dattebayo04


     7 days ago

    Hey people! We have the right to bear Arms to defend yourself ourselves against the U.S Goverment if it became tyrannical. The Founders of America just finished the revolution that defeated the power hold of the Great Britain over the States. Now in current day America, the Federal Government has too much power and more and more of our rights are being taken away. Democrats of all people, who'd have no problem forcing Socialism policies down our throat. The Last thing you want is the Goverment to have too much power. Take a page out of Hitler's Germany or Stain's USSR.

  • Evgeniya Roscoe

    Evgeniya Roscoe

     7 days ago

    Bravo Trevor! Bravo!

  • Dwarven Knight

    Dwarven Knight

     7 days ago

    Look, the fact is, God isn't the biggest influence in our personality or beliefs. Its our surroundings. From our family to our homes to our nation's of birth and to our culture. Its true your religion may dictate some of your beliefs but who took you to church? People. Who raised you? People. Who built the environment and culture you live in? People.

  • Anthony E Huggins Jr

    Anthony E Huggins Jr

     7 days ago

    Have a look at the claim being made (for many years now) by some of these evil people in the news about the lawlessness in leftwing places (particularly Illinois) as opposed to rightwing places that they love to quote as being much better than the other (Texas). This is another great example of how they twist your reality (and paradigm) in deceiving ways that fits the evil agenda they have. Forget all of the numbers you hear them talk about because it is cherry picking to fit their BS. This is the true numbers and only ones that matter. Illinois total homicides for the entire state in 2017 is 1120 and total suicide are 1474 for a grand total of 2594. While in Texas for the same time period we see the sum of 5431 more than twice than that of Illinois. At first glance you may ask yourself why I chose not to break down the Texas number in the same way I did for the Illinois numbers and the answer is very simple. It’s because I do not see the value in it. Let me explain. Yes, Texas did have more homicides and more suicide than that of Illinois. Yes, it is true that Chicago has more gun violence than houston TX but how does that say anything about the truth when we can look at the real number that absolutely show us that what they’re doing is twisting the truth to fit a lie. If, in one city or state the values of the citizens are so that they choose to take their own lives because of external stresses as opposed to committing gun violence because of them same external stresses, how is it helpful to say that the total numbers for two cities say anything about what they are trying to say it does? The real fact is that it doesn’t fit. It absolutely is further proof of the evil agendas coming from all sides.

  • Foyorama OU812

    Foyorama OU812

     7 days ago

    it just so happens that the first thing they say about a killer or serial killer is....... he was so nice he even went to church...maybe god is the problem

  • Farty McGee

    Farty McGee

     7 days ago +1

    Shill Hannity almost said that we need to secure our borders instead of schools. Dude is so locked into his propaganda talking points that he almost flubbed that one even worse than he did when delivering the response dictated to him by his writes and producers. Fun fact: these assholes on fox MSNBC and CNN are news ACTORS- not anchors or journalists.

  • Farty McGee

    Farty McGee

     7 days ago

    As disgusting and disfigured as Sarah Huckabee’s face and soul are, today, she was only the second most disgusting and repulsive Huckabee in National TV!

  • Robert chapman

    Robert chapman

     7 days ago

    I'm a gun supporter an I don't want a troll fest or any of that shit but if we ban guns to stop killers should ban strip clubs, porn, and dating apps? These are the number one things besides alcohol that cause men to leave families. The sad fact of life , is cheaters will always cheat, killers will always kill, drug addicts will use. The man literally said that there is no way to stop a father from leaving, but we can ban a 30 round mag and that stops killers? Ppl are ppl. how we are born we can't help. A gun is a tool just like a hammer that with the wrong mind behind it can be devistating .Please just try to look at it from the other side as I do by watching this man

  • Thomas Griffiths

    Thomas Griffiths

     14 days ago

    It's so funny how people that scream about tyranny want to live in a police state



     14 days ago

    It's not a gun problem it's a people problem. Take the guns away and people will use something else. A guy in china just killed a bunch of kids with a knife. Brits are have a huge problem with people being attacked by knife. Take the knives away and people will use something else. Stop blaming the Tools for what people do.

  • Sparks.Calcium


     14 days ago

    the niggas that think there should be armed guards around the world need to watch all the avengers movies.

  • Sparks.Calcium


     14 days ago

    so basically you cant be athiest or youll shoot some body bro what

  • Marcus Chello

    Marcus Chello

     14 days ago

    The killing is sickening. People say “do something” but don’t recognize the fact that the issue is caused largely from the liberal stranglehold on education. If you tell a person there is no God and you take away all transcendent text from them that says people are of value to God then killing others is no worse than stepping in an ant pile. So the answer to “do something” is to put Gods message back in schools again. The positive affects of this were recognized even by the non theists of Americas founders and even they supported Bible reading in schools.

  • Smile_uwokeup _2day

    Smile_uwokeup _2day

     14 days ago

    Noah u, r so right here . Why these reps refused to call out guns that should not be in everyone hands . Mike hucklebe u r so wrong here just blames the people who should not have guns . Some people should not have them .



     14 days ago +1

    "Either People pick and choose when and how to choose God...."
    That's deep... Quite Deep...If only people could understand this game world would be a far far better place than it is now...