How Paul McCartney Handles Fans' Emotional Connections

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 24, 2019
  • Living legend Paul McCartney is always "very happy" to hear about the deeply-held feelings people attach to this songs, like when our host divulges his personal connection to the Wings song 'Band On The Run.' #Colbert #Beatles #PaulMcCartney

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  • Midnights X

    Midnights X

     22 hours ago

    this is profound

  • GaLoS


     23 hours ago

    Great question from Steve. He asked something I always think about.

  • Tova Nystrom

    Tova Nystrom

     4 days ago +1

    this interview was so genuine. Its rare to see talk show hosts being real to the person they're interviewing.

  • Christopher Patrick

    Christopher Patrick

     4 days ago

    The day we lose Paul will be a dark day in the history of culture

  • Karen Conlan

    Karen Conlan

     5 days ago


  • N. N.

    N. N.

     5 days ago

    Genius + Living legend + Amazing human being= Paul McCartney.
    Thank you for your music, Paul, your wonderful, priceless gift to this world!
    ❤ from Russia.



     6 days ago

    I deadass thought he was coming out as the second Paul McCartney because of the thumbnail... not to mention he keeps talking about how he’s the man behind the famous person or something

  • Jeanmarie Todd

    Jeanmarie Todd

     6 days ago

    I've been in love with the Beatles' music ever since I was a little kid in the 1960s. It is ageless, and Paul McCartney IS a genius. The team of Lennon and McCartney was unbeatable.

  • ExclusiveLM


     7 days ago

    Hey Paul......... If you read this please help me reach my dreams as a music composer. You've reached all your dreams. Now please pass on the gift of opportunity to me. Thanks. I love you and your spirit. Sincerely, Frank Branden (New York City)

  • Shahin Tajeri

    Shahin Tajeri

     7 days ago

    What I learnt from Paul : You don't have to kill your inner child But rather protect your inner child in order to grow up.

  • eglantina resendiz

    eglantina resendiz

     7 days ago

    he is great. love the way he talks. i love his music and i think is a gift for us in this planet and i love his soul  lovely man

  • Stephen Hosking

    Stephen Hosking

     7 days ago

    So lucky to live in this era. No great artist ever has had his lifework and "who is the real you?" asked as well as this, and responded as well as Paul did here, and have it recorded for posterity. These are the sort of questions we'd love to put to Shakespeare, Mozart, Lennon, and we never could. We guess, in the dark. These are the once-in-a-lifetime greats who's lives we pick over, trying to guess the answer to questions such as these - and here, just for once, we have it. The questions, and also the answers.

    My favourite, of all his great (and short!) answers - "I was a fan too". He was in a very difficult spot there, respectful of Colbert's fan-like fawning, and in a flash came up with the answer.

  • Stephen Angelo Castro

    Stephen Angelo Castro

     14 days ago

    This is the most satisfying interview of Sir Paul McCartney

  • chronicsinnerZ


     14 days ago

    This guy uses Paul McCartney's name but he is not the original Paul. 'Faul' is nothing more than a celebrity imitator. The real Paul McCartney disappeared in late 1966, legally today he would be considered dead. ,;,;;;;

  • Prophet Lola Marie

    Prophet Lola Marie

     14 days ago

    Love you Sir Paul❤️🔥 forever👑🌹💋

  • Robbie lacey Jones

    Robbie lacey Jones

     14 days ago

    In 1964 like all English kids, you'd get a tennis racket and pretend you were a Beatle or chop off a kart wheels and stick them in the ground and be Ringo, all kids did then

  • Robbie lacey Jones

    Robbie lacey Jones

     14 days ago

    40 years ago I walked into a small bar and there was , Paul, Linda and Lee Remick , just them and me, I ordered a drink but was overwhelmed by nerve's and quickly left, they all laughed, ah to go back and just chat to them, but I was just 22 and really shy

  • Lydia


     21 days ago +1

    the audience should know when to laugh and when to just listen . . they really got my nerve

  • JulyN78


     21 days ago

    'He's very famous!' Man, you have nooooo idea!!! All the other legends that could claim being more famous than you are already dead!!!

  • Freshcookies 21

    Freshcookies 21

     21 days ago

    Oh I love him so much. Shows how down to earth he really is, he admits he was never trying to do anything profound. He was just doing his job and yet he's so important to millions and millions of people because of what his music has meant to us. Astonishing. The pity of it is - he doesn't have anyone like "Paul McCartney" to admire and love like we do...