Drake - Hotline Bling

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 26, 2015
  • Hotline Bling (Official Video)
    Available for download here! http://republicrec.co/DrakeHotlineBling

    Share/Stream “Hotline Bling” on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/6nmz4imkDcmtwMjocAzFSx

    Directed by Director X
    Produced by Evan Landry
    Edited by Laura McMillan
    Production Company: Creative Soul

    Music video by Drake performing Hotline Bling. © 2015 Cash Money Records Inc.

  • Source: https://youtu.be/uxpDa-c-4Mc


  • BrOwSeN

     (Nov 10, 2015)

    Drake is the type that wakes up his whole family to tell them he is going to sleep.

  • Spongebob Squarepants

     (19 hours ago)


  • Luz Sarmiento

     (2 days ago)

    Drake your have music in speak panish please=)

  • fortnite player 6879

     (4 days ago)

    I dance like that when my dad buy some more noodles

  • LimeZ TV

     (2 hours ago)

    fortnite player 6879 haha

  • Joyce Mukamwiza

     (4 hours ago)

    But visitor is ok

  • Neceet Trash

     (4 days ago)

    2015-Wtf2017-memeMy 2019- This Cool

  • Yousef Joo

     (9 hours ago)

    alot of meeeeeemes😂😂

  • Cat on LSD

     (10 hours ago)

    I’ve forgotten how actually old this song is

  • AlexCOD

     (Mar 14, 2019)

    Damn, already 2019. Remember all the memes like yesterday when this song was new.

  • Ryan Cooper

     (1 day ago)


  • Niko Bogatko

     (4 days ago)

    Ryan Coffman same dude, I miss late 2015 and early to mid 2016

  • Empire EMP

     (4 days ago)

    Used To Call Me On My Flip Phone

  • DJ KHALED another one

     (21 hours ago)

    You used to call me on my flip phone,Late nights I got the worlds best phone,And I know when I drop that thing,It don't even feel a thing,I know when I drop that thing,My toes gonna feel everything...

  • Fire Kevin

     (1 day ago)


  • Bradley S

     (Oct 29, 2015)

    He dances like your drunk uncle at a wedding.

  • Elef04 Fra Ciao al Mondo

     (1 day ago)

    😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Megs

     (1 day ago)

    He is trying to make it look sexy so more people watch it.

  • Sage Cellini

     (20 hours ago)

    Producer: How many boxes do you want to dance in?Drake: Yes.

  • Shadow The hedgehog

     (4 days ago)

    4:04 It reminds me of me when play tennis :v

  • Alberto Garcia Morales

     (15 hours ago)

    I ?

  • Trono Roy

     (17 hours ago)

    No entendi pero bueno

  • J H

     (Mar 13, 2019)

    so.. he is dancing in the water purifier?

  • Arman Sehic

     (13 hours ago)

    He's not


     (17 hours ago)

    +Giovanni Togo Billboard singer

  • Lemm 3smosh36 2nd

     (1 day ago)

    4:04 when there is a cockroach in your leg