NF - How Could You Leave Us

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 26, 2017
  • Official music video for “How Could You Leave Us” from NF’s album, Therapy Session.
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    Music video by NF performing How Could You Leave Us. (C) 2017 Capitol CMG Label Group
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  • hasura mapa

    hasura mapa

     22 minutes ago

    Emotions and bars ❤ what more can you expect ❤❤🔥

  • Gypsy


     32 minutes ago

    한글 번역을 찾을 수 없다는게 아쉽다

  • S M

    S M

     35 minutes ago


  • Litori Fincil

    Litori Fincil

     3 hours ago

    NF просто великолепен

  • POTATO queen

    POTATO queen

     4 hours ago


  • Charifa Schippers

    Charifa Schippers

     7 hours ago

    my mother is addicted and my father too. they lie to me and say things are going well while I see them going backwards I do not know what to do anymore, I get nasty thoughts about my life that I do not want. I feel nice when I cut myself because I do not feel the pain for a while. I smoke now because I then empty my head but every time I think I start to look like my mother. I try to stop now but I'm afraid I can not take it anymore. I become calm when I listen to this music, because I am also Christian, but sometimes I do not understand life. I'm sorry if the text is not right because I'm from the Netherlands.



     8 hours ago

    I connect to This song in another way my ex killed herself and I think about her 24/7 amd I listen to this song and cry every time because she loved this somg

  • Thijs Den Exter

    Thijs Den Exter

     8 hours ago

    Who is still here?!❤

  • JamaicanOreo


     8 hours ago

    0:58 - 1:07 hits home for me, basically describes my mom

  • Cody Butler

    Cody Butler

     8 hours ago

    It is so sad don't cry

  • NRadiation


     12 hours ago

    Music video sins for the end: +1 Grown man has a mental breakdown for clout? Yeah probably +1 grown man crying sounds like a banshee +1 talking to dead person that is clearly dead and has been dead for a while and can’t respond cliche

  • NRadiation


     12 hours ago

    This relates to me because my mom exists true story

  • Chris Petersen

    Chris Petersen

     12 hours ago +1

    NF lost his mom and had a dad who was never proud of him. He turned to God at a young age, and to him, God became everything that his parents never were. I couldn’t even imagine trying to heal from all of that without having that in your life.



     12 hours ago

    im crying 😣😣😣

  • Matt Treece

    Matt Treece

     12 hours ago

    “ I got this picture in my room and it kills me. I don’t need a picture of my mom I need the real thing “ I heard that line as I was looking at a picture of my mom and that hit me so hard.

  • - Gacha Vannah- YT

    - Gacha Vannah- YT

     13 hours ago

    Every word in this song is relatable
    Ive commented a few times but
    5 years ago my sisters dad died
    Im ten now
    But my family lied to me about how
    Greg 'my sisters dad' died
    But i found out how when i was ten
    My sister did not know i did not know how he died
    I cry everyday on the inside
    It makes me sad
    But greg committed suicide
    I was so sad when my
    Sister said it I was
    I never thought his life would be so sad
    That he would do that
    I'm crying right now as I'm typing
    I realized why my family
    Lied about how he died
    It was to keep me safe
    I was mad at them for not telling me sooner
    I was questioning why he would do it but
    I just cried more
    I thought he did not love us when my family told me
    But my mom started crying to
    So did my sister
    My little sister did not understand
    Which was better for her not to know
    But it made me sad I wanted to end also
    But I realized that it was a stupid decision
    For Greg to do that
    But I knew he would not want me to end my life either
    I never got to say goodbye
    Sometimes I wonder
    If he did not love us
    That's why I thought he ended his life
    Cause he did not love us
    I've become more sad about this as I get older
    I'm more depressed
    When I found out how he really died
    My life changed
    I always try to hide my sadness but idk what to do with it
    RIP Greg I love you so much

  • Natalie


     13 hours ago

    I cry everytime I hear this song. It hits me so deep. I can emotionally feel it. Here's why:
    My mother and father were never in a serious fact, he ended it with her bc he couldn't take it anymore. He tried to help her with her addiction..but she didn't want help, therefore she wouldn't take it. My dad moved, far away. Then he got a call from my mother. He told her he didn't want to hear her voice. But, she told him she was pregnant. It It all changed there.
    My dad did everything he could to help her with me. He payed child support...but it didn't go to me, my mother spent it all on drugs. I wasn't safe. My mother would take me to bars and talk to men all night. I was I didn't understand any of it then. She would pass out right in front of me. I would find needles everywhere. I was not safe.
    Eventually my mother got pregnant again, with my brother. We lived with her new baby daddy for a little while. It was good, or so I thought. And then, she went back to her old ways (assuming she stopped for a while). I remember there were times she would pass out on the couch and leave me (a 4 year old) alone with a newborn screaming next to me. Her baby daddy was never there. I don't know where he was at that point of time but nor do I care. He treated me like shit. I was a toddler and he screamed at me nightly. It got to the point where my mother was such a mess that she got into a car accident with me and my brother in the car.
    That was the end of it for my dad. It was that moment that he started fighting like hell for custody. The court never saw his point of view. He kept fighting tho. (I appreciate you dad)
    After a few years of hell and getting left with friends of my mother while she was off doing whatever, she fucked up bad. She broke into someones home so she could find something to sell to have money for more drugs. She went to prison and I went to live with my dad. (I was also separated from my brother. He went to his father and I went to mine.)
    I lived with my dad for a while and everything was good but then, my dad got into a relationship. At this point, i was having suicidal thoughts at age 6. (But we'll get to that later). Eventually, we moved in with her and her children. It went downhill pretty quick. Her children would lie about things I said. They twisted my words and made it seem that I was a terrible kid. They're mother believed them. Guess I should probably say that I never saw my dad. He was too busy working overtime to pay all of his girlfriends bills. His girlfriend would starve me because there was never enough food and she forced me to stand in the corner for over 24 hours at a time. I wasn't allowed to use the restroom when I needed to. I never slept because i was always in the corner. Her kids would beat me up whenever they had the chance. I was 6, and I wanted to die. My dad didn't know exactly what was happening...but if he did, that relationship would have ended real quick. My dad got sick of it, and that ended.
    Me and my dad were alone for a while. Until, he reconnected with his childhood friend. They got married and here we are now.
    It doesn't end there tho :/
    My dads wife is my true mother. May not be by blood but shes been the closest thing ive had to a mom. We have ups and downs. Maybe to many to be honest.
    These past three years have been rough. I've been trying to connect the dots from when I was younger and now my mind isn't stable. I've considered suicide at least 6 times these past 3 years. And yeah, im safe, im just not safe inside my head. My life may be stable now, but im trapped. I feel so alone, like everyone and everything is fake. I turned to self harm a few years ago and im still dealing with it to this day. I had also turned to starving myself this past year. Im not healthy and I need help. But let me be honest, I've listened to every NF song in the past 2 weeks and I have a different point of view on life. I don't know how that's even possible. I've studied all of his lyrics from every song...and it's made a huge impact on my life. But, this song kills me. Its crazy, but NF saved my life. I haven't self harmed once since i started listening to him. Thank you NF.
    Im typing this at 10:39 pm, 2 hours and 20 minutes away from my 13th birthday, this is how I wanted to spend it. Ranting about my life and binge listening to NF.
    Sorry for this whole damn novel...but if you read it all, thank you.

  • Sams Life

    Sams Life

     14 hours ago +1


  • FearMe 69

    FearMe 69

     15 hours ago

    My mom past on Oct 21 2018 I'm 11 and each time I here this song I cry

  • ThatGirl


     16 hours ago

    Alternate title: try not to cry challenge Impossible version