I Ordered a 'MYSTERY BOX' off The Dark Web... What Was Inside Will SCARE YOU! *WTF*

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 10, 2018
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    'I Bought a 'Mystery Box' from The Dark Web... What was Inside will Make You Sick.'

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    I Bought ANOTHER 'Mystery Box' on The Dark Web... What I Found Will HAUNT You
  • Source: https://youtu.be/w1U8WL9LwCs


  • ZachGT


     a years ago +23


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  • Sara Arocz

    Sara Arocz

     6 months ago

    Its fake lmaooo ... Clips from house on haunted hill ... Exorcist and you tube channel shaye st john and is actually a pretty kewl youtube channel

  • Steven Conn

    Steven Conn

     7 months ago

    I find it funny that this dude supposedly surfs the dark web, makes sure to protect himself all while doing so by using skips and vpns, has contact with “serial killers” and most likely hackers, then asks for comments left on his video to decode binary, like this dude can’t just google translate. Google will literally do all these things for you. Comment and like chaser to the very end. What a fake.

  • mikael englund

    mikael englund

     8 months ago

    A tip stop apologizing and be short and to the point when you speak. Use editing software and a script for better quality.

  • Mullet Man

    Mullet Man

     8 months ago +1

    Hey everyone I have a mystery box for Zach for 4k and the items that inside are worth well over 6k and it's worth a YouTube video. And I'm not trolling Zach and if you would like to see Zach buy my mystery box please click like my comment and leave him a comment also about buying my mystery box so you and everyone can see what's inside. i just left him a comment on this video and I hope he responds to my message so let's see what goes from their and once again please help comment on his page to see if he like to see what's inside the box cause I know we all will..... Hint..... One of the items are from the 1680s out of the 20+ and some weird, some very amazing and some just WOW...

  • TriloMagic


     9 months ago

    Video Idea: Do an unboxing of an Etsy Mystery Box

  • Rob Jensen

    Rob Jensen

     9 months ago

    1. Your acting sucks
    2. If there's an investigation, show the police report
    3. Refer to number 1
    4. Stop posting this fake ish.. the jig is up

  • Angel Robledo

    Angel Robledo

     9 months ago

    The numbers mean test

  • Lil BoosBoos

    Lil BoosBoos

     11 months ago +2

    Jasper can’t speak English but he can write it? 😂🤣 all Deep Web mystery box openings are fake. I’m about to shit in a box and sell it to you for $100 grand. Spooky enough yet you lying ass beech?

  • MLargeKC 7/7/15

    MLargeKC 7/7/15

     a years ago +1

    Hey son, your mom is cutting our hair tonight don't forget. You know she still like doing this for her baby boy. Love you son see you tonight

  • Shelby Kay

    Shelby Kay

     a years ago

    The order process of ordering from the dark web

  • grandpa grows

    grandpa grows

     a years ago

    Good luck

  • Andy Bruner

    Andy Bruner

     a years ago

    More dark web mysteries!!!

  • Andy Bruner

    Andy Bruner

     a years ago

    More dark web mysteries!!!

  • Andy Bruner

    Andy Bruner

     a years ago

    More dark web mysteries!!!

  • Lizz Queen

    Lizz Queen

     a years ago

    Dude they sent you that saying that they can't save the girl that you told the FBI and the time thing is telling you that your wasting time

  • Planet Black Cat

    Planet Black Cat

     a years ago +2

    Don’t worry people he’s a professional he got permission!

  • Dark Angel

    Dark Angel

     a years ago

    The one with the woman dancing around and she looks like she's wearing a blanket and has a bizarre face mask that is a man behind a mask and it's like a performance art saying, the man who did that originally died a short while ago and now his partner is still making videos with that mask. Mr. Black darkness 666 actually did an interview not too long ago. The video with the doctor coming in with the saw almost looks like the House on Haunted Hill there was a seem like that that might have been cut out from the movie. The people with the bunny ears looks familiar from a movie I have seen as do the people with the long Pig face masks to. Honestly I think it's just a bunch of Clips taken from either performance art or from movies. I think it's just more stuff meant to scare you. But like I said that Jasper came forward as a guy who sent stuff to you and three other YouTubers he has a YouTube channel of his own you need to check it out.

  • Dark Angel

    Dark Angel

     a years ago

    You DO know Jasper came out, and he's just a white, blond, middle aged guy who sent stuff to you, Beeznuts, AliG, and one Kill Em? I think you need to look up his YouTube page and tell the FBI, he admitted he just wanted to punk you guys, it's all fake to help you get ratings and have a cool fun persona....

  • Girlie Nicholas

    Girlie Nicholas

     a years ago

    Do a video of you exploring the dark web