Strange Video Games I Played as a Kid

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 14, 2019
  • These games almost gave me a nostalgic aneurysmScribble Showdown Tickets:♥ The Team ♥Atrox: : for more animations! the Scenes: you're an animator, artist, gamer, or entertainer, then join us at Channel Frederator Network: Send Fanart?You can send it to me through Twitter or Instagram (links above)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Music: Movement Illusion by Kevid Macleod------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D Hope you have as great a day as those conga line barbies
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  • Phil McKrackin

    Phil McKrackin

     1 months ago +7433

    I would be 100% ok with Jaiden making a 2nd gaming channel.

  • Pointy Gachaa

    Pointy Gachaa

     2 days ago +13

    Did I have fun?
    Jaiden: “Well yes but actually no.”

  • Roman Macapugay

    Roman Macapugay

     7 days ago +578

    door: is locked
    Jaiden: actually, quantum mechanics forbids this.

  • SolarGravityPlayz


     7 days ago +459

    TheAMaazing:No eyes
    TheOdd1sOut:No clothes
    JaidenAnimations:No shoes
    TimTom:No pants
    SomethingElseYT:No hair
    LetMeExplainStudios:No mouth
    Me:No Talent
    I didn't think I'll get 400 likes! Thanks

  • A-R-E-S


     7 days ago +169

    Should we... Should we tell her that Battle for Bikini Bottom is getting a console version remake?

  • 「Dio Dio Literature Club」

    「Dio Dio Literature Club」

     1 months ago +1251

    Therapist: don’t worry Jaiden robot Patrick can’t hurt you
    Robot Patrick: 5:10

  • I lîkė _gãçhä łįfę

    I lîkė _gãçhä łįfę

     yesterday +4

    0:13 Jaiden: playing with toys
    Doll: getting run over by a car

  • Sophie Queen

    Sophie Queen

     7 days ago +85

    You should animate comments and call it, "Jaiden Fanimations".
    If you do, mine is
    I ate six snakes plus a computer.

  • Gacha Candy

    Gacha Candy

     7 days ago +340

    Jaidens older videos:
    Normal funny stories
    Jaidens Newer Videos:
    Edit: Where did these likes come from? Lol 😂😂

  • Meh Yeet

    Meh Yeet

     7 days ago +34

    Jaiden: “I love this game as a kid 14 years ago now it’s dead to me”
    Me:”ummmmmm ummm

  • SoapySuds


     1 months ago +743

    jaiden: *murders multiple children in video games*

  • Q u e s t i o n s ?

    Q u e s t i o n s ?

     14 days ago +79

    Your such a big inspiration to me you make me smile when I’m sad and got me back into my art! I just wanna say I really love you :)

  • Dinosaur x

    Dinosaur x

     4 days ago

    1:17 “Are you sure you want to reset this file?”
    “You started a new one literally yesterday and haven’t done shi”

  • Rocarlos Davis

    Rocarlos Davis

     4 days ago

    2019? Androgyny or ..robots? The young woman has a child's heart and I love her so much..but she is so crazy..not rational at all..Androids rule!!! YaY

  • Trinitie Fletcher

    Trinitie Fletcher


    Jaden: it’s terrifying and I what it to be real
    Me: this girl is crazy I like it

  • Zorahs Coffee

    Zorahs Coffee

     1 months ago +913

    Game: “*THE DOOR IS LOCKED*”
    Jaiden: FBI OPEN UP

  • Artzy Eclipza 117

    Artzy Eclipza 117

     20 hours ago

    I also played a bunch of games from my childhood and i was like: how does everything work again?

  • Ronnie V.

    Ronnie V.

     7 days ago +20

    "Alright, who gave the nerd a gun?"
    The Second Amendment: questionable law noises

  • The Official Lemon Show

    The Official Lemon Show

     yesterday +1

    Jaiden : Let me in right now OR I SWEAR TO--
    Me : OR I SWEAR TO GOD-----
    Yea i imitate her.

  • sharafat ali

    sharafat ali

     2 days ago +1

    : women :goes through door
    : Jaiden :can I go through
    :Door : yes but actually no