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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 2, 2019
  • This one was looong overdue.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/vKYcgl-l9_Y


  • Patrick Wallis

    Patrick Wallis

     30 minutes ago

    Vaccines = The big gay

  • Patrick Wallis

    Patrick Wallis

     43 minutes ago

    Does correlation equal causation?

  • Laura Buhl

    Laura Buhl

     an hour ago

    8:13 Someone I know *could not* actually GO TO SCHOOL because they didn't get vaccines, if you're not going to vaccinate your children for their safety and health, at least do it so they can have an education!
    EDIT: Why do I feel like this comment sounds like one of the comments in this video

  • Reign


     an hour ago

    Sorrow go kill yourself.

  • SneakyFish


     2 hours ago +1

    Cows aren't real

  • Lara Mae

    Lara Mae

     2 hours ago

    1:20 um the rate of autism is increasing not decreasing

  • Cookies ‘n Snowflakes

    Cookies ‘n Snowflakes

     2 hours ago

    Those people that say “and then everyone in the store clapped” are the stores just really small or were their voices going through the speakers

  • AFellowCommenterowo


     3 hours ago

    Im crying from how idiotic these people are lmfao

  • Radioactive Emotions

    Radioactive Emotions

     3 hours ago

    Me, all through this video:
    *WHAT THE FU-*

  • Colby Allman

    Colby Allman

     3 hours ago

    Had to take a second to correct you:
    At 10:39 you infer that pedophiles aren't law abiding because they are pedophiles. This is incorrect, and the law is only broken when you introduce sexual activity or you violate a restraining order or similar court order.
    It isn't illegal to date or kiss underage people but it is illegal to be intimate with them.

  • Alex Levi-Ellis

    Alex Levi-Ellis

     3 hours ago

    muslim isn't a race. just sayin

  • psyche100


     3 hours ago

    It honestly sounds like the lady who hates childless women just really freaking hates being mother

  • gal gorse

    gal gorse

     4 hours ago

    r/insanepeoplequora is even better

  • Wilma :3

    Wilma :3

     4 hours ago

    Antivaxxer: vaccines cause homosexuality
    Me: You do know that homo comes from ancient Grek. coff coff. Did you not learn that in history class?
    Anti-vaxxers: um........

  • XoiD Leo

    XoiD Leo

     4 hours ago

    2:40 was posted at 1AM

  • Exhiler


     4 hours ago

    im gay and vaccinated...
    oh no

  • E. Williamson

    E. Williamson

     5 hours ago

    13:56 - this person has never heard of vikings, ancient greeks, romans or spartans (a.k.a, the gayest people to ever live lol)

  • grumpy munchkin

    grumpy munchkin

     5 hours ago

    Nothing is causing autism rates to go up like they are saying we are just learning how to recognize it more effectively

  • Susanne Seiler

    Susanne Seiler

     5 hours ago

    I'm subscribing now thank u lol

  • Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ

     7 hours ago

    7:29 damn right it is