Chris Christie Knows Why Trump Wears Long Ties

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 17, 2019
  • Chris Christie's new book reveals highly classified secrets about the 2016 campaign. For instance, why does Donald Trump wear long ties?

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  • William Carter

    William Carter

     3 months ago +1

    Allergic to scallops and hates lamb? This is shocking stuff about Christie.
    There is actual food that Christie won't eat.

  • Namaste !

    Namaste !

     7 months ago +1

    Kusher...who single handling got criminal justice reform. Thank you for your work.

  • Cc117 cc117

    Cc117 cc117

     7 months ago

    This sloppy hump is little baby scab Trump used him for 90 days then dumbed him now he has to trash him what a phony

  • vanessa raices

    vanessa raices

     7 months ago

    The late show is a tripp😂😂😂😂

  • lhia0416


     7 months ago

    "Let me Finish"? Really?

  • William H. Baird

    William H. Baird

     7 months ago

    Perhaps trump will Hang himself by accident with that ugly red tie!

  • Nelson Club

    Nelson Club

     7 months ago

    State Of The Bunion? Surgical removal.

  • Julie W.

    Julie W.

     7 months ago

    I wouldn't let Trump or anyone order for me. I don't care who it is (not in North America where I wouldn't be killed for it - if I was in Russia and it was Putin, then I'd probably at most mention that I'm allergic to shellfish).

  • Richard White

    Richard White

     7 months ago

    I'm surprised that everyone hasn't realized that tRump wears the long tie to detract from his fat stomach.

  • RobJohn


     7 months ago

    Has to be one of top 10 illest smackdowns on the show.
    You went in Stephen. And he deserves more.
    Not a fan- since I was off that weekend he shut down the shore and the beach was closed .. and we all know who was beachin' it up. Let alone the bridge fiasco. So you get 'em Colbert lol. This I gotta see

  • Chatty Cathy

    Chatty Cathy

     7 months ago +1

    I just LUV Stephen!!!

  • Mr. Duane

    Mr. Duane

     7 months ago

    Stephen Colbert should totally go back on Whose Line is it Anyway. Yup. I saw that episode.

  • Julia Kennedy

    Julia Kennedy

     7 months ago

    SO he'll look good in prison stripes

  • justsaying


     7 months ago

    Worst & most incompetent (bunch of Liars) white house in the history of this country...deplorable s & as Rex Tillerson said, MORONS!!!

  • Jae Lynn

    Jae Lynn

     7 months ago

    Someone take Trump skiing with those ties, hopefully it will get tangled in the lift and we can just leave him up on a mountain.

  • Jae Lynn

    Jae Lynn

     7 months ago

    Christie shouldn't even be allowed on shows. I don't care if he wrote a book, EVERYONE is writing books! He shut down beaches for the public, while going to them with his family. He did Bridgegate. I'm sure there's a lot more that we don't know.

  • Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson

     7 months ago

    Besides Hamberders there were fellatio fish ,etc !

  • laberlaban


     7 months ago +1

    I always thought the long tie was to hide that Dumbtrump's tiny thingie is always hard because he's so much in love with himself.

  • Akashavayu


     7 months ago

    stephen they have excellent products for hair balls...just ask my cat?

  • Mark Dowse

    Mark Dowse

     7 months ago

    "A cruel travelling salesman...." GENIUS overlay with HOPELESS looking CC....