Dumb Scammer Nearly Scams *NEW* ORE!! (Scammer Gets Scammed) Fortnite Save The World

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 24, 2018
  • Dumb Scammer Nearly Scams *NEW* ORE!! (Scammer Gets Scammed) Fortnite Save The World

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/umNIxWOVVKE


  • MaxButterBeer


     3 months ago +827

    “Let’s get 5k likes” Puts a photo of screen saying 2k
    Good video g

  • Ismaeel Gaming

    Ismaeel Gaming


    The same thing happens every time so predictable

  • Tgamerty 101

    Tgamerty 101

     6 days ago

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  • Matthew Brandon

    Matthew Brandon

     6 days ago

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    Dora Argudo

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    Corinna Refsgaard

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    Nathaniel Drouin

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    Myhlo Ramirez

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    Sylvester Nijboer

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    KaRahn King

     9 days ago

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  • Thane Johnson

    Thane Johnson

     10 days ago

    Can you play with me

  • Thane Johnson

    Thane Johnson

     10 days ago

    I've been subbed since day 1

  • Teddy Bear

    Teddy Bear

     10 days ago

    Plz help this guy scammed me he took all my guns and everything his name is LexigoN03 plz help I beg u plzzz

  • YllStar Fanss

    YllStar Fanss

     10 days ago

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  • Alexa Thompson

    Alexa Thompson

     11 days ago

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     11 days ago

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     11 days ago

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  • Alec Barr

    Alec Barr

     12 days ago

    He is so dumb

  • Harvey Duckworth

    Harvey Duckworth

     12 days ago


  • Gabe Bocek

    Gabe Bocek

     12 days ago