Game of Thrones: Season 8 Episode 4 - Review

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 6, 2019
  • The Battle of Winterfell is done, and now we get back to the Game of Talking. Here are my thoughts on GAME OF THRONES Season 8: Episode 2!

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  • idontknow


     21 days ago

    E1- Great Re-Introduction

    E2- A great farewell episode

    E3- A Great Battle episode, intensity with a Disappointing ending but lets see where it goes

    E4- Errrrrrrrrr,

    E5- Great action, visuals and masterful Oscar Worthy performances bit disappointing ending arcs

    E6- Pfffff, Pretty poor

  • Ange


     3 months ago +2

    Daenerys: Jon don't tell anyone.
    Jon: Okay.
    Also Jon: Tell em Bran

  • Ben Curtin

    Ben Curtin

     3 months ago

    who's gonna tell him

  • Aman Vinod

    Aman Vinod

     3 months ago

    Drink a shot every time Jeremy says Stardust

  • Sanjay Raju

    Sanjay Raju

     3 months ago

    Kano: Would you Settle for me Sausage.

  • Julius Caesar

    Julius Caesar

     3 months ago

    you better review cobra kai

  • Vlad Cirus

    Vlad Cirus

     4 months ago

    Making Daenerys crazy only in the last season is very forced. But not only that, it makes no sense, why is she supposed to be crazy because she wants to destroy an enemy city?? WTH??? Do these writers (and watchers) know no history?? This is a medieval world, I could quote without thinking dozens of occasions where cities were destroyed, pillaged, burned, depopulated beyond recognition in Medieval Europe, some were the biggest cities of their time. Nobody thought that was crazy. Hell, let's go back to antiquity, entire peoples were massacred. For example Cesar wiped out entire tribes of Gauls, Germans, did anyone consider him crazy?? No. They were enemies, sometimes it was considered the best way. Anyway, Dany's advisors are idiots, if she had went from the start with her 3 dragons and melted the Red Keep, like Aegon I did to Harrenhal she would be queen and she could have taken the entire armies of Westeros to the North

  • SirSX3


     4 months ago

    wow that shade towards dexter lol
    actually, s5,6,7 are not that bad

  • imicca


     4 months ago

    ah sht here we go again

  • kaddieA


     4 months ago

    This season is 10 times worse than Dexter and has about 10 times the budget of Dexter

  • Jessica Prado

    Jessica Prado

     4 months ago

    "nobody has a reason to just let cersei live"
    me after watching EP5: oh buddy, if you only knew... im looking at you, tyrion and jaime

  • Miles Trombley

    Miles Trombley

     4 months ago

    There's going to be blood in the next episode.

  • TheG3


     4 months ago

    Never seen an episode and probably never will

  • wamu lume

    wamu lume

     4 months ago

    I stand to be corrected but... Arya is the only person I can think of That made the Hound cry (and smile).
    He cried and begged her to kill him and she walked away in a "cool guys don't look at explosions" moment.

  • Grim Knight

    Grim Knight

     4 months ago

    My favorite scene is the Bronn scene.

  • Matien Azemy

    Matien Azemy

     4 months ago

    I will get a lot of hate for my comment but here we go.

    I haven’t seen Game of Thrones at all...

    But I will...... some day!

  • ichatterbot


     4 months ago

    Bronn needs to hands of the mountain.

  • Vinnie Ortenzio

    Vinnie Ortenzio

     4 months ago

    But d&d need to get their shit if they wanna make their star wars trilogy good

  • Vinnie Ortenzio

    Vinnie Ortenzio

     4 months ago

    But got will still go down as my favorite show ever

  • Vinnie Ortenzio

    Vinnie Ortenzio

     4 months ago

    I think season 8 is fine not great or horrible it's watchable for me