Final Fantasy 8 Remastered Review! Worth the Price? (Ps4/Switch/Xb1)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 3, 2019
  • The legendary lost game has finally returned. Why did this take so long to come back? Well we dont know but lets dig into the good and the bad of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered on Ps4/Nintendo switch/and Xbox One!

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    The biggest game at E3 this year was a remake of an old one. The much-anticipated, long-in-development remake of Final Fantasy VII seemed like it was everywhere. Fans were able to play it for the first time, Square Enix finally unveiled the release date, and it even turned its show floor booth into a life-sized re-creation of the gritty cyberpunk metropolis Midgar. Fittingly, the massive presence of FFVII Remake largely overshadowed another major announcement: the original game’s successor, Final Fantasy VIII, was being remastered for modern consoles.

    This isn’t a new phenomenon. Ever since its debut on the original PlayStation in 1999, FFVIII has always felt like the black sheep of the franchise. Today, it’s getting something of a second chance, thanks to a remastered edition launching on the Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. “With the remastered version, I’m hoping people will rediscover the fun from a brand-new perspective,” FFVIII director Yoshinori Kitase tells The Verge.
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  • DreamcastGuy


     a months ago +223

    This video is dedicated to all the fans who never stopped asking Square Enix to bring this game back. WE WON!!!!!! <3 <3

  • Ekichionixuka101


     3 days ago

    I must disagree with the cheat code. Its soo useful for people who wants to do a speedrun the game

  • Chen Kevin

    Chen Kevin

     4 days ago

    Personally I think the triple speed only helps the game, especially for people like me who have beaten the game multiple times already and want to get through the game at a brisker pace. It also makes stocking up on spells SOOO~~~~much less of a chore than it used to be, and that’s a big plus in my book.

    I agree with you on the “power-up button” though. That really wasn’t necessary at all. But then again, you can always choose not to use it.

  • Angel Arroyo

    Angel Arroyo

     6 days ago

    You know what's bull shit? Not being able to buy it physically.

  • Breedlove334


     6 days ago

    Doesn’t every games enemies get harder as you progress?

  • Ander01SE


     7 days ago

    Hope it sells well enough to warrant a FF7Remake treatment...

  • Skyhler


     21 days ago

    The one thing I really enjoyed about FF8 Remastered is the redone Character Models, and using the 3x speed for Drawing Magic. Literally, I grind by drawing magic so much that literally I spent more time doing that than the actual plot. Fast forwarding/skipping the story is a crime done unto FF8 itself.

  • Jaden


     21 days ago

    Saw some rookie errors against Diablos. Demi spam for life

  • Jordi Francis

    Jordi Francis

     21 days ago

    I always thought that the Balamb Garden faculty were headless or something... was stunned when I was playing the remaster and saw that they had human heads underneath a hat.

  • Ewolf5150


     21 days ago +1

    I’m glad they got cheat codes. The main reason I don’t go back and replay a lot of these jrpgs is the random battles and level grinding. Sometimes you just wanna relive a game again and not have to put in tons of hours cuz you’re not 12 anymore with all day to play. 8 was my first FF when I was 11 years old in 1999 and it’s a special game to me. Not my fav, but most nostalgia for me

  • Dave Cross

    Dave Cross

     28 days ago

    It didn't even break your top 10 ff games in a previous video.

  • oneall23


     a months ago

    I want a parasite eve remake

  • Redwood


     a months ago

    bro, if u don't like cheat codes, just don't use it. i'm always for the more options. so what if someone plays with cheat codes? it's all abt having fun. nothings wrong or right abt that shit, just childish opinion.

  • Benny Warren

    Benny Warren

     a months ago

    Cid😊 look at me



     a months ago

    I hated having to farm for spells...that’s how I remember it but I loved the story

  • Yokoelf


     a months ago

    I don't know about the difficulty, I remember I rushed this game because it was too easy. I even refrained from equipping Curaga on my HP or something because they made the characters too invincible. I remember reaching the last boss on level 14-17, something like that, like really low. But I could never finish the game because the first stage of the last boss had a final attack that dealt like 3000-4000 damage to everyone and it was absolutely impossible to survive this, doesn't matter what I did or equipped. It was an enormous spike on difficulty in the end game. I'm still going to replay this game with a lot of calm though.

  • Sativa Knight93

    Sativa Knight93

     a months ago

    fuck it looks good

  • Lloyd Aguirre

    Lloyd Aguirre

     a months ago

    Never level up your character unless you got the stat lvl up junction. Level 8 Zell alone can beat Diablo with his limit break.

  • David Entertainment 999

    David Entertainment 999

     a months ago

    Worth 5$ onlu

  • God Of Lyf

    God Of Lyf

     a months ago

    Never played a FF game till I got a demo from Pizza Hut I believe it was. I was blown away with it and went and bought the game. It consumed the better part of 2 months of my life to beat it back then. Having played this remaster for the past 3 1/2 hours as much as I wanted it to happen I really just wished they hadn’t. All my memories of this game from back then have ended in the toilet. It has NOT been worth the wait for me and I doubt if I spend any more time trying to relive that what should be forgotten...!