Ford Mustang Fox Body 5.0 Has No Mercy!

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 10, 2019
  • Jon Waterfield is everything we ever wanted to get out of the Burnyard. He showed up to the first ever event, and shredded. Then showed up to the next one with some mods, and shredded harder. Showed up to the third one with a new handbrake installed, absolutely killed it - AND managed to film a Burnout Kings entry in the middle of it all. Props to Jon for taking the April 2019 Burnout Kings win. Everyone else, take notes!

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  • Hoonigan Daily Transmission

    Hoonigan Daily Transmission

     4 months ago +98

    What’s one thing you’ve learned from watching our April 2019 Burnout King?! Best Answer Wins a High 5 at our next Burnyard Bash on July 6th!

  • Blake Crowder

    Blake Crowder

     5 days ago

    Best American burn out I have seen but still not an Australian burn out

  • Danny Mahon

    Danny Mahon

     14 days ago

    Keep the 5.0 bro. Shit is mean.

  • Corey Barton

    Corey Barton

     21 days ago

    The volume can’t go any higher on here wtf let that baby sing! Lol 😆

  • Corey Barton

    Corey Barton

     a months ago

    Is it safe to say this is beautiful lol

  • Pontiac Fanboy

    Pontiac Fanboy

     a months ago

    Now I know who made the clouds

  • and stuff

    and stuff

     a months ago

    Don't need a fuckin LS. Guess you boys don't even know what a well done Ford budget engine sounds like any more. The Windsor engines were making big numbers and times LONG BEFORE any Chevy shit head said "Guess my Camaro isn't fast enough, better use the Fox chassis!"

    Hint hint; btw, if you know what you're doing, a Windsor engine will get you to the sub 10s on a factory block for more than one season. And all the big burnouts and thrashing your heart desires.

  • lyle Spriggs

    lyle Spriggs

     a months ago

    All Hale The Drift Burnout King!!!!!!
    That Fox can Roar & Rock
    Very Good control and You can made it Sound even more fantastic by
    By throttling up and down the gas pedal
    This is one of the Best
    Show and Go vids I've seen!!!!!!!
    5 people didn't like this vid
    Probably importheads who love
    front wheel drive fart cans!!!!
    Pulling the E brake is the only way they can do a burnout!!!!

  • bryce robbins

    bryce robbins

     a months ago

    I love this video so much sexual noises from that stang

  • Caddy King

    Caddy King

     a months ago

    Squidy attack at 11:12.

    Spider!........kill it

  • Street Legal

    Street Legal

     a months ago


  • Chad Steart

    Chad Steart

     a months ago

    Dont put a fucking LS in it!!

  • Jesus Vazquez

    Jesus Vazquez

     a months ago

    Meanest sounding mustang ever. it sounds like a small monster truck

  • C Tilley

    C Tilley

     a months ago

    Who disliked this?🙄

  • Patrick McManus

    Patrick McManus

     a months ago

    Love that barrel kiss

  • Brock Robert Mclean

    Brock Robert Mclean

     a months ago

    Also, you guys need to bring Kranky and Lynchy out to the yard to throw down 😏

  • Brock Robert Mclean

    Brock Robert Mclean

     a months ago

    Bro, this (5:38-7:50)is any Aussie P Plater in his VN 5.0 V8 😂😂 trust me i know

  • DavGo


     a months ago

    You don’t need high HP to rip it just a lot of CHOP ! 😂😂

  • DavGo


     a months ago

    That’s how you parent !! Rip it, NASTY !!

  • Hidden Milner

    Hidden Milner

     2 months ago

    Actually just needs to stay a built 5.0, sounds mean as hell