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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 27, 2018
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    Guess My Phobia (Cid) | Lineup | Cut

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  • Daya Choudhrie

    Daya Choudhrie

     10 hours ago

    What does the cotton lady use for period products?

  • Carson Wessel

    Carson Wessel

     12 hours ago

    I was forced to watch the 1980s it when I was two

  • Yocayta L

    Yocayta L

     12 hours ago

    That second girl afraid of vomit is me tho

  • karli


     13 hours ago

    im scared of mascots

  • Johnny Ace

    Johnny Ace

     13 hours ago

    My phobia is Atelphobia. It's the fear of not being good enough

  • Cece Wahl

    Cece Wahl

     14 hours ago

    I'm afraid of mirrors

  • Emma Hill

    Emma Hill

     14 hours ago +1

    i'm terrified of waves, not the ocean or water, just the waves. I feel so uneasy and want to cry

  • Lavinia Martinelli

    Lavinia Martinelli

     16 hours ago

    I'm scared of time. And bees and wasps

  • FNAF Adventures and more!

    FNAF Adventures and more!

     19 hours ago +1

    Cid's expressions and the way he acts is so similar to my uncle!!!

  • Garden Of Eden

    Garden Of Eden

     21 hours ago

    I've got the same thing with cotton balls, I'm nit scared of them, but they sound torturous

  • Soph Xo

    Soph Xo

     22 hours ago

    I haven't got a phobia of cotton balls, but when I rub a cotton ball together I hate the noise and my teeth feel horrible but I'm not scared of them

  • svrvq covers

    svrvq covers

     22 hours ago

    do someone has trypophobia here? Holes are disgusting af.

  • Twenty Seven

    Twenty Seven

     yesterday +1

    6:24 i am getting braces soon why would you scare me OH MY GOD

  • Twenty Seven

    Twenty Seven

     yesterday +1

    Am scared of seeing a mirror when i be alone but when some one with me i get scared but not that much

  • y'all dont need to know me

    y'all dont need to know me

     yesterday +1

    who would want to smell vomit?

  • Ana Meshvildishvili

    Ana Meshvildishvili


    8:12 I am like her 😂

  • Tommy



    I'm scared of cockroaches

  • Alyssa Gardner

    Alyssa Gardner


    My biggest phobia is hair. Especially when its wet or its on the floor. Loose hair strands. Its just terrifying.

  • Dezzrai the Cheerleader

    Dezzrai the Cheerleader


    I was super nervous they would show my phobia (trypophobia)

  • Kuii



    i have really bad emetophobia