We Broke Up.

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 11, 2020
  • Thank you all for the love and support during this difficult time. 💔

    I'll be back to filming and creating with makeup soon.
    My heart is trying to heal and repair. I love you guys so much.

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  • Rizka I'lmi

    Rizka I'lmi

     7 minutes ago

    he’s the one facing it but why am heartbroken too 🥺

  • Joan Prewitt

    Joan Prewitt

     14 minutes ago

    I’m so sorry about what happened I know it’s hard sending you prayers I hope everything will get better soon 🤧🙏💗

  • KiKz


     15 minutes ago

    I feel like crying.... We are with you Jeff always and forever... Loads of hugs to you girl

  • Spice Gang

    Spice Gang

     27 minutes ago

    bro i cried.. 😢

  • Ilda Mehmedovic

    Ilda Mehmedovic

     27 minutes ago

    Im now ❤❤

  • Bhaddie Brownie17

    Bhaddie Brownie17

     35 minutes ago

    You got this girl. A break up is hard. I’m praying for you ❤️

  • SGO-Clan-Darius -gods

    SGO-Clan-Darius -gods

     38 minutes ago

    Huh gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Spazzz elimzs

    Spazzz elimzs

     38 minutes ago

    Huh gayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Sonder


     48 minutes ago

    I'm really sorry to hear that Jeffree I hope you two are doing alright and i just wanna say well done for being so mature about this even with all this stuff going around you with your family and all so I send you my love 💕💕💕💕💕

  • Justin Symbiosis Brosey

    Justin Symbiosis Brosey

     48 minutes ago

    You could tell how much he loved you, everyone out there dreams of having their love look at them the way Nate looked at you. The biggest thing I loved about him was that he was never ashamed to love you. I hope you both heal well and can be lifelong friends, or even fix whatever it was that went wrong and can get back together stronger than ever <3 - Lisa

  • Elf Land

    Elf Land

     53 minutes ago

    Girl Boo U Got Me Crying For U😭😢🥺 I Will Pray For U

  • WalkenJanieNobyke


     an hour ago

    Haha “dealing with mental health” In other words, he is saying Nate is mental.

  • A. Med

    A. Med

     an hour ago

    If you ever need an assistant. Im down. I have nothing here so I can easily move. Hope all you mfs have a good day

  • P K

    P K

     an hour ago

    A bit ironic:

    Last video: everyone is envious of the new house
    This video: life’s a b***h no matter how much money you have in your bank account...

    Cruel reality.

  • Syrena C

    Syrena C

     an hour ago

    Im so sorry babe💕 you are so strong and i hope you know youre loved. You have built a makeup and beauty empire, you are so strong! Good luck bb💗 we beleive in you!

  • Tina Gosper

    Tina Gosper

     an hour ago

    Thank you Jeffree for being so real and not being afraid to be you!

    My 14 year old son LOVES you so much, and I believe you inspire him to not be afraid of who or what he wants to be, thank you so much for that! And now he’s shared you with me, you have gained another massive fan! (We also love your babies, we have 5 Chihuahua’s)

    He asked for, and received, your tracksuit for Christmas. He now wants it in orange lol (I’m thinking I need one too now)

    I’m so very sorry for your losses in 2019, and hoping 2020 is a much better year for you!
    Lachie and I are looking forward to seeing what you have in store for this year, and we both hope one day to meet you!

    Love always your Aussie Fans Tina & Lachie 🇦🇺 😘😘 XOXOXOXO

  • Kirstin Aaker

    Kirstin Aaker

     an hour ago

    My heart hurts for him. I admire his courage and strength. I’m glad he has furry friends to keep him company.

  • Alyson Ryan

    Alyson Ryan

     an hour ago

    The fact that you even want to share this is so brave. When I had a very terrible break up with my first love, I didn’t really talk about it. I still haven’t told a lot of people what I went through. So the fact you publicly shared anything about it is brave as hell.

  • Miss Cactus

    Miss Cactus

     an hour ago

    This is t0tally out of the teme of video
    But Jeffree, how the f*ck do you wipe your but with those long nails?????

  • Guadalupe Cervantes

    Guadalupe Cervantes

     an hour ago

    wait. Why did you guys break up like I don’t understand you kept saying you loved him but like what was the reasons ?