Clan War Leagues Season 3 - Round 2 - Clash of Clans Clan War Attacks

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 17, 2018
  • After yesterday's exciting battle, we're back with round 2 of this intense season 3 of the Clan War Leagues. This time, Clan 毛豆小班 will war against Clan بژی کوردستان, one of the top Kurdish Clans. As this battle for global championship continues, which Clan will come out on top?

    Hosted by our friends at the E-Sports League (ESL) at their arena in Poland, cast by Galadon and Woody, join us as we follow this Clan as we witness some of the top levels of gameplay in Clash of Clans! So cheer for your favorite team as they battle for glory!

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  • Bill Wang

    Bill Wang

     9 months ago

    this clan should've been in the march qualifiers

  • Christian Kyle Wonderer

    Christian Kyle Wonderer

     9 months ago

    1st troops deployed at 14:03

  • baccinbusiness 911

    baccinbusiness 911

     10 months ago

    That shout caster tho



     11 months ago

    Entra no meu cla quem for liga cristal acima#28VJ88Q82

  • Ozoo/ SY

    Ozoo/ SY

     11 months ago +1

    لازم يساوو فعاليات للعرب موبس للأجانب



     a years ago

    قريه مفربيه مثلا

  • Francisco Figueiredo

    Francisco Figueiredo

     a years ago

    Whats the clan tag on coc?

  • kùmãr pãñkåj gãñgpārïã

    kùmãr pãñkåj gãñgpārïã

     a years ago

    clash of clans game in voice chat plzz

  • Dark Spectre

    Dark Spectre

     a years ago


  • Lit Savage

    Lit Savage

     a years ago

    Plz do more super smash bros

  • 方有明


     a years ago


  • syed shaon

    syed shaon

     a years ago

    Clan war league was good,,,but its became horrible,,,no match actually,,,twhl 10 against twhl 12,,,twhl 9 against twhl 12,,,there's no chance in clan war league if u have less twhl 12 and twhl 11,,,,

  • unlimited HÊHÊÊ

    unlimited HÊHÊÊ

     a years ago

    coc is very beautiful game

  • binhly Văn ly

    binhly Văn ly

     a years ago

    Hãy wa hihi

  • Дьулурхан Алексеев

    Дьулурхан Алексеев

     a years ago




     a years ago

    Clan war leagues are not fare ....The clan with higher town halls will win the war league for sure.... For normal clan wars the opponents are based upon our defense's....The clan war league should be like that...So please consider my comment and I hope you guys could resolve the problem for next clan war...🙏🙏🙏

  • Heeheehayftw


     a years ago

    The third attacker should have just used the bat spells again. It worked well for the previous 2 attackers, and his attack was only against single target infernos.

  • Роман Егоров

    Роман Егоров

     a years ago

    Идёт набор в клан Рэд Юнион,от вас требуется хороший онлайн,всё остальное предоставим мы #28QOL2G8U

  • lagariya anand a. ahir

    lagariya anand a. ahir

     a years ago

    Clash of clans not interested India so I will not playing clash of clans

  • Nikhil Rattan

    Nikhil Rattan

     a years ago