I Spent the Night in a Bubble & It Was the Best Night of My Life (Sleep in a Garden Igloo Challenge)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 19, 2017
  • You want me to sleep in an igloo, but there’s no snow! So I’ve got something better, I spent the night in a garden igloo and it was the best night of my life! This is just like sleeping in a bubble, or even a zorb ball! Will I survive the night out if the freezing cold in this garden igloo? Let’s see if I survive this 24 hour overnight sleeping challenge fort thing… LET’s GO!

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    Pony rider

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    I'm German so I could read it but I'm half English and Italian

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    Pony rider 4 life if you can read this



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    You never ate the cherry on top of the pie tho

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    1 year and 362 years old

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    Brandon Smith

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    Use this thing again. But on the beach

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    Is Moon danish?

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    I knew he said I’m bored

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    Pony rider 4 life!

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    Let's make it's fancy

    Drinks coke

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    Pony rider 4 life

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    There canon in d in the background

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    I need all the music you used in this video

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    Watch it in slow mo jesus christ

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    Pony rider 4 life if you can read this

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    pony rider 4 life

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    I love Caviar & Lobster 🦞. I have had Lobster 🦞 & Caviar, & I love it.