That Time Disney Remade Beauty and the Beast

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 31, 2018
  • Thanks, I hate it.

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  • relaxesonsand


     3 months ago +3649

    Did Belle and the Beast realise their mothers were both called Martha?

  • Ella Gerson

    Ella Gerson

     8 hours ago

    I'm so mad because if they wanted to acknowledge the nitpickers so bad, they could have leaned into the comedy and turned the movie into a parody - 'here, we fixed it, it sucks now'- which could have been more effective and creative, and still fit in with the meta-criticism thing they've got going on.
    They could have acknowledged criticism of old Disney, but also replied that there are reasons why old Disney movies are the way they are, and it's possible to be aware of their flaws without disrespecting the creative effort that went into them.
    So instead of a remake that shows nitpickers how nitpicky they are, aprecciates the (considerable) value of the original, while also continuing the commentary on Disney as a brand- we get 'Enchanted 2: This Time We're Serious.'
    Man, either ignore the nitpickers, or respond to them in a way that's actually meaningful.
    Anyhow, in the post-apocalyptic future, people studying the complete collapse of society and culture will begin with this movie.
    Rant over.
    And Lindsay- thanks, I love it.

  • Pour Some Suga On Me

    Pour Some Suga On Me

     9 hours ago

    God the remake just reminds me how wonderful the original is, it screams at me "hey, just watch the original!"

  • Wayward Hangout

    Wayward Hangout

     17 hours ago

    So ready for meta comentary in Disney to die. It'd be great if they were actually trying to break new ground. I can think of several things to do that well, but most of Disney's products aren't exactly trying to push the envelop with storytelling and just seem to want to do the exact same thing they've been doing and feel like intellectuals while doing so.

  • Vicks's Walkthroughs

    Vicks's Walkthroughs

     22 hours ago

    I actually really enjoyed the film

  • Isaiah M.

    Isaiah M.

     23 hours ago

    Was this seriously made in part to appease nit picks? There's still a billion plot holes and dumb ideas. In a cartoon this type of thing is more forgivable. Either make it realistic or make it cartoony, you can't do both.

  • Lalogue



    I once had a small snowball thrown right into my face. I was knocked out and I bled. It gave me a scar on my nose.
    Those shits are hard.
    Judging by the size of the thing Belle received straight on her face, thrown by a gigantic beast, her face should have been shoved inside of her skull Pan's Labyrinth style.

  • talonsandtealeaves


     2 days ago

    the book doesn't time travel, the dust should show you that

  • talonsandtealeaves


     2 days ago

    with the library seen that's not what happen, he is showing her books, education. she is the one that reminds him what that library represents.... beauty, power, freedom, magic. he sees it through her eyes and that changes him because it changed his perspective .

  • talonsandtealeaves


     2 days ago

    keeping her in the castle would not have saved them all as she might not have loved him the way she did for letting her go.

  • Robert Newman

    Robert Newman

     2 days ago

    Is that MP Wheeljack on that plastic container on Lindsay's right?

  • Robert Newman

    Robert Newman

     2 days ago


  • SwimSweetie100


     2 days ago

    I don't care what anyone else says, I loved it

  • Sara Lynn

    Sara Lynn

     3 days ago

    I've been binging your videos all day long. They're so interesting and informative and entertaining! Thanks for putting out great content!

  • jamb


     3 days ago

    38yr old male here and I actually really liked it.

  • J Robert

    J Robert

     3 days ago

    The real problem with the propaganda is that if you remove it, it is still a terrible flick.
    So, maybe if the movies are made with a different purpose, maybe the propaganda injection could be less annoying, tolerable.
    They must stop trying to create shit around propaganda.

  • Zimisce85


     3 days ago +1

    Your videos are great! I really really would like to see you to make an analysis of 'Treasure Planet' . It still puzzles me how that movie happened to be the failure that crushes the Disney Renaissance. You said about 'Pirates of the Caribbean' that you can't just explain away things by the 'it's a dead genre' argument. Also, that movie really tried to renew its genre by merging the villain and the helper (in the protagonist's quest of becoming an adult). So, what happened? Was the arc to repetitive or too daring? Or it was just the bad publicity as someone says? I can't figure it out! Help!

  • Devyn Davidson

    Devyn Davidson

     4 days ago

    I purposely turn off my ad blocked on your channel because I want you to get paid gurl. LOVE your vids!

  • Fidget AwesomeSauce

    Fidget AwesomeSauce

     4 days ago

    25:10 you have earned a subscriber XD

  • Alex Middleton

    Alex Middleton

     4 days ago

    I love the original bc the music and animation are beautiful, but its writing is really goddam stupid. The remake is bad bc it’s trying to defend the story by patching it up where it really needs a complete overhaul