Trevor Noah Compares South Africa's Leaders To America's

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 15, 2017
  • How many similarities could possibly exist between South Africa's President and Donald Trump? Well, according to 'Born a Crime' author and 'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah...

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  • charles stuart

    charles stuart

     3 days ago

    Saw his stand up - I loved that he talked about our town Medford, where he performed, and not our bigger neighbor Boston like a lot of performers.

  • Ranjani Ramesh

    Ranjani Ramesh

     7 days ago +1

    Trevor’s dimples tho💕. Love that dude 😂💕🙏🏼

  • T Dawg

    T Dawg

     14 days ago

    What he wanted to say was Orange is the new black

  • sinethemba chamane

    sinethemba chamane

     14 days ago

    You represent us well 🇿🇦🙏🙏 yes our accent is legit

  • Naveen Aluri

    Naveen Aluri

     21 days ago

    The first 2 minutes are true wisdom.

  • 46664 NM

    46664 NM

     21 days ago +1


  • sharon avina

    sharon avina

     21 days ago

    This interview was much better than the jimmy fallon one

  • Tracy Adams

    Tracy Adams

     a months ago +1

    Trevor Noah is a National Treasure. We must protect him at all cost

  • Antonio Bromelini

    Antonio Bromelini

     a months ago

    How did the Russians sneak their Donald Trump in to the US and all those little Russian people inside him operating him. You can tell he's not a real boy if you look close and listen carefully they hadn't quite perfected it yet

  • nick jack

    nick jack

     a months ago +1

    The joker we don’t deserve

  • mw izzie

    mw izzie

     a months ago +2

    Trevor is so bright it makes me wonder where he is going.

  • Avuzwa Khumalo

    Avuzwa Khumalo

     a months ago

    I love him❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  • Syreetha Kosoredjo

    Syreetha Kosoredjo

     a months ago

    ''cries'' where were you when we needed you in the movie gods of Egypt? #TrevorNoah cries plss come live in my country? Plss look up je moeder is een elf cries what if i would constantly #QueenBe crying??? TREV YOUR FUNNY, BUT NOT FUNNY LOOKING winks RaRa #ThaRaBergen AMAZING IDEA spiwing for A FEMALE PRESIDENTE as in fefe , since trump love di .... mad so mad that im spontaeniously Jamaican

  • EarthquakeStar


     a months ago

    Past and Future meet, these two... 🙌🏾

  • D W

    D W

     a months ago

    Go HOME, you global trash...
    Go back from whence you came..
    No matter what the women wish...
    You'll never be the same.

    You can't win, you know.... we're going to chew you up and spit you out. See you out there.

  • Jason Reliford

    Jason Reliford

     a months ago +1

    7:11 LOLOLOLOL I laughed so hard I made my walls vibrate lol

  • Frank Gerlach

    Frank Gerlach

     a months ago +1

    If you get a job you love, you will never work a day in your life.

  • ANDILE Skam

    ANDILE Skam

     a months ago

    Thank you TREVOR for inviting Stephen to your show

  • Baraka Mosha

    Baraka Mosha

     a months ago

    Trump in Africa? Imagine white immigrants. And you know Africa is a country for him, so we will end up spend billions of gold for that wall around Africa 😂

  • Vanidia Ogega

    Vanidia Ogega

     2 months ago

    Trevor ;'imagine doing the thing you love till you get tired ...i know that sounds wrong.'
    Stephen; 'Well it sounds right to me..'
    ME; grinning like a cat that's got the canary 'Trevor you sly dog you...'