Boeing 747 Crashes Just After Takeoff | Afghan Disaster | National Airlines Flight 102 | 4K

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 24, 2018
  • Find out why this Boeing 747 crashed shortly after takeoff.

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  • TheFlightChannel


     3 months ago +386

    Two episodes this week!!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
    Next Friday I’ll upload a highly requested video so, stay tuned!!! 😎


    حبجميل KËŸLÄ KËŸLÄ LŒVë ‎حبجميل

     5 hours ago

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  • Kendall Nagy

    Kendall Nagy


    My best friend uncle died on that plane

  • Marc LΓ©vesque

    Marc Lévesque

     3 days ago

    double check next time

  • detto decoccio

    detto decoccio

     3 days ago

    What a bad simulation.

  • Mookaron


     4 days ago

    Oh snap, I saw the actual video to this, sad day man! R.I.P

  • Redouan


     4 days ago

    Why 5k dislikes?

  • Kella MERINYO

    Kella MERINYO

     6 days ago


  • Arnav Rangari

    Arnav Rangari

     6 days ago +1

    You are best and extremely best flight channel of YouTube

  • The Petronas Twin Tower

    The Petronas Twin Tower

     6 days ago

    After this do Lion Air JT610

  • Abiti D

    Abiti D

     7 days ago

    You made YouTube worth watching!!!

  • Jim Talor

    Jim Talor

     8 days ago

    Like I mentioned before, USAF Loadmasters would have never let this happen on a military aircraft unfortunately since this was a contract, sillyvilians loaded that doomed aircraft and paid for it with their lives!!! Guess what! Civilian aircraft maintenance people who take short cuts put our lives in danger due to the " Im not flying, I dont give a shit" attitude! If you watch this channel and others like it, you will see many "aircraft maintenance "
    Related mishaps. So sad!

  • Aivar Vahter

    Aivar Vahter

     8 days ago

    now its 4k

  • Kiran Kumar

    Kiran Kumar

     9 days ago

    I always wanted to know what happened to this flight when i saw the crash video... Everyone in the news was saying it was the pilot's fault because of too much climb....i never believed it...because the pilots are not too dumb to do that

  • Frode Grunsvold

    Frode Grunsvold

     10 days ago

    All this time I had no idea flight controls and hydraulics had been damaged when the vehicle went back, I thought it was the CG change alone that brought them down. What a shit deal. RIP

  • Praveen  Sharma

    Praveen Sharma

     10 days ago

    Shame on his idiots who watch your garbage and subscribe to your garbage

  • Paing moe

    Paing moe

     10 days ago

    Most pilots error happened when pilots were on stress of something like weathr or bad landing ground. This case, they afraid of air attack and stress them and so risked to death.

  • Daffa Aditya

    Daffa Aditya

     11 days ago

    Bro , are you know the tragedy of jt610 (pk-lqp) lion air indonesia. made the simulation after investigation Of the black box has finished

  • Eric Mcoo

    Eric Mcoo

     11 days ago

    Poor, little mass murdering American savages.



     11 days ago

    I watched too many of your plane crashing videos which lead to me having two panic attacks... your videos are cool tho