Watchmen Explained (original comic)

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 30, 2019
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    What happens in the original 1986 Watchmen comic, and what does it mean? What do Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan, Nite Owl, Silk Spectre, and Ozymandias represent?

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    Images and video from Watchmen used under fair use.
    Some animated segments from the Watchmen Motion Comic.
    Bruce Wayne clip from The Dark Knight
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  • Alt Shift X

    Alt Shift X

     2 months ago +724

    Which series should we make videos about – His Dark Materials, Dune, Lord of the Rings, The Expanse?
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  • LooseCampbell


     27 minutes ago

    Please do Dune



     42 minutes ago

    Are you going to do the Watchmen TV show, too?

  • Hadolf itler

    Hadolf itler

     an hour ago

    I typically dont have an interest to read comic books or graphic novels since they often feel ever expansive and hard to trace what is and isn't canon. But watchmen is one that I've been wanting to pick up for some time now. I just love the concept of the deconstruction of superheroes in a comic book. Definitely will have to give the watchmen graphic novel a read.

  • Psycnosis


     6 hours ago

    oh god that watchman show was aweful

  • Gerome Frasier

    Gerome Frasier

     7 hours ago

    Have you been watching the show would love to see your take on season one

  • Sophia Bohne

    Sophia Bohne

     13 hours ago


  • Jacob Bermudez

    Jacob Bermudez

     14 hours ago

    So you tellin me we can learn about some Romeo and Juliet shit but not this

  • Kristina Bagaric

    Kristina Bagaric

     18 hours ago

    Please make explanations of the show!!

  • justinbieberlove2316


     18 hours ago

    Please please please do them on the shows!!

  • René Larsen

    René Larsen

     18 hours ago

    Our world and reality is also build on murder and lies..

  • Rose Stone

    Rose Stone

     19 hours ago

    That poster of the squid first shown resembles a vagina.🦑
    Thanks for the great summary! I’m just starting the HBO series.

  • Titantr0n


     20 hours ago

    The URSS as pretty much any nation in war or almost, would have doubled down the aggression, not, never ever, would they have pulled back when the US is fucked. Unless until a giant squid shows up in Moscow at least. I really don't understand how this is believable even for a minute. Show's good tho.

  • Bradford


     21 hours ago

    I'd be interested to hear your take on the tv show, and analysis.

  • Sylvia Wilson

    Sylvia Wilson

     23 hours ago

    Why didn't you all review the HBO Seies?

  • Tony Yanniello

    Tony Yanniello


    What a great fucking video, subbed

  • Da Bl

    Da Bl

     yesterday +4

    “And really bad at sex”
    Ah so I’m a god too

  • Joao Veiga

    Joao Veiga


    Amazed by the quality of this video. This is the kind of stuff that only someone with a vast knowledge, great passion and who has researched alot about the topic would be able to create. Very nicely done man. Your GoT videos were the best, thinking of starting this series after such an awesome summary.

  • Jym Dyer

    Jym Dyer

     yesterday +1

    👎 It makes zero sense that Laurie would take her father's name. The TV show is just Warner Bros. churning out hack material by lesser writers to keep the rights to the characters from reverting to Moore and Gibbons.

  • WarScholar



    I really liked the ending where you say the ending is in the reader's hands. It reminded me of the end of the Sopranos where all the clues pointed to the idea that the ending was in the viewer's hands and yet so many people can't stand the idea of a non-conclusion conclusion and they insist that Tony was killed. It makes me wonder if David Chase was a Watchman fan.