Cash and Maverick - Good Thing (Official Music Video)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 10, 2019
  • Cash and Maverick - Good Thing (Official Music Video)Spotify - Music - DATES:Dallas Texas August 17th at the Granada Theater Buy Tickets here - Media:Cash and Maverick Instagram - Baker Instagram - Baker Instagram -
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  • x.x. nadine .x.x

     10 days ago

    Mav or Cash?❤Cash= likeMav= com

  • Maria Hamouch

     14 minutes ago


  • New Person

     6 days ago

    Who you love more?Cash: Like 👍Mav.:comment💬

  • Runy Hills

     4 hours ago


  • Maja & Paulinchen

     4 hours ago


  • Lulubox Lulu

     8 days ago

    If you like every beat of this song make this blue👍

  • Lulubox Lulu


    This is the best song ever

  • lea wild craft

     2 days ago

    I did

  • Jaicee W

     5 days ago

    Who is cuter man or cash?Like=cashCom=mav

  • Maria Hamouch

     13 minutes ago


  • een aardbewooner

     6 days ago

    So much TikTokers in this music video xD

  • Marina Gaymard

     16 hours ago

    Caleb and peyton coffeeJosh (i tink) And others !! 😉😊😁😂

  • Marisol Rivera

     22 hours ago

    een aardbewooner cash baker maverick baker paige mackenzie peyton coffee caleb coffee brooke barry sarah graysun josh richards michaeld i know them all we were in hawaii and they are all tik tiktokers like me

  • Amira Benachour

     5 days ago

    Mav vs cash Cash : like Mav : comOn va voir qui a le plus fanne

  • Sara-chan

     2 hours ago

    Amira Benachour c’est Mav direct

  • katherine lindsay

     4 hours ago


  • Azra Herron

     8 days ago

    Cash & Mav? Hot.Thumbnail? Amazing. Song? Too good for earth. *Hotel? Trivago.*


     6 hours ago

    Azra Herron 🤣🤣

  • Lesley Jaimes

     8 days ago

    Cash and maverick are so cute and adorable I love you 💕😘❤️

  • Sharlene

     3 days ago

    @JANEE HERNANDEZ Yeah but it's kinda shallow to say u like them when u haven't even met them

  • Canez Alexa

     6 days ago

    Wow I just notice all girls LOVE CASH even me but I think Maverick is at least trying

  • Nevaeh Voelker

     14 hours ago

    I like maverick though

  • Blessing Marfo

     16 hours ago

    Well not all girls like him like as a bf gf thing like being friend is good

  • Mariah Connolly


    Was I the only person who didn’t know they sang thought they were just tiktok famous