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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 27, 2018
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  • OhHiThereAnimations

     1 months ago

    That girls literal job was to walk up to Cid, puke in a bucket, and leave.

  • Aware 76

     3 days ago

    Fr tho, I wonder how much she got paid for that shit

  • ally lpz

     6 days ago

    Fr thoo

  • Virus Vicious

     27 days ago

    If you read his hat, it says:If you are reading this, you matter.

  • Tijl sengers

     8 minutes ago

    Virus Vicious didnt read it..

  • Η βασική ζωγράφος

     2 days ago

    @Well, hellø there, felløw human! same fren,same good night I-/

  • Dakota Leavitt

     15 days ago

    *throws up**pushes it towards a person**stares for a moment**walks away*

  • Dakota Leavitt

     9 hours ago

    @faith morse yes i am! even tho i cant afford hamilton tickets...

  • faith morse

     16 hours ago

    Dakota Leavitt you a Hamilton fan?

  • Glacies.Yin

     10 days ago

    I like Cid not pushing them too far, nice and respectful

  • Rainbow Girl

     6 days ago

    Glacies.Yin and he asked if the wanted to get over it and if not he would not force them

  • ThatOneYoutubeUser 57

     5 months ago

    “Clowns aren’t walking around the world anymore.”*We're not going to talk about that one time period where clowns were scaring people with death?*

  • Kiwi Bird

     11 minutes ago

    @Ultra_Instinct Uzumaki Dark times...

  • Ultra_Instinct Uzumaki

     23 hours ago

    We shall speak of the dark ages *2016 and 2017*

  • lost.

     24 days ago

    Person: What do you have in front of you?Cid: iTs A LAdDEr

  • lost.

     15 days ago

    @Sony Bith no, Cid's high

  • Sony Bith

     15 days ago

    U high bro

  • Ashtrid Skully Płåÿš

     a months ago

    “See if anyone starts movin’ and grovin’.”“Uh,hi..”Me :*Sees spider* “Uh,bye.”*He comes closer*Me: “You best back up bro..”

  • Ashtrid Skully Płåÿš

     23 days ago

    @Big B0i Sp0nge Bro, It's a joke it doesn't matter! Plus I was making it as if I was saying it to HIM

  • Ashtrid Skully Płåÿš

     23 days ago

    No I didn't...

  • Esca

     9 days ago

    "You best back up bro."that shit got me 😂😂

  • notSo _aesthetic

     18 days ago

    ...BroLaugh-BRO*OOOHHHHH*Laughs*I think we found my phobia! ;-;

  • Sakura Julia

     7 months ago

    You should do Teachers guess people handwriting

  • Amelia Marie

     4 days ago


  • Red Montalbo8

     11 days ago

    their students