That Time Disney Remade Beauty and the Beast

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 31, 2018
  • Thanks, I hate it.

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  • MoonLogic


     26 minutes ago

    The animation of the furniture was beautiful and very realistic looking. That's it. That's what I liked about the movie.

  • C Stephen

    C Stephen

     an hour ago

    Excellent. You do an amazing job of gathering other peoples' opinions and making them cohesive and coherent to us lesser educated. After watching a few of your productions I wonder,; have you constructed and presented an original thought?

  • Chef Dario

    Chef Dario

     17 hours ago

    I could hear you talking about anything for hours..... what's up with your voice?

  • taewae



    that eisner quote is so YIKES. for a creative company to openly declare that making money is more important than making art, history, etc is just awful. like yeah all companies want/need to make money, but when your business relies on storytelling and entertainment, especially for children, at least make an effort to be imaginative and fresh. disney has all the money in the world but can't even invest in creating new original stories. instead they make soulless subpar remakes, endless sequels, and try to obtain and absorb every random franchise they can get their grubby paws on

  • Drumboardist


     2 days ago

    I mean, good video an' all, but I'm officially blaming YOU for the Dumbo and Mulan remakes we're got.


    I'm...I'm sorry? Okay, I'll redirect my anger towards Disney.

  • Cj Pietropinto

    Cj Pietropinto

     4 days ago

    I know it may sound superficial to some, but the thing I hated the most about this movie,...wasn't mentioned.

    The english accent of emma watson in what was supposed to be a french village.....and the auto tuning.... The part requires singing, couldn't disney find anyone in their pool of talent who could sing and play a convincing french girl? No, they needed the big name.

    Same as the new Aladdin. Will smith does not have the vocal power to do the part justice. They went with a big name....and as the animated B&tB shows, that's enough for the masses....groan.

  • Christiana Trecker

    Christiana Trecker

     4 days ago

    I hate it too

  • Srdjan


     5 days ago

    After witnessing this crap, i am just going to say this:

    Forte is better than Gaston(2017)!

  • AJ's World

    AJ's World

     5 days ago

    y don’t you Like it?

  • whatamusicgeek


     5 days ago

    Hey, I used this video for my economics class presentation on conglomerates, corporations, and monopolistic companies based on Disney movies- this was awesome! My teacher loved this presentation. Thanks for that nod to Disney War, the quote from Michael Eisner really helped with my presentation. You're awesome.

  • T Vulture

    T Vulture

     6 days ago

    Personally, the only plot hole I cared about was "what happened to the actual furniture in the house after the servants all became furniture?" Was the candlestick just making out with a real feather duster before the maid caught him?

  • zyaffee


     7 days ago

    You really going to sit there all smug and tell us A Twist in Time is better than Simba's Pride and King of Thieves?

  • Tui Sailele

    Tui Sailele

     7 days ago +1

    "IT'S URSULA'S CRAZY SISTER!" made me laugh so hard idk why

  • Luiza


     7 days ago

    Oh God THANK YOU for existing!!!

  • Tommy Lewey

    Tommy Lewey

     7 days ago

    I would love to hear your opinion on queer representation in film. Ala “Celluloid Closet” that gives representation to queer people that “we” didn’t know it was about queer people.

  • Midnight Rantzzz

    Midnight Rantzzz

     7 days ago

    Can't wait until the Hunchback of Notre Dame remake reveals Frollo is attracted to Esmeralda since she reminds him of his mother whom was hanged, burned, and whipped to death wile giving birth to him.

  • foolisnoteighteenyet


     7 days ago

    and then they smash her washing machine HAHAH

  • forest witch ddaeng

    forest witch ddaeng

     7 days ago +2

    animation lets you do so many things that are impossible or awkward in live action. give is animated films with emotional depth!! give us stories and characters that reflect things we haven't seen before in major films!! innovation dammit!!

  • AWlpsSHOW36


     7 days ago

    I don't give a stuff what you all think but this remake was amazing! I absolutely enjoyed and loved it! Really good choice of actors and actresses's (very attractive too), amazing comedy, well done animation, beautiful awesome costumes and really well directed!
    As a francophile and history buff, and one that especially loves the fashion , I was literally fangirling inside watching every minute! It's close to accuracy.

    The only thing I wish they could've done better was not have such a short reference to Lefou being gay.
    This is actually one of the only live action Disney film I approve of and that has actually done well.

  • Misstressofdons


     7 days ago

    Loool so the remake is a Bollywood movie? Craptonnes of exposition and needless drama segues!