'You are a rude, terrible person' : Trump attacks CNN reporter

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 7, 2018
  • After being challenged on the migrant caravan by CNN's Jim Acosta, Trump took the opportunity to berate the reporter. Trump said 'I think you should let me run the country, you run CNN'. He added: 'You are a rude, terrible person.' He once again labelled CNN 'the enemy of the people'
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/v3abZ4aAGUU


  • ジュン


     an hour ago

    Nice sarcastic title

  • John  Horgian

    John Horgian

     5 hours ago +1

    How stupid is that reporter?
    Man,,i Love this president. 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • CovenantBelieves


     15 hours ago

    I am so proud to be an American and I am so proud of my President. Four more years Mr. President.

  • Aaron Chen

    Aaron Chen

     15 hours ago

    Who agree that's it's the media who turned him into the bad guy

  • Joel Smith

    Joel Smith

     22 hours ago

    Looks like the title got the names the wrong way round

  • Arbaab Asif

    Arbaab Asif

     22 hours ago +1


  • B D

    B D


    Well Said Trump, I’m not even your fan but I’m with the honest opinion.

  • Tommy Smith

    Tommy Smith


    This is why he's going to be president again in 20/20

  • Jabez Sembegere

    Jabez Sembegere


    Trump has Alzheimers

  • monstersince



    Trump 'You are a rude, terrible person' not a penny/cent has been paid to us by Trump on our lawsuit win. he has 50+ others

  • Lennard Covarrubias

    Lennard Covarrubias


    This comment was carved in the rail of the Mayflower......

  • Jerry Beloin

    Jerry Beloin


    Haha go donnie

  • Woosh


     2 days ago

    No, no, no. The title of the video should be: "CNN reporter attacks Trump." The reporter keeps demonizing Trump, while Trump has already explained himself. Then he keeps interrupting and accusing Trump which is very rude.

  • ShadowThruNight


     2 days ago

    Thats how it works. If Trump doesnt like you he threatens to fire you. Lmao, what a poor childish individual.

  • Grahame Gould

    Grahame Gould

     2 days ago

    What a President. I wish my PM had this sort of courage and honesty!

  • joe coder

    joe coder

     2 days ago +1

    CNN has propagandists, not reporters

  • Fair


     3 days ago

    Well done Donald!

    You are so right!

  • Ala Gianelloni

    Ala Gianelloni

     3 days ago

    Thats right everyone has to come leggaly.

  • Sham Ramnarine

    Sham Ramnarine

     3 days ago

    Kick their asses Mr. President.

  • Francis Artanis

    Francis Artanis

     3 days ago

    I had a lot of time for Trump, until his recent lack of cooperation in deporting the woman responsible for killing the young English guy with her car. Now I just think he's an arrogant jerk, completely unfit to lead the USA.