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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 2, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/vKYcgl-l9_Y


  • Marsh

     5 months ago

    fun fact: the guy who published the paper about vaccines causing autism had his medical license revoked. so uhjust to let y’all know

  • AlmightyJello

     3 days ago

    @koifishkat And he would perform painful experiments on autistic children to try to prove his wrong theory.

  • koifishkat

     4 days ago

    oh and don’t forget he took blood samples at his sons friends birthday party without the parents or the children’s permission!


     2 months ago

    It’s true. If you don’t vaccinate your kids, they won’t be gay.They’ll be dead.

  • paisley's blow-pop

     19 hours ago

    help im not vaccinated

  • Tide Pod Pad Thai

     2 months ago

    👎: Cutting to the front of the line and blaming everyone else for your child's problem👍: Waiting your turn, and acknowledging that you don't get special privileges for squeezing a tiny person out of your babymaker

  • koKO242

     12 hours ago

    @Aaltyn Kaldybay CROTCH GOBLINS!!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • laenmowre

     7 days ago

    “tiny person out of your babymaker”Jesus fucking christ calm down

  • TeaRoses

     2 months ago

    I think antivaxxers are just people who hated getting shots so much as a kid that it carried into their adult life and are just trying to find excuses to have them banned.

  • Arda Bilgin


    @Drake P. They don't even hurt if you're focused on something else.

  • Olivia Helman

     11 days ago

    I think about that a lot 😕

  • Norm Rayos

     1 months ago

    “Every time I see a cat outside I take it’s collar off!”There aren’t enough curse words in my vocabulary for this person.

  • Valyron90

     21 hours ago

    I think people do this when they hear about cats getting their collars caught in tree branches and dying, I hope anyway, maybe I'm wrong and it has some weird "slavery" connotation to it.

  • your willy is rubbish

     4 days ago

    Also I've never met a cat who doesn't return to it's home after sneaking out. How's the lack of a collar gonna stop that ??

  • RidonkulousMG

     5 months ago

    Antivaxxers should go commit no vaccine

  • Moon man

     14 days ago

    2:14 sounds like marge

  • Jarl Balgruuf

     19 days ago

    We need more antivaxxers, there are too many people as it is

  • Emilio Santos

     2 months ago

    2:14 to all the dumb mothers out there, let me make this clear. YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE BUSTED ONE INSIDE OF YOU!!!

  • Franklin Armendariz

     21 days ago

    trinitydraco1 That’s illegal in some states and countries. Good point tho

  • N O B O D Y

     24 days ago

    Turquoise Cheetah When I was a kid I would sneak around and grab peoples beers so I had an actual leash on a back pack and my shoes would squeak I was vewy vewy sneaky

  • Order_Of_The_Stone // Summer Vloggers

     2 months ago

    im not 100% vaccined (thanks a lot, **dad**) and hey i still managed to be gay

  • Jdhdf Dkdh

     5 hours ago

    AlmightyJello you have a point i have the gay-vaccine it keeps the gay away

  • AlmightyJello

     3 days ago

    You weren't vaccinated against gay tho there's your problem

  • WTF no

     1 months ago

    I like how that one guy describes unvaxxed children as the "usain bolt of dying"

  • Isaiah Solis

     2 months ago

    I'm not for unfair laws, but not vaccinating your kids should be valid charges for child abuse and child neglectEdit: grammar

  • Dark Arts Dabbler

     5 days ago

    Good luck with that. These people are already crazy conspiracy theorists, get the government to drop the hammer on them and you'll be flooded with cries of "we were right all along!"

  • The forgotten

     10 days ago

    In my country, if the parent(s) choose not a vaccinate their child then CPS will take their child. And vaccinate the child. And the parent(s) won't raise the child.