Thank Me Later - Jim Maloney’s Crusade to Legalize Nunchucks in New York City | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 24, 2019
  • Michael Kosta creates a fitting tribute to the court battle that allowed Jim Maloney to use his nunchucks again.

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  • TheHmongol


     3 months ago

    My fucking gosh! This reminded me of drunk history

  • Kennith Dixon

    Kennith Dixon

     4 months ago

    Best story ever!!!!

  • Adolfo Zunguene

    Adolfo Zunguene

     4 months ago

    I wonder if those Chinese words means what we see.

  • Adolfo Zunguene

    Adolfo Zunguene

     4 months ago

    The US is a very strange country. They legalize gun use and won’t legalize nunchucks- hahaha.

  • Arief Santoso

    Arief Santoso

     4 months ago

    why you need to show the nunchuck in street full of people

  • Salim Salim

    Salim Salim

     4 months ago

    is this real?

  • Steam Punkster

    Steam Punkster

     4 months ago +1

    Even if you have nunchucks, its hard to control them in a real battle situation.

  • Zee Devil

    Zee Devil

     4 months ago

    Need that T-shirt

  • Ill I Am Enygma

    Ill I Am Enygma

     4 months ago

    At 4:58 Michael Kosta accidentally said "nunchuck" correctly.

  • Tô Diệp Khanh

    Tô Diệp Khanh

     4 months ago

    Please do more of these segment.

  • Anthony Vitera

    Anthony Vitera

     4 months ago

    I love how they're actually called nunchaku

  • TNM001


     4 months ago +2

    love this case. i couldn't care less about nunchucks, but the same rules should apply to everything...CONSISTENCY is key!

    thx Mr. M.

  • PCBEaR65


     4 months ago

    I can use my chucks again!!.......... OUCH (soooooo out of practice 😖)

  • Abigail McMillin

    Abigail McMillin

     4 months ago

    He was holding nunchucks wrong in the beginning

  • Anna W

    Anna W

     4 months ago


  • Ian MacMunn

    Ian MacMunn

     4 months ago

    I want that shirt 😂😂😂

  • Archi Teuthis

    Archi Teuthis

     4 months ago +1

    As someone who has both trained in martial arts & performs with chucks, I'm astounded that they're illegal anywhere. They're a far less effective weapon than a stick the same length that isn't flexible in the middle & they're best use is for tricks. Its ridiculous that anyone might end up in prison for what is essentially juggling

  • boy Rwanda

    boy Rwanda

     4 months ago

    "a lot of kids including myself" nigga you look like you fought both world wars

  • Adam Alkhafaji

    Adam Alkhafaji

     4 months ago +5

    Can’t have a nunchucks but can own military grade ARs... makes sense 😅

  • Darknamja


     4 months ago

    I left the city in '72 prior to the ban. I never openly carried my Nunchuks and neither did any dedicated martial artists I knew. :D