Can You Break a Car Window By Kicking It?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 28, 2017
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  • pug master

    pug master


    Dude don't give people ideas o break in your car

  • Andy Breslin

    Andy Breslin

     4 days ago

    Morons .. talk too much

  • the very scary tic tac

    the very scary tic tac

     4 days ago

    “damn!” xd

  • pancakewolfie bradley

    pancakewolfie bradley

     6 days ago

    Is that your car

  • Taliyah Keys

    Taliyah Keys

     14 days ago

    R.I.P. window

  • Jayden Kobelt

    Jayden Kobelt

     14 days ago

    When he went to throw the rock it didn’t even hit the right window but hey where still rubbing the one they thought it hit

  • Julian Sedor

    Julian Sedor

     14 days ago +1

    You should have wrapped the belt around your shoe with the metal part on the bottom, then kick it so that the metal hits the glass.

  • Alinaay salazar

    Alinaay salazar

     21 days ago

    Use a spark plug it would work

  • wiire time

    wiire time

     21 days ago

    Idiot needs to wrap the belt more only give off like a foot of it from his hand that why wen he whips it it hits the window at the Apex of it's force

  • SubmarineMagnet


     21 days ago


  • Ibrahim qureshi

    Ibrahim qureshi

     a months ago

    You should've tried to break it from the corner

  • Abbie wolf

    Abbie wolf

     a months ago

    If you use the belt properly you use the part that goes into the hole a small pinpoint will brake a window because all the power goes to the pinpoint and that causes a break

  • james hassam

    james hassam

     a months ago

    Sides duh

  • Ghost3871


     a months ago

    Strap the belt buckle under your boot and kick it.

  • Jack Handy

    Jack Handy

     a months ago

    fuck right off

  • Mason Huebler

    Mason Huebler

     a months ago +1

    a 10:00 video that could be answered in 4 seconds

  • Jon Gringo

    Jon Gringo

     a months ago

    He's so scrawny ... below average this is a given

  • BuildLancer


     a months ago

    I have to say those were the weakest kicks ive ever seen and i did karate for 2 years back in middleschool, pretty sure i could kick a window open

  • Linda8ielbmm0 Hoggle8s

    Linda8ielbmm0 Hoggle8s

     a months ago

    I broke my sister's van window by kicking the door panel under the window, It was an accidental, if you ever try this again try that.

  • Michael Buckholt

    Michael Buckholt

     a months ago

    Most people carry a toolbox in their car so throw some fucking tools at the window