How FASTag Works? (3D Animation 60FPS)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 25, 2020
  • In this 3D Animated Video, we will learn about How FASTag Works & What is the technology behind it. FASTag works on the basis of RFID Technology. Not only technology, but we're also going to learn about the FASTag Fraud happening on the road these days. Also, we'll find out the exact ways of saving ourselves from FASTag Fraud. Apart from that, we'll learn why is it mandatory to keep the distance of at least 4 meters between your car and the car next to you.

    NOTE: This video is created in 60FPS. Creating a video in 60FPS takes twice the time and effort in comparison to normal 24FPS or 30FPS video. In short, I request you to please watch this video in 720p60 in Mobile Phones and 1080p60 in Laptop/Computer.

    Government of India has released a total of 7 different colours FASTag. First being, Violet Colour Fastag for Car, Jeep Van etc. Second being Orange Colour Fastag for Minimum and 2 Axle Light Commercial Vehicles. Those who're willing to know How FASTag Works, first need to learn that Axle is that part of the vehicle which helps in connecting and rotating Wheels of the vehicle. Third, being Green Colour Fastag for 2 Axle Bus and Trucks. Fourth being, Yellow Colour Fastag for 3 axle bus and trucks. Fifth being Pink Colour Fastag for 4, 5 and 6 axle bus and trucks. Sixth being Sky blue colour Fastag for trucks having more than 7 axles and 7th being Black Colour Fastag for HCM (Heavy Construction Machinery) and EME (Earth Moving Equipments) like JCB etc.

    Full form of RFID technology is Radio Frequency Identification Technology. This means, a kind of technology that works based on Radio Waves in Electromagnetic Spectrum. In simple words, there are two main components of RFID technology, first this RFID Tag. This is also known as FASTag. And, the second one is this RFID Scanner, which Scans the Fastag. As soon as your car enters this lane, RFID Scanner starts scanning the FASTag sticker pasted on your car. Now, all that which is visible in this RFID Tag e.g. Tag ID, Bank Name, Customer Care Number is kind of useless in working. Most important parts to know if you're serious about learning How Fastag works are Chip and Antenna.

    This chip contains all the details of your FASTag which are held responsible in calculating the total toll to be deducted. For example, Vehicle Class, Vehicle Weight, FASTag ID, Vehicle Registration Number and Wheel Base i.e. Distance between 2 axles. In this manner only, if this RFID Tag is put on humans, it will tell their details.

    As soon as the information is collected, the RFID Scanner sends all the details to Toll Plaza Computer. Maybe you would have seen the Toll Plaza Computer Screen for the first time here. It shows Toll Owner, Transaction Number, CCTV Recording, Date and Time, Vehicle Weight, Temperature and Lane Information.

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