Tapper cuts off Trump adviser interview: I've wasted enough of my viewers' time

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 7, 2018
  • CNN's Jake Tapper abruptly ends his interview with White House adviser Stephen Miller after trying to ask Miller about a book that is highly critical of President Donald Trump and the role Steve Bannon had in the administration.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/vU7v5A5P8BM


  • Wormy

     1 years ago

    As a european seeing this comment section:I'm glad that the US fights its civil wars online these days. Keeps down the body count.

  • spanish rampage

     2 days ago

    @Wormy great imagination....if USA citizens stormed the white house it would be for a very good reason. Have a little faith in ur fellow citizens. Its not the government that has made this nation the greatest its the people. You want to infringe on people long standing rights to bear arms because of a few lunatics. A few new laws can help rid the counties of most of these lunatics from gaining access to guns.

  • Carlton King

     9 days ago

    @Wormy sounds like an excellent idea

  • Insignificant360

     1 months ago

    Jake Tapper could have cut off Stephen Miller **CRASH, BOOM** more effectively if he had brought out a wreath of garlic and some holy water.

  • Alice Oke

     1 months ago

    Self made millionaire trump? Hahahahaha miller lost his mind here!

  • Anne Gonzalez

     11 days ago

    I thought he said "self made billionaire". This guy is a lunatic and he knows it.

  • helveticaification

     2 months ago

    "A self-made billionaire who revolutionized reality TV." 3 lies right there. Stevie also rocks like a long-term psych inmate - must be the meds and/or self-soothing.

  • Loyce Holland

     5 months ago

    Mabye the only way for Steven to get thru this interview was to do a lot of drugs. He really seems to be under the influence , this was crazy.

  • miss 305dale

     1 years ago

    So this is what “being dead inside” looks like!

  • Robert S.

     1 years ago

    miss 305dale+ I was going to write the same comment, but you beat me to it. The guy does look dead/emotionless when you look at his eyes as they look so empty. Just 3 more years, maybe.... Thanks... :)

  • gregory pruden

     1 years ago

    how can you have respect for a sloppy bitch like the huckster?she has no respect for herself and has really let herself go,why she's so ugly drumpf wouldn't even consider her as his"first choice"for a victim.she must use a trowel to apply her makeup,she reminds me of"mimi"on the"drew carey show".mike hucksterbee must have double bagged her momma when he was being cruel to his cock.

  • Just Human

     2 months ago

    A gutter will always flow into sewage.

  • Duke Krink

     1 months ago

    I wonder if Trump provides a mouth wash and lip salve was after this idiot stops kissing Trump's rectum?It's not beyond his means.Aman.

  • Duke Krink

     13 days ago

    @Arcklez If you think what I think you mean, mind reading would be a thing.Don't you think?Aman.

  • Arcklez

     13 days ago

    @Duke Krink If you mean what I think you mean, then isnt your comment contradictory?

  • N Albertsson

     9 months ago

    *If that guy's not on a mountain of Cat-Valium, then niether am..... ooooooh, look, a little butterfly!*

  • Shredding Gnarly Harley

     8 days ago

    He's an alcoholic, Retard.

  • Tina Butterfly

     1 months ago


  • Marks Higgerson

     6 months ago

    Steve Bannon was on the National Security Council. That sounds like he was involved in the Trump presidency. Lie some more Stephen Miller.