Girl Chat: Win a Date with Who??

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 6, 2019
  • Win a Date with Idris Elba? You know our girl Loni Love is game. The ladies of “The Real” discuss Idris’ fundraiser and a college student’s inspiring GoFundMe campaign.

    Loni chats with her wigs
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  • Tamika C. Clark

    Tamika C. Clark

     7 days ago

    I love y’all so much!!!!!

  • James Mitchell

    James Mitchell

     1 months ago

    Loni Really? Give him a clap for not kicking her (his daughter) out the house?

  • Simmer Pete

    Simmer Pete

     1 months ago

    I was disowned and cut off but didn’t get a go fund me. People these days abuse gofundme

  • jackie


     2 months ago

    doesn’t matter if she’s saying it for school, i know ppl who spend their college money on their cars. she can manage a job w o a car

  • miss sunshine

    miss sunshine

     2 months ago

    I am offended my head is like Jeannie

  • Aixa Coats

    Aixa Coats

     3 months ago

    The dad just said he don't care who she date. That white girl need to give those people that donated money back. Lol

  • Oh That’s Angel

    Oh That’s Angel

     3 months ago

    $5000 wigs???

  • Sally Dunn

    Sally Dunn

     4 months ago +1

    Wait why did she start a go fund me page for her college fund, cant she get a job

  • De 1st

    De 1st

     4 months ago +1

    I would like to try Nicki Minaj's wigs even if they r way taller/longer than me but i would really love to

  • Angeliki Petris

    Angeliki Petris

     4 months ago +3

    Instead of me.. go find a job

  • TheBrownIsland


     4 months ago +2

    Tamera Never tells the whole story in order to support one side. 'Both' of her parents' families Did Not want them to be together because back in their day there was so much open Racism & Hate against interracial relationships/marriage. Had 'BOTH' parents Not stood their ground and left Town ...she wouldn't be here.

    Tia tells all sides of the story and tells the truth. Tamera still holds a grudge because of the backlash she received from a few, not even most Blacks, about her Husband being Racist & making racist statements about Black women in the past.

  • Emily Cook

    Emily Cook

     5 months ago +1

    I got my college fund, car, and phone taken away too, this happens way more than people think! The only reason I didn’t make a go fund me was because thankfully scholarships covered basically everything and I worked a LOT. Other difference is I did not live at home once I was cut off because I couldn’t walk to any jobs so I moved to my college town where there are buses and me and my parents didn’t talk for a long, long time. Thankfully I made it through college and am starting my career this week!

  • Nicole Gibau

    Nicole Gibau

     5 months ago

    Sometimes wish people would date closed eye an open hearted. Love would be love for the soul not for skin color.😍 #capeverdean #biracialwoman

  • Laydee Leshay

    Laydee Leshay

     5 months ago

    I’m not against interracial couples but I am definitely PRO black love because unfortunately black people tend you only be praised when “diluted” (for lack of a better word) with other races. But black is beautiful just as it is. My sister even praises that fact that we’re only 60% African and 40% European and middle eastern. To me that’s insulting. Like black is only beautiful if it’s mixed.

  • ABCD12345


     5 months ago +2

    Tam looks so good, hair, the dress, and the golden earings, necklace..

  • Mary Mwangi

    Mary Mwangi

     5 months ago +1

    Beyonce does not sweat! LMAO!
    These girls though..

  • Dr- Casma

    Dr- Casma

     5 months ago +4

    I love it when Adrienne speaks Spanish,,,

  • Jonathan Isaac

    Jonathan Isaac

     5 months ago

    Apparently, this is where the idea for the 'match the host's hair' game came from.

  • Veronica Muñoz

    Veronica Muñoz

     5 months ago


  • Emmanuelle Joseph

    Emmanuelle Joseph

     6 months ago

    If I wasn’t scared of wigs, and if I would be FORCED to choose one, it would be Rihanna’s to flaunt in a vitrine. So I wouldn’t want one just for fun or to put over my head.