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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 1, 2019
  • ► In this video, Neil Tappin lists the 9 things tour players do... that you don't! He highlights those small tips and tricks that give the best in the world the edge over other golfers. Whether on the course, in practice or away from the heat of competition, these pointers help the top golfers think smarter and play better when it matters most. Of course, the pros have more time to dedicate to the game but these simple pointers can easily be put into play by amateurs as well. From the way in which you work on your putting to how you devise a strategy there are golf tips here for everyone. If you want to get better, faster think about adding some of these simple aspects to your own game - it could make a big difference!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/vR4ZGY4TPkU


  • Tony Stewart

    Tony Stewart

     5 minutes ago

    Surely a lot of pros these days mix up their days practicing on the golf course with days in the gym

  • Buffalo




  • Drew Aquino

    Drew Aquino

     4 days ago

    Hire a caddy

  • Danfromfreddybeach


     7 days ago

    For the impatient among us,
    9. Warm up before arriving at the practice ground
    8. Hit wedges with only 80 or 90% effort for control
    7. Select club to take worst trouble out of play
    6. Focus on starting line when putting
    5. Know your miss tendencies (and put that knowledge into play when aiming)
    4. Take mental side of game seriously
    3. Visualize complete shot before every swing (including short game)
    2. Practice with a clear purpose in mind (with pressure and remembering short game practice)
    1. Clean clubs after every shot

    You should still watch the whole video :-)

    I would add a bonus thing that pros do and most golfers don't - pick a teacher and take regular lessons.

  • When Mullet

    When Mullet

     7 days ago

    The major thing tour players do that I don't do is play on tour. They do it for a living, I don't.

  • Niklas Nester

    Niklas Nester

     7 days ago


  • Leo Martino

    Leo Martino

     14 days ago

    The one thing the pros are doing that I’m not is hitting straight

  • Scott


     14 days ago +1

    I always make sure I get my physio to rub me down in my van before a round

  • JuniorGolfGear


     21 days ago

    Clean your club after every shot!! Yep.... Great way to keep the pace of play up that is!!!

  • Iron Patriot Johnson

    Iron Patriot Johnson

     21 days ago

    Most golf pro's are useless. My first tip is to be honest with yourself. Second, play the ball as it lies. No cheating. No mulligans. Third, don't play if you feel guilty about spending
    money you shouldn't spend on golf. Jack Nicklaus said that golf is 90% mental and he is right. If you can't relax and concentrate on the task at hand. Then you shouldn't be on
    a golf course if your intention is to get better and play consistently week to week.

  • Iron Patriot Johnson

    Iron Patriot Johnson

     21 days ago

    How about a list of the things I do before playing golf. Like fix the car, take out the trash , mow the lawn, basically finish my "honey do list".
    Then there is the full time, 60 hours a week job that I need to see to. Like, be at the airport Monday morning to fly across the country, and then fly back on Friday.
    The one thing that I don't do that the Pro's do is . Play every damn day. I didn't have a caddy. Didn't have exact yardage to the day's pin location.
    Carried my own clubs. I certainly couldn't take forever to line up a putt from three directions without earning the wrath of a course Ranger.
    If you think listening to this nonsense will make you a pro. Think again. You need to be able to invest hours each day and that takes money. Get rich and go be a pro golfer.

  • Rich Davis

    Rich Davis

     21 days ago

    Also watch any pro slow motion swing. Their head dose not move throughout their entire swing. Not saying keep your head down. Just keep your head still through impact. Been doing this for several rounds. Has vastly improved my ball striking.

  • Jan Buchta

    Jan Buchta

     21 days ago

    what pros do and I don't? they usually play 1-2 strokes less a hole :D anyway a great video - agree with all 9 points...

  • Joe Karma

    Joe Karma

     21 days ago

    Too much thought. Put the little white ball in the goddam hole in the least amount of strokes as possible.

  • Paul Goodier

    Paul Goodier

     28 days ago +1

    I used to be really good around the greens and lousy with the driver.....and.....yes you guessed it.......now I am crap at both lol

  • Steve Kaye

    Steve Kaye

     28 days ago

    sound advice and easy listening!

  • Marc


     1 months ago

    # 1 Thing they do and I don't is driving luxury cars, living in a 15 bedrooms house, having my own coach and physiotherapist.
    750 balles per day = $50 x 30 days = $1500 per month. Indeed, I don't.

  • Tony Pezzolesi

    Tony Pezzolesi

     1 months ago +1

    Not so sure about taking a lesser club like you did on the 11th on The Heritage. 3 huge bunkers short left. 90% of greens the trouble is not at the back

  • Joseph Voll

    Joseph Voll

     1 months ago

    I never realized that I don't have any kind of picture in my mind of what the shots going to look like. I've always focused on a line. I choose the line to the target and pick something on that line just in front of the ball to aim at. I never take into consideration what the ball is going to do when it lands. I'm definitely going to start picturing the shot more and not solely focusing on the line.

  • Joseph Voll

    Joseph Voll

     1 months ago

    Great Video! Excellent info!!